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How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost In Kansas City, MO?

Looking to replace your home’s windows? Want to compare prices on top-rated windows made from vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and more? Find out how much home windows cost in Kansas City, MO with our guide. Use our free tool to compare prices in your area.

Window Replacement

How much do replacement windows cost in Kansas City, MO? Discover how material, labor, and window type will impact the total cost.

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Kansas City, Missouri is known as the City of Fountains or the Heart of America. It’s not known as the Land of Window Replacements.

Yet, with its high humidity during the summer and its potential for bitter winters, the wear and tear on windows in your home is high. Knowing what options are available to you, and how much the cost for window replacement in your area will run are all things a homeowner needs to know.

Being able to create a plan, both financially and structurally, as well as connecting with professionals who will be able to help you understand what your home needs is only a few steps away.

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Window Replacement: What to Expect?

The typical cost for window replacement in the Kansas City, MO area can run anywhere from $2,000-$5,500. Your final cost will depend on how many windows need replacing, what kind of window, what material is used for the frame, and the cost of labor.

Most contracting companies charge either per window or per hour for their labor. Labor alone will run about $30-50 dollars an hour depending on the company. Sometimes labor is included in the cost of the window, but you need to check with your company to make sure.

Cost of Window Replacement

Most homes have a mix of window types and the cost for each is different.

  • Single-hung windows are usually the cheapest and can run from $100-$400 per window
  • Double-hung windows run from $150-$650
  • Fixed or Picture windows can start the cheapest at $75 but on the high end can cost up to $700
  • Casement and sliding windows start at $150 and can go up to $1,000 per window

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Cost for Frames

Vinyl window frames are the most common and least expensive of frame types. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and are durable because changes in humidity don’t affect them.

Manufacturers often warranty vinyl windows for up to 25 years and some for life. This brings the average cost of $500 for vinyl into a more affordable perspective.

Wood frames on the other hand cost about $1,500 on average. They require regular maintenance, such as finishing or repainting. However, in some older areas of the city, you may need to use wood to keep the historical integrity of your house.

Fiberglass, aluminum, metal, and composite frames are going to run towards the middle around $800 a frame, but these are much less common.

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All at Once vs. One by One

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to replace your windows all at once, depending on what type of window you choose.

One vinyl double-hung window will cost you around $450 on the low end to install, including the cost of labor. Four vinyl double-hung windows will cost around $1,600, without the cost of labor. The company you choose may offer incentives, or labor may be cheaper the more windows you have installed.

For larger, more expensive projects, such as a bay window, you may want to consider having it done one at a time. The cost of materials plus labor will be high for projects of this type.

Get the Help You Need

Figuring out all your window replacement needs can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, you can find helpful contractors to walk you through the decision-making, all in one place.

In just a few clicks, you can be paired with up to 5 contractors in the Kansas City, MO area to receive advice and price estimates to get you on your way to a more efficient and safe home.

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