The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Replacement Windows

Many Different kinds of windowsReplacing a window can be an overwhelming process. There are so many different types of windows to choose from that some people don’t know where to start.

But when you find the right window, that new window can be rewarding. New windows can brighten your home and improve your home’s energy use too.

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To make things easier, there are many types of replacement windows to fit any size or shape window. Many popular and reliable window brands manufacture a wide range of window styles.

Before you replace your existing windows, you should learn about your options. Here’s your chance to replace that awkward difficult window with something better.

This guide will help you find the right type and then choose the best replacement windows for your window projects.

Types of Replacement Windows

No matter the size or shape of your broken or outdated window, you can find a replacement window to fit. Replacing your windows is the perfect time to invest in quality energy-saving windows.

The materials used in windows determine the quality and durability of the window. Double strength glass is a great option as it uses 2 panes of 1/8” or thicker glass. This increases the strength and sound cancellation abilities of the window.


Double and triple-pane windows will improve energy efficiency and comfort. If possible, try to avoid single-pane windows.

You’ll find many windows made with vinyl, fiberglass, or wood. Vinyl and fiberglass are the most popular with fiberglass being the more durable and expensive option. Wood provides a beautiful look but requires maintenance to prevent warping and rotting.

Composite windows offer a wood appearance but contain PVC resin to maintain durability and improve efficiency.

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Single and Double Hung Windows

single and double hung windowsSingle-hung windows are some of the most common types of windows. You can raise the bottom half or window sash, but the top half remains immobile.

They’re usually found in a rectangular or square shape. These windows are easy to clean and easy to use.

Cost For Single Hung Windows: $150 – $400 (excludes labor)

Cost For Double Hung Windows: $400 – $700 (excludes labor)

Double-hung windows look very similar to single hung windows. They tend to have a square or rectangular shape and two halves. The difference with the double-hung windows is both the top and bottom sashes slide open.

An advantage of opening both top and bottom sashes allows warm air to escape out the top part and cool air to enter through the bottom. An efficient way of airing out your house if you need to.

Best Single / Double Hung Window Brands:

  • Andersen
  • American Craftsman
  • Milgard
  • Pella
  • Simonton Windows
  • Milgard Windows
  • PGT Windows
  • Harvey Windows
  • Alside Windows
  • Preservation Windows
  • Provia

The size and materials of the windows will determine the cost. However, you can find lower end brands for single hung windows at as little as $75 – $300. Double-hung windows range from $90 to $370.

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Arched Types of Window Replacements

Arched windowsArched windows add an elegant touch to any home or business. As the name suggests, there is an arch, usually a 1/3 or 1/2 circle at the top with a flat bottom, like a half-moon. Some may end there while others have a full window attached beneath the arch.

Some arched windows consist of plain glass while others contain intricate details, like swirled or shaped window grilles.

Cost For Double Hung Windows: $340 – $570. Labor prices push total price up to $750 – $950

Finding these types of replacement windows can be tricky, but not impossible.

Most Popular Arched Window Brands:

  • Hy-Lite
  • Pella
  • Levolor Riviera.

The size, shape, and detail will determine the cost of an arched window. You can find some cheaper brands for around $150.

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Awning Windows   

Awning Windows   Awning windows open from the bottom and swing outwards with hinges attached to the top sash. This window style keeps the rain out and makes cleaning easy. Most awning windows are wider than they are tall.

You can find awning on houses, offices buildings, campers, and more. They range in sizes and materials to fit any budget. Prices start at under $100 and up to over $1,000.

Cost For Awning Windows: $365 – $1,100

Best Awning Window Brands:

  • TAFCO Windows
  • Pella
  • Andersen
  • Marvin

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Bay & Bow Windows

Bay Windows & Bow WindowsThese beautiful windows are perfect for any home, office, or cabin with a view. Made of three windows at 25°-45° angles, bay windows push outwards offering three different focal points.

Bow windows consist of three, four, or more windows at 10°-15° angles. Each window can be casement or fixed with room for customization depending on your taste.

Cost For Bay/Bow Windows: $1,200 – $3,600 (includes installation)

Both bay and bow windows have a spacious sill where you can place plants or decor. Larger bay and bow windows may fit a bench for sitting.

Top Rated Bay & Bow Window Brands:

  • TAFCO Windows
  • Andersen
  • Wellcraft
  • Atrium Bay Window
  • Jeld Wen Windows
  • Ply Gem
  • CertainTeed

Since bay and bow windows consist of multiple windows, they’re going to be more expensive. Cheaper brand prices range from $300 to $800.

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Casement Windows

Casement WindowsAnother common window style is the casement window. They hinge on one side and open outward, much like a door.

They’re easy to use and clean while offering great airflow. They’re a great option for windows that are taller than they are wide.

Cost For Casement Window Windows: $380 – $610 (includes installation)

You can find casement windows with and without grilles. Some people customize them with unique hardware to give them a vintage appearance.

Most Dependable Casement Window Brands:

  • American Craftsmen
  • Andersen
  • Topwindow
  • Marvin

Depending on the style, material, and size, prices for casement windows run anywhere from just over $100 to over $500 or more.

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Egress Windows

Egress WindowsEgress means to escape, exit, or come out. Egress windows are large enough for someone to fit through and common in basements and split level homes.

They’re typically rectangular and open like a casement, single or double-hung, or hinged window. In basements, the window opens into an egress well.

If you’re looking for egress types of window replacements, keep in mind they should double as an escape in an emergency. The law requires you to have at least one egress window in a remodeled basement or attic.

Cost For Egress Windows: $970 – $5,000 (average $2,600)

There are window regulations that specify window size and placement for easy access.

Like most windows, size and materials determine the cost. Egress windows vary from $300 (cheaper brands) to well over $1,000.

Top Rated Egress Window Brands:

  • Wellcraft
  • TAFCO Windows
  • Pella
  • Boman & Kemp

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Garden Windows

Garden WindowsThese mini-greenhouses are windows that project outwards and to provide room to display plants. Garden windows have four or more windows, one angled window on top, two on the sides, and a larger one in the center. Plenty of light can enter the garden window from all four sides.

Each window in the garden window can open or remain fixed. It’s common for the two side windows to be casement or awning windows that open outward. If you have a green thumb and plan to replace a large window in your living area or kitchen, a garden window makes a beautiful feature.

Cost For Garden Windows: $2,300 – $3,800.

Garden windows aren’t the cheapest and start around $1,200 for prebuilt models. You can DIY the garden window to make specific customizations or save money.

Best Garden Window Brands:

  • ReliaBilt
  • Meadow View
  • Andersen
  • Simonton
  • Sunrise Windows
  • Milgard
  • Zen Windows

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Glass Block Windows

Glass Block WindowsGlass block windows are timeless. You can find them in old homes, warehouses, office buildings, and many of today’s newest constructions. Due to their heavier weight, they’re common on the first level and basements of homes and buildings.

As the name suggests, glass block windows consist of blocks of glass several inches thick. This adds strength, security, and privacy to your home or building while still letting light in. These types of window replacements don’t open unless you add a small awning or casement window within the glass blocks.

Cost For Block Windows: $425 – $900

You can find the glass blocks in multiple sizes with different colors and texture styles.

Best Glass Block Window Brands:

  • Hy-Lite
  • CrystaLok
  • Window World
  • Marvin
  • K & J Windows

Lower end brands range from around $100 to over $500 based on size, materials, and glass style.

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Hopper Windows

Hopper WindowsThe hopper window is similar to an awning but has hinges at the bottom of the window and tilts inward from the top rather than outward. You can find hopper windows in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Cost For Hopper Windows: $250 – $750

The main purpose of hopper windows is to provide additional ventilations without getting dirt or debris inside your home. Today they continue to do that but also add more privacy and style when placed high up on a wall.

Best Rated Hopper Window Brands:

  • Project Source
  • Hy-Lite
  • Parrett Windows & Doors
  • Vytex Windows

All three produce quality hopper windows. Prices for these companies range from $200 to over $700.

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Jalousie Windows

Jalousie WindowsIf you like unique and retro window styles, you should check out Jalousie types of window replacements. These windows consist of narrow parallel pieces of glass that open and close in unison like horizontal window blinds.

Cost For Jalousie Windows: $200 – $400

Designed in the mid-20th century, Jalousie windows offer natural airflow throughout the entire window and help with temperature control. Today, they’re gaining popularity in green buildings in warmer climates.

Most Reliable Jalousie Window Brands:

  • Milgard Windows
  • Burch Company
  • International Window
  • Breezway

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Picture Windows

Picture WindowsDo you have a beautiful garden or a breathtaking vista at your home? Take advantage of a picture window to enjoy the view.

Picture windows are larger than most and offer an unobstructed view. Picture windows come in many sizes and can fill an entire wall, floor to ceiling if you desire.

Cost For Picture Windows: $500 – $775

However, they typically don’t open unless paired with casement or awning windows. If the airflow is a problem, you can add a ceiling fan to improve ventilation.

Since they are larger, they will cost more than other windows starting over $100.

Best Picture Window Brands:

  • TAFCO Windows
  • Hy-Lite
  • Pella

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Round Circle Windows

Round Circle WindowsRound circle windows are exactly what their name implies. They’re circular-shaped windows that make a great accent to any room or attic in your home.

Most circular windows don’t open, but you can find some that tilt from the center. Others will sometimes have an intricate grille accent.

Cost For Round Circle Windows: $249 – $700

Lower end round circle windows cost around $150 and up depending on size and materials.

Top Rated Round Circle Brands:

  • TAFCO Windows
  • FrontLine Building
  • Andersen
  • Pella
  • Milgard

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Skylight Windows

Skylight WindowsSkylight windows are a great way to add natural light and ventilation to your home. Skylights typically come in a rectangular or square shape.

Some skylights tilt open in an awning style while others remain fixed. You can add them to slanted or flat roofs.

Cost For Skylight Windows: $300 – $1,100 (includes installation)

The best time to add a skylight window is during a roof replacement or remodel. Installing a skylight window requires removing part of the roofing and creating an opening for the window.

The window itself costs around $140 and go up from there.

Top Rated Skylight Brands:

  • Wasco
  • Vytex Windows
  • Sun0Tek Skylights

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Sliding WindowsSliding Windows

Sliding windows are another common type of window. They are rectangular with a greater width than height. Both sashes slide to the side to open the window with ease.

Cost For Sliding Windows: $499 – $1,100

These types of window replacements offer light in ventilation in both large and short narrow areas. Some have a tilting feature that makes cleaning the interior and exterior of the windows easy.

Best Sliding Window Brands:

  • American Craftsman
  • Andersen
  • TAFCO Windows
  • Milgard
  • Marvin
  • Simonton

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Storm Windows

Storm WindowsThese exterior windows add a layer of protection to your main glass window. You can find storm windows made from glass, flexible plastic or rigid plastic panels. You can use them as a temporary mount or a permanent fixture.

Cost For Storm Windows: $175 – $200 (excludes installation)

Besides protecting your main windows, storm windows also add a layer of noise-cancellation and temperature insulation. Common storm windows are single or double-hung, sliding, or fixed.

Top Rated Storm Window Brands:

  • American Craftsman
  • Larson
  • Provia

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Transom Windows

Transom WindowsThese classical windows made their first appearance in the 14th century. Transom windows long (wide) narrow (short) windows that rest above a door beam or window. They’re common in both the interior and exterior walls of a home.

Transom windows offer additional light and charm to a room while maintaining privacy. They usually don’t open so don’t expect added ventilation with a transom window.

Cost For Transom Windows: $225 – $580

The price for a lower end transom window starts around $100 and up depending on size.

Best Transom Window Brands:

  • Hy-Lite
  • Novatech
  • Parrett
  • YKK AP / StyleView

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Replace Your Windows Today

Replacing your old windows is an exciting time. With the many different types of window replacements on the market, you are sure to find the perfect windows for your home. Not only will they look great, but you’ll love the energy-saving benefits new windows have to offer.

Want to get started on your window project today? Send us an email and we’ll find you a reliable contractor who can help you with all your window needs.

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