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How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost In Arlington, TX?

Looking to replace your home’s windows? Want to compare prices on top-rated windows made from vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and more? Find out how much home windows cost in Arlington, TX with our guide. Use our free tool to compare prices in your area.

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Are you thinking about replacing windows soon, but not sure how much it costs in Arlington, TX? Check out our guide that can answer all of your questions.

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The heat loss and gain caused by windows are responsible for 25-30% of heating and cooling energy use in residential homes.

However, this can be avoided by window replacement.

Replacing windows has a variety of benefits, such as saving money on energy costs, decreasing the amount of noise that leaks into your home, and increasing how safe the house is.

If you want to save money by replacing windows in your Arlington home, keep reading to learn more about the cost of new home windows.

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Average Cost of Replacing Windows

The average cost for new home windows in the US is around $650 per window, not including labor costs.

Calculating replacement window costs can be difficult. Depending on factors like window type, material, and location, the range for replacing windows is anywhere from $200 to $1800 per window.

Cost by Window Type

The cost of replacing windows is heavily dependent on what type of window you are replacing. Here is a list of the various window types and their cost per window when replacing between 1-15 windows:

  • Single-hung windows cost between $125-$525.
  • Double-hung windows cost between $141-$7300.
  • Picture windows cost between $350-$1275.
  • Casement windows cost between $229-$1575.

Bay and bow window replacement is $920-$4930 per window when replacing between 1-3 windows.

So, if you need 5 single-hung windows replaced, the price—excluding labor costs—could be anywhere between $625 to $2625, depending on what material and brand you choose.

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Cost by Window Material

Window material also factors into replacement windows cost. Window materials and their price for between 1-15 windows are:

  • Vinyl windows cost between $110-$1200.
  • Wood windows cost between $128-1465.
  • Fiberglass windows cost between $473-$1580.
  • Aluminum windows cost between $92-$429.
  • Composite windows cost between $348-$1-390.

This means, excluding labor costs, you will be paying between $550-$6000 for 5 vinyl windows or $640-$7325 for 5 wood windows.

Compare Replacement Window Cost

Cost by Brand

The main last factor that determines the cost for new home windows is brand. For between 1-15 windows, the price per window is:

  • Pella Windows cost between $500-$1180.
  • Andersen Windows cost between $425-$1600.
  • Milgard Windows cost between $230-$900.
  • Simonton Windows cost between $600-$1155.

For 1-3 windows, Alside Windows cost between $320-$630 per window.

Labor Cost

Labor costs are, on average, about $40 per hour but can range from $30-$65 per hour.

Depending on where you live, the labor cost for replacing windows may be higher, especially if you live in an urban area. Ordering custom windows can increase the overall labor cost as well.

Considering how labor costs have risen recently, you may want to replace multiple windows at once. The more windows you replace at once, the less you pay in labor costs. This is because the contractors you hire will not have to make as many trips to your house, saving both time and money for them.

Replace Your Windows in Arlington, TX Today

Having new windows has a variety of benefits. Though replacing windows may seem expensive, the benefits will outweigh the cost if you have the most suitable window for your home and where you live. New windows will save you money in the long run, allowing you to do more of the activities you want to, like catching a game at the AT&T Stadium.

If you are interested in getting your windows replaced, find a local contractor in Arlington, TX today.

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