Compare Replacement Window Contractor Cost: Find Top Rated Window Companies Near You

What does the average replacement window contractor cost detail? How can you find the best services? Learn the answer to these questions and more in this guide.

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If you’re a homeowner, window replacement will likely creep up on you at some point. Several things can wreak havoc on your windows: extreme temperatures, heavy winds, hail, and rain and more. It happens over time, so unless there are visual markings of a need to replace your windows, you might overlook it.
Compare Replacement Window Estimates
Before you go out and buy new windows, it’s essential to gather a bit of information. What does the replacement window contractor cost anyway? Do you need a particular type of window, and who can help?

Let’s discuss some of the questions might ask when seeking replacement windows so you can feel confident to make a decision.

How Much Do Window Replacements Cost?

Replacement Window CompaniesThe average cost of replacement windows will differ, but a general number is between $250-750 per window. Much of this difference will be based on the type of window, location, brand, labor, and more.

Higher quality windows (wood windows, or high-performance glass, for example), have a more significant cost estimate ranging from $850 – $1250 per window.

Other factors that play into cost could be:

  • Windows that are energy efficient
  • Type of frames. Most popular frame choices are wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass.
  • Types of windows. Homeowners typically choose double hung windows, picture windows, bay windows (on the costly side), and casement windows.
  • The number of windows you need. Some homes only need a few, while others need many more. Each window has an individual cost, and all of them together will create your total cost.
  • Warranty costs
  • Labor and installation costs. For many companies, this is per window/per hour, but each company will have its set costs.

As you can see, replacing your windows is a significant financial investment. When you’re considering replacement windows, compare replacement window contractor cost using the above elements, so you can come to a conclusion that works for you.
Compare Replacement Window Estimates

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Home Windows?

Watching a baseball fly through your window and shattering the glass, doesn’t mean an entire window replacement is in your future. It’s entirely possible that a simple repair is needed only.

Repairing a window is similar in cost to replacement windows. However, it depends on the extent of the damage. In general, the average window repair hovers around $200 – $500. If a warranty covers your window, the company may repair the window for free.

Home Window InstallersMuch thought should go into deciding whether or not to replace or repair. Some things to consider are:

Overall cost. Usually, repairs are less expensive than replacements but can be more costly, especially if the window is high-end or custom made.

If the window still works well, and there are no other damages, then a repair might be okay.

Are your energy costs creeping upward? It could be time to invest in more energy efficient windows.

The decision to repair or replace isn’t always cut and dry, but finding a dedicated and knowledgable professional can assist you in making the best decision.

Do Replacement Window Companies Finance?

As we’ve seen, replacement windows are not a light expense. Replacing all the windows in your home is likely to cause a critical dent in your finances, especially if you’re unprepared for the replacement.

Thankfully, a number of replacement window companies (though not all), are more than happy to offer financing programs or work with you to get the costs covered. Each one will have their program with stipulations and limitations to what they offer, but be sure to inquire about their financing options if you need.

Do Home Companies Offer Payment Plans?

Some companies offer payment plans to their customers to ease the high cost of window replacement.

The company you choose will write up a contract stating all the information you’ve discussed pertaining to your window replacements, such as APR, payment date, the total cost of the project, and more. Because window replacements can set you back financially, always acquire an estimate first before making your decision.
Compare Replacement Window Estimates

What to Look For in A Home Installation Company

If you thought choosing windows for your home was difficult, sometimes selecting the company to purchase from is even more challenging. The window world is hugely competitive, and many salespeople are eager to earn a buck. Here are some key takeaways you need to remember when choosing a window company.

  1. Don’t settle for one or two estimates. Four or five estimates is enough to give you a broad scope of everything available. Be sure to include both local companies and franchises.
  2. Be willing to negotiate. An estimate is just that – an estimate. After collecting your estimates, call companies and see which ones are willing to budge on cost.
  3. Do your research on the company. Are they reputable? Do they have happy customers with positive reviews and recommendations?
  4. Did the salesperson show you all the options and not just the highest priced items? Even if the salesperson insists that brand windows are better, ask about other windows if the cost seems way out of your price range.
  5. As you gather estimates, it may be clear which windows need replacing and which ones do not. Some companies may point out obvious replacements, but some may fabricate and tell you that you need a replacement when you don’t. Take note of these to weed out extra costs.

Window Replacement Costs: Are You Ready?

Deciding to replace your windows involves much consideration and counsel, and no decision should be made overnight. Weigh the replacement window contractor cost, type of window, and labor, and you’ll eventually come to an educated decision.

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Compare Replacement Window Estimates

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