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5Estimates.com helps to mitigate the homeowner’s risk of overpaying for home improvement services by getting them several quotes from local home pros.

About Us

5Estimates.com seeks to be a friend to homeowners all across the USA. Our services are simple:

1-Provide valuable buying advice to homeowners looking to repair or replace roofs, windows, HVAC, kitchen remodeling, and nearly any home improvement item.

2-Provide a platform where homeowners can request and receive as many as 5 price quotes from reputable contractors in their area.

We have a real passion for helping homeowners. We work hard to help consumers to find the right company at the best price for what can sometimes be complex purchases.

When we do our job right, we make things simpler for everyone. Discover for yourself why homeowners all over the United States count on us for money-saving tips and advice.

How We Help Home Owners

5Estimates.com and/or its partners help you connect with local home improvement contractors to assist you with the essential purchasing decisions for your home. Our Buyer’s Guides are packed with useful articles to help you understand pricing, services, and so much more.

We’ll keep you well-advised before making decisions that directly affect your budget.

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This free quote request service allows you to answer as few as 2-5 short questions about your home improvement needs, and all you need to do next is relax while trusted local contractors contact you with information and pricing about your home improvement needs.

Are There Any Guarantees?

5Estimates.com brings homeowners and home improvement companies together to bring the most ambitious home improvement projects to life. We use a uniquely customized approach for every homeowner, striving to deliver an amazing ROI on almost any home improvement project. With 5Estimates.com on your side, you no longer have to spend hours digging through web pages and trying to reach nonresponsive contractors. Simply help us understand your home project needs, and we will have companies in your area reach out to you directly. It is extremely important that you, the homeowner, make every effort to vet any contractors that you may consider moving forward with. As we do not make any guarantees whatsoever, we highly recommend, and encourage you to verify each contractor’s reputation with the BBB, check out any local review sites, and make certain the company is currently insured, licensed, and bonded.

How We Help Home Improvement Companies

We know home improvement companies hate wasting thousands of dollars on shotgun marketing and then hoping to reach serious buyers. Visitors to 5Estimates.com are serious shoppers and are likely to make a decision in as little as 2 weeks.

Unlike traditional advertising venues, clients pay on a per lead basis, so you always know your margins. Need sales leads? Click Here.


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