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Replacement Window Cost in 2024 | Calculate New Home Window Prices Near You

If you are considering a new home window replacement, check out this comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about replacement window costs. The national average price to replace your home windows can range from $6,600 – $15,500. These pricing factors include window type, number of windows, and the local labor cost. Request a personalized quote, or see our full guide below.

Replacement Window Cost Calculator – By Material

Window Type #of Windows Low End $ High End $
Vinyl Windows 1-15 windows $130/window $1,270/window
Wood Windows 1-15 windows $140/window $1,487/window
Fiberglass Windows 1-15 windows $476/window $1,590/window
Aluminum Windows 1-15 windows $106/window $435/window
Composite Windows 1-15 windows $355/window $1,399/window
*Price ranges by brand & type

How much wear and tear have your home windows endured over the years?

Procrastinating your window replacements can mean more damage.

Replacing windows comes with the territory of being a homeowner. Since it’s one of the five most common home upgrades, however, the process may be easier than you think.

Home Window Cost Guide

With this replacement window cost guide, there’s plenty of information to help you discover which windows work for your home.

If the cost of window replacements is daunting for homeowners, it’s usually because they don’t have the facts.

Here’s what you need to know about your ideal window installation cost.

Replacement Window Cost Estimator and Pricing Guide

Replacing windows creates optimal energy efficiency, comfort, and increased home value. That’s why replacements shouldn’t be burdensome—they should be exciting! If you have window issues, consider it a time to treat yourself to a better functioning house.

Home Window Pricing Guide

If you’re still bargaining about your need for window replacements, take a look at this list to fact-check your window needs.

If you have any of the following symptoms, it’s time to say bye to your home’s windows.

  1. Leaks
  2. Drafts
  3. Condensation
  4. High energy bills
  5. Bent, warped or bowing frames
  6. Damaged furniture from UV exposure
  7. Broken seals or panes
  8. Hard to open and close
  9. Rotting wood
  10. Single pane or original style windows
  11. Hearing everything that happens outside the home
  12. Impossible windows to clean

Windows are like the game dominoes. If one’s got some issues, it’s likely the others do too. The good news is you have control in your window replacement cost; it just depends on the following things.


Replacement Window Cost Calculator – By Type

Window Type #of Windows Low End $ High End $
Single Hung Windows 1-15 windows $125/window $540/window
Double Hung Windows 1-15 windows $160/window $740/window
Picture Windows 1-15 windows $350/window $1,299/window
Casement Windows 1-15 windows $245/window $1,590/window
Bay or Bow Windows 1-3 windows $920/window $4,960/window
*Price ranges by brand & type

Replacement Window Cost Calculator – By Brand

Window Type #of Windows Low End $ High End $
Pella Windows 1-15 windows $536/window $1,299/window
Andersen Windows 1-15 windows $435/window $1,600/window
Milgard Windows 1-15 windows $265/window $930/window
Simonton Windows 1-15 windows $600/window $1,155/window
Alside Windows 1-3 windows $330/window $634/window
*Estimates only. Please check with the supplier for the actual price

New Window Pricing Factors

The cost of replacing windows has two categories: one involves the window and the other involves you. Here’s a breakdown of what to consider before you learn the average cost of new windows.

Window Replacement Cost Factors

  • Type of window
  • Quality window (low, middle, or high quality)
  • How many panes (double or triple)
  • Energy ratings, insulation and U-factor
  • Window brand
  • Frame material and color
  • How many windows need replacing
  • Size of window
  • Where they’re located in the home
  • Whether additional construction is needed
  • Labor and installation cost

Personal Cost Factors

  • What’s your budget?
  • How many windows need replacing?
  • What are your style preferences?
  • What’s the intention of the replacement? To increase value, reduce drafts and noise, or to beautify the home?
  • What does the home need?
    • Owning a rental property or a ranch house may gear you towards a lower grade window than what you wish for your forever home.
  • How long has it been since windows were replaced?
  • Do you want multiple styles of windows or cohesion all around?
  • How complex is the job?

These variables explain why the cost to replace windows varies.


Average Cost to Replace Home Windows

In general, standard vinyl window replacements cost anywhere from $250-750 per window or $850-1250 for those of higher quality. The following cost guide is separated into two sections: window type and window brand. This way, if you care more about one or the other, you can choose which list to guide you.

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Window Types

All window pricing will vary depending on the size and material of the window plus labor cost, as determined by the specific job and company.

Single-hung: Single-hung windows have one pop-out sash. They run up to 25% less than double-hung windows, which lands them at a price range of $75-$300.

Double-hung: Double-hung windows are twice the benefit of single-hung windows since both window sashes open. With a range of $93-$370 per window, choosing this style is economical with greater air circulation in the home.

Double Hung Windows

Arched double-hung: Depending on the size of your arched window, replacements can cost from $344-950 for this style, excluding labor.

Casement: A basic casement window with no add-on features can cost as little as $152. However, locks, glass, and glazed aesthetic options can increase the price to $1,400 per window.

Bay: Bay windows are enchanting tri-fold windows that extend outward. A bay window running 3 feet by 6 feet will average $800-$1,100 per window. The complexity of the construction involved may influence labor costs.

Bow: Similar to bay windows, bow windows have at least three panels and curve differently outside the home. Low-grade bow windows may fall between $1200-$1800 per window and can rise to $3240 based on your preferences.

Window Brands

Each window company may have its own window series, collections, warranties, packages, and discounts that can be applied through a one-on-one consultation. Here are their general price points.

(For more detailed information on each of the brands below, go see our guide on the Best Replacement Windows.)


andersen windows logo

Fibrex: Fibrex windows are specific to Andersen’s brand, which is comprised of 40% strong recycled wood fibers. This technology can run from $185-$1,650 per window, excluding labor.

Wood: Known for its durability and aesthetic, wood is preferred for older, rustic, historic, and Victorian homes. This style can run from $265-$1,650 per window, excluding labor.

Bay windows: Andersen’s bay windows run around $2,100 per window including $2,609 for labor.

Bow windows: Andersen’s bow windows run around $1,585 per window including $1,712 for labor.




Fiberglass: Fiberglass is the type of glass most people think about when they think of windows. Pella Windows average price can range from $225-$600+ per window, excluding labor.

Wood: Pella’s wood windows run $170-$1,552 per window, excluding labor.

Bay: Pella’s bay windows run $1,900 per window including $2,370 for labor.

Bow: Pella’s bow windows run $750 per window including $925 for labor.



Alside windows logo

Cost Range: $300-$613 per window, excluding labor.

Types: Casement, garden, Single/Double Hung, Awning, Sliding Windows, Bay Windows, Picture Windows

Material: Vinyl

Warranty: Yes. Limited Lifetime Warranty



MILGARD windows logo

Cost Range: $200-$935 per window, excluding labor.

Types: Casement, Horizontal Slider, Single/Double Hung, Awning, Sliding Windows, Picture Windows

Material: Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass

Product Lines: Tuscany Series, Trinsic Series, Style Line Series, Ultra Series, Aluminum Series, Quiet Line Series




Cost Range: $610-$1,125 per window, excluding labor.

Types: Awning, Bay, Bow, Casement, Double Hung, Picture, Sliding Windows

Selections: Prism, Reflections, VantagePointe, Storm Breaker Plus Windows, Impression Windows

Material: Vinyl


Just comparing these two companies, there’s a lot to learn. Don’t let the prices fool you; there’s a clear reason behind why companies price their windows and labor as they do, so the cheapest may not always be the best option.

Before you negate a company or product entirely for its price point, it’s important to learn their reasoning first. That’s what quotes are for!

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Replacement Windows

When it comes to upgrading your home, replacement windows are a smart investment that not only adds aesthetic value but can also increase energy efficiency. Choosing the right type of window for your home can be overwhelming, but this comprehensive buyer’s guide will help you navigate the market with ease. We’ll discuss the benefits of new windows, popular types like double hung and vinyl windows, and other factors to consider like overall cost, energy efficiency, and compatibility with older homes.

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Benefits of Replacement Windows

Old windows in older homes can lead to a number of issues, such as water damage, drafts, and increased energy costs. By installing new windows, you can address these problems while enhancing your home’s overall appeal. Here are some key benefits of investing in replacement windows:

  1. Improved energy efficiency: New windows, particularly those with low-e glass, can significantly reduce your energy costs. Low-e glass is designed to minimize the amount of heat entering or escaping your home, keeping it comfortable all year round.
  2. Enhanced curb appeal: Upgrading your old windows can dramatically improve your home’s appearance, increasing its market value.
  3. Reduced maintenance: Modern windows are designed to be low-maintenance, with features like easy-to-clean glass and durable materials that resist water damage.

Choosing the Right Type of Window

When it comes to selecting the perfect replacement windows for your home, it’s important to consider both style and function. Here are some popular types of windows to consider:

  1. Double hung windows: These versatile windows feature two operable sashes, allowing for easy cleaning and increased ventilation. Double hung windows are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their classic style and functionality.
  2. Vinyl windows: Vinyl windows are a cost-effective and low-maintenance option that offers excellent energy efficiency. They are resistant to water damage and don’t require painting or staining, making them a popular choice for busy homeowners.
  3. Other types of windows: Depending on your home’s architectural style and specific needs, you might consider other types of windows, such as casement, awning, or sliding windows. Each type of window has its own unique features and benefits.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Replacement Windows

  1. Energy efficiency: To maximize energy savings, look for windows with a high energy efficiency rating. Features like low-e glass, double or triple pane construction, and proper sealing can all contribute to improved energy efficiency.
  2. Overall cost: The average window replacement cost can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of window, materials used, and installation fees. It’s important to weigh the long-term benefits of energy savings and reduced maintenance against the upfront costs.
  3. Compatibility with older homes: If you’re replacing old windows in an older home, consider the architectural style and historical integrity of the property. You may need to consult with a specialist to ensure that your new windows are a good fit for the home’s design.
  4. Square footage: The size of your windows can impact the overall cost and energy efficiency of your home. Larger windows may provide more natural light, but could also lead to higher energy costs if not properly insulated.

Upgrading to new replacement windows is a smart investment for any homeowner. By considering factors such as energy efficiency, overall cost, and compatibility with older homes, you can make an informed decision and select the perfect type of window for your needs. With a wide variety of options like double hung windows and vinyl windows, there’s sure to be a solution that suits your style and budget.

Replacement Window Cost Breakdown

By now, you might have the calculator nearby or find yourself anxiously multiplying costs on a scratchpad. Understanding the average cost to replace windows circles back to you—it’s time to organize and prioritize.

Window Cost Explained

If you’re new to the window replacement world, you’ll have to consider whether to do a whole-house replacement or doing the work in stages.

Obviously, the cost of a whole-house replacement is a simple equation. If you know you want standard double-pane vinyl windows, you’d multiply the low and high-end price points by the number of windows you have.

Knowing vinyl windows range from $260-$1,260 makes a whole-house replacement $51000-$25,000 for 20 windows, plus labor cost for installation.

Woof. For most people, that’s a scary number. At the same time, that’s why windows and window companies offer a myriad of options.

Window Parts

While self-calculating window costs can be daunting, your personalized quotes make sense once you have the education.

Most people associate windows with a piece of glass and a frame. If that were true, certainly the costs wouldn’t add up.

Replacing windows really means tending to all of its co-occurring parts—and they have over thirty!

Window parts cluster into these main groups:

  • The window panes
  • The window frame
  • The window’s insulation and interior gases
  • The latches, cranks, and locks
  • The window sashes

While replacing windows may seem like substituting one bulky frame for another, windows have their own complex technology. Not only do they have a delicate internal system, but windows must work with the home’s structure. Some of the components include:

  • Interior trim
  • Head Jamb
  • Tilt latch
  • Sash lock
  • Sash Pivot
  • Ventilation Stop
  • Stile

A top-quality window means nothing if it’s installed incorrectly. Having the right window contractors makes it so that your new windows remain as efficient and effective as they’re meant to be.

While some home improvements require periodic maintenance, windows don’t have to be one of them. The goal is to install high-quality, long-lasting windows that make it so you can have a perfect one-and-done experience to last your life in the home.

Finding the right companies and contractors will make it so you have the products, warranties, and installations that make every penny worth it.


Do Home Companies Offer Payment Plans?

Some companies offer payment plans to their customers to ease the high cost of window replacement.

The company you choose will write up a contract stating all the information you’ve discussed pertaining to your window replacements, such as APR, payment date, the total cost of the project, and more. Because window replacements can set you back financially, always acquire an estimate first before making your decision.

What to Look For in A Home Installation Company

If you thought choosing windows for your home was difficult, sometimes selecting the company to purchase from is even more challenging. The window world is hugely competitive, and many salespeople are eager to earn a buck. Here are some key takeaways you need to remember when choosing a window company.

  1. Don’t settle for one or two estimates. Four or five estimates are enough to give you a broad scope of everything available. Be sure to include both local companies and franchises.
  2. Be willing to negotiate. An estimate is just that – an estimate. After collecting your estimates, call companies and see which ones are willing to budge on cost.
  3. Do your research on the company. Are they reputable? Do they have happy customers with positive reviews and recommendations?
  4. Did the salesperson show you all the options and not just the highest-priced items? Even if the salesperson insists that brand windows are better, ask about other windows if the cost seems way out of your price range.
  5. As you gather estimates, it may be clear which windows need replacing and which ones do not. Some companies may point out obvious replacements, but some may fabricate and tell you that you need a replacement when you don’t. Take note of these to weed out extra costs.

Factors That Impact Cost of Replacing Windows

Replacing windows can be a costly project for homeowners, but it’s one that is often necessary to improve energy efficiency, increase curb appeal, and boost property value. The cost of window replacement can vary significantly depending on a number of factors. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that impact the cost of replacing windows and how you can estimate the cost of your own window replacement project.

  1. Type of window

The type of window you choose will greatly impact the cost of your replacement project. Standard double-hung windows are typically the most affordable option, while more advanced styles like casement windows or bay windows can be more expensive. Custom windows, which are made to fit unique openings, will also be more expensive than standard sizes.

  1. Window material

The material you choose for your replacement windows will also impact the cost. Vinyl windows are typically the most affordable option, while wood and fiberglass frames tend to be more expensive. The material you choose will also impact the durability and energy efficiency of your windows.

  1. Window size and quantity

The size and quantity of windows you need to replace will also impact the cost of your project. Larger windows will be more expensive than smaller windows, and if you need to replace multiple windows, the cost will add up. However, if you are replacing a large number of windows at once, many contractors offer discounts for bulk orders.

  1. Installation method

The installation method you choose will also impact the cost of your replacement project. Full-frame installation, which involves removing the entire window and frame, is typically more expensive than retrofit installation, which involves leaving the existing frame in place and installing a new window inside it. However, full-frame installation may be necessary if your existing frames are damaged or rotting.

  1. Additional features

Additional features like double or triple-pane glass, low-E coatings, and gas fills can improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, but they will also add to the cost of your replacement project. These features can help you save money on your energy bills over time, but they may not be necessary depending on your climate and budget.

In order to estimate the cost of your own window replacement project, you should consider each of these factors and determine which options are best for your needs and budget. You should also obtain quotes from several different contractors to compare pricing and ensure that you are getting a fair price for the work. By taking the time to research and plan your window replacement project, you can save money and ensure that you get the best possible results.

Get Multiple Quotes for New Windows

While it’s incredibly helpful to have an average replacement window cost guide, no guide can exactly calculate your home’s needs for you. These numbers are just a precursor to getting you that precise number.

Quotes help you transition from knowing the average cost to replace windows, to knowing your average cost, specifically. Consider quotes to be a customized way to shop for windows, without having to leave your house!

single and double hung windows

The window business is not about deception or pretending that windows are cheap. The value of doing your own research is to best prepare you for negotiating great quotes for your home and budget.

Benefits of Getting Quotes

While wood, vinyl, single-hung, double-hung, and casement windows are among the most common window replacement requests, unique homes have unique demands.

If you’ve thought about the following window replacement upgrades, it’s time to get quoted!

  • How do I keep my home’s historic feel?
  • What do I do with my basement hopper windows?
  • What about my egress windows?
  • Can I change my sliding glass door into a window or vice versa?
  • What about my skylights or greenhouse windows?
  • Can I get custom work done?
  • What if I’m expanding and need windows for newly cut frames?
  • What if I have HOA regulations to abide by?
  • What if I can only do a couple of windows at a time?
  • What if my house is not level? Will that impact the window installation?
  • What’s the best window for home security?
  • Can I have soundproof windows?
  • How will my windows improve my home value?
  • How much energy will I save with my windows?

These specific questions are hugely influential. They’ll help you use your appointments wisely; as ways to get your questions answered while scoping out the best prices and companies for the job.


Ultimately, that’s why the cost of replacing windows varies; because every home—and homeowner—is different. For many, it’s not just about the cheapest price quote, but finding the right company for the job. Finding the right price and the right company will make your windows worth it.

Due to the number of variables involved in window installation costs, it’s best to get four or five quotes. Any reputable company should encourage the same. The window world is your oyster; the choice is up to you.

Compare New Home Windows Pricing

As is true for many things in life, you get what you give. If you put the time in to learn about the window replacement process beyond that of a replacement window cost, you’ll be better for it.

Your window installers want you to be happy, so that requires you to know what it is that makes you content!

home windows

Asking questions and having discernment will make you an active participant in this process. Not having those things can easily land you with lofty quotes.

Knowing average prices is a great first step, but having the why behind them is next. Treating your quotes as an education on your house makes for an invaluable experience.

Customizing your window wants is an empowering way to stay in control of your home and your wallet.

Contact us today for free quotes, comparison rates, and a world of window knowledge.

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