Compare Electrician Cost: Find Top Electricians Near You

Licensed electricians charge between $50-$140 an hour depending on experience level, and license type carried. This price does not include parts needed. Some electrician companies charge hourly rates and others charge by job type.

Are you looking to hire an electrician? Here’s what you need to know about electrician cost and how to find the top electricians near you.

No matter how extensive the project is, you need to hire the right electrician for the job. But not all electricians are the same, and neither are their price ranges.

What’s the true electrician cost for your upcoming home project? How can you find the top electricians near you? Read on to find out.
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Understanding the Costs of Electrical Work

Many homeowners will attempt to fix problems around the house on their own. While the DIY approach can be cheaper, there are some projects that you should leave up to the pros.

Electrical work is dangerous. And trained electricians understand how to handle all those wires, panels, and switches. By attempting to fix your electricity on your own, you put yourself at risk of injury – even death.

Electrical work can also get complicated. Any minor mistake can disrupt your entire home’s electrical system. So, when it comes to fixing an electrical problem, it’s better to call electricians near you.

But how much money can you expect to spend on a single project?

Generally speaking, electricians will charge a minimum, flat rate each visit. This fee is often the same as their hourly rate. Some electricians may provide estimates at a flat rate – or even for free.
Compare Electrician Cost

How Much Can You Expect to Pay Your Electrician?

You can expect most electricians to charge between $50 and $300 as their hourly rate. But you can pay hundreds – even thousands – more depending on how extensive the project is.

A qualified electrician should be able to estimate how many hours it will take to complete the job. They should also be able to explain why it will take as long as they estimate.

Depending on how extensive or dangerous the job is, they may charge more per hour. If they need to use certain equipment for the job, they can take this into consideration. They’ll also charge more if they need to open any walls to gain access.

If you live in an older home, you’ll likely need to replace and update the wiring. You’ll need a permit to gut out your home’s wiring and replace it. It’s also one of the more expensive projects, reaching up into the thousands.

Comparing Electrician Cost

Don’t hesitate to observe someone as they complete an inspection and give you an estimate. A good electrician who knows what they’re doing will take their time inspecting your home. You should be wary of someone who throws an estimate out there without looking into the issue in depth.

Of course, some projects will only require a short time to complete. Even if that’s your case, you can still compare your electrician cost to someone else’s. It’s not uncommon for electricians to overcharge for small, easy projects.

If you wish to compare quotes between electricians, by all means. This is a good way to gauge who is charging you fairly and who is not.

If someone’s estimate seems off, ask them to explain it. A qualified electrician should be able to back up their estimate and explain to you why it’s so much.

How Can You Save Money on Electrical Work?

Saving money on electrical work is all about timing. The best time to hire an electrician is during a renovation rather than after.

Clean an area and rid it of clutter before an electrician arrives. It will save time and money in the process.

It’s okay to be friendly and build a good working relationship. But if the conversation veers too far away from the project, you’re wasting time and money.

Electricians charge for the materials they use and install. Purchase your own materials if you’re able to – but make sure they’re the correct ones!

Understand the basics of your home’s electrical system. You’ll know what you’re getting into when you hire an electrician. You’ll also be able to better distinguish when you need to call an electrician.

You likely already know how old your house is. But you should also know what kinds of renovations it’s undergone in the past. If an electrician challenges you on a matter, you’ll be able to explain when or why something happened.

Finding the Right Electrician for Your Project

There are different types of electricians and this can also affect costs. There are self-employed electricians and electricians who work under a contractor or company.

You may have to sift through a sea of online listings before finding the right electrician for the job. Many electricians optimize their websites to rank high in search engines. They do this to market themselves within a wider radius and gather more leads.

But just because an electrician ranks first in a local search doesn’t mean they’re the best. Nor does it mean that they do work in your area.

It may be the case that they’re gearing their websites towards a certain locale. But they may be looking to travel from afar some they can charge more for travel time.

You’ll want to do your research before calling an electrician in for a consultation. It may help to get referrals from friends and family before you look online. Once you find some good candidates, you’ll want to probe deeper.

What Types of Questions Should You Ask?

One of the first things you should look for in an electrician is whether they’re licensed. Unfortunately, many handymen will market themselves as having electrical experience.

But they may not have the training nor the insurance to cover them. The last thing you want is to find out your recent electrical work is not up to code.

When striking up a conversation, ask them how long they’ve been an electrician. While you can learn a lot from their website, there are other questions you should ask. Here are some examples:

  • Do you ever charge on a per project basis?
  • Do you provide 24-hour emergency service?
  • Do they have any non-residential experience?

Lastly, ask them to provide references and testimonials. If they have a good reputation, they’ll have a handful of trusted clients to go with it.

Find & Hire the Best Electrician in Your Area

Hiring an electrician may seem as simple as picking up the phone and contacting one nearby. But when it comes to your electrical system, you want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality work.

Do you need further assistance in understanding your electrician cost? Looking for more home improvement information? Contact us today to learn more!
Compare Electrician Cost

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