Replacement Window Cost Guide

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost in Miami, FL?

The average price range for replacement windows within in Miami, FL will cost somewhere between $150 – $520 per window plus labor costs (around $110/hour). Below is a list of the top home replacement window companies in your area. You can reach out to them directly, or request to compare local costs from vetted companies in your area.

Resistant Windows and Doors
7292 NW 8th St
Miami, FL 33126

Verified Contractor

Prestige Windows & Doors
 2749 SW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33133

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Best Replacement Window Companies

Ready Windows
4851 NW 36th Ave
Miami, FL 33142

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Window World
1630 NW 17th Ave
Miami, FL 33125

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ASP Window and Doors
8440 NW 64th St #3
Miami, FL 33166

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Replacement Windows in Miami Fl

Thinking about installing new windows in your home? Make sure you take a look at this guide to learn more about Miami Florida window replacement first.

In the past year, homeowners have spent $6,649 on house remodeling jobs and home improvements.

These types of renovation projects are an excellent way for homeowners to increase their property value with curb appeal their home deserves.

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Windows replacement is a home improvement that can be done within a day depending on the size of your house. Updating the windows will give your home a fresh look and save you money in the long run.

Replacement Window Price Ranges

Types of Replacement Windows in Miami

When you’re replacing the windows, there are four main factors that collectively make up the cost: size, quality, amount of windows needed, and the style.

There are many styles to choose from. Let’s go over each of their unique qualities.

  1. Awning Windows. These windows open outwardly with a crank and the style is common in areas that get a lot of rain.
  2. Bay Windows. With one large center window and two angled side windows, bay windows bring in tons of natural light.
  3. Casement Windows. Just like awnings, casements have a side hinge that allows homeowners to open the windows outwardly using a crank. This style helps with ventilation.
  4. Double Hung Windows. Both sashes tilt out and move up and down in double-hung windows. These windows are great for cleaning as well as ventilating the home.
  5. Single Hung Windows. Only the bottom sash is movable.
  6. Shaped Windows. Shaped windows come in different forms, including oval, circle, crescent, and cathedral.
  7. Sliding Windows. These windows slide horizontally.

Signs Your Miami Homes Needs New Windows

Windows are not cheap. The average cost per window can range between a couple of hundred dollars to thousands depending on the factors listed above!

You can easily determine if you need new windows by looking for the following signs:

  • Visible damage to the window
  • Having a difficult time opening and closing the window
  • You can feel a draft coming in through a closed window
  • You have single-pane windows (homes built before 1970 do)
  • Increased energy bill
  • Noise pollution is creeping in from closed windows
  • Home furnishings are fading or discolored
  • Exterior looks outdated

All of the above signs are reasons enough to replace the windows in your home. Keeping windows that show signs of damage may be the reason why your electric and gas bills are so high.

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