Window Pane Replacement Pricing: 2022 Cost Guide

Are you thinking that your home windows might need replacing? In this 2022 cost guide, learn about the price ranges of window pane replacement.

In general, the national average for window pane replacement will range between $235-$950. The large range is representative of the type of window the homeowner wishes to have installed. Here’s what you need to know.

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You love your house. It might be a little older, but it’s still very sturdy. You’ve also made strides to make sure that it’s well maintained.

But now you’ve noticed that your windows have started leaking. It’s time to start looking into window pane replacement.

But what options are out there right now? And how much will it cost for your home? Do you even know how to replace a window?

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the television and internet advertisements from home improvers. That’s why this guide is here to help you learn what’s going to affect your window replacement cost.

And once you have a good idea about how much you want to spend, check out our guide on picking the best replacement windows for your house.

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How Many Windows Will Be Replaced?

The first thing that’s going to affect how much your project will cost is the number of windows that need replacing.

Contractor installing a window

This number is going to affect the cost of materials. The more glass that needs replacing, the more the overall price will be. So if you need every window in your home replaced, this is going to cost a lot more than just replacing a single small window.

But this number is also going to affect the cost of labor for your project. More windows that need replacing mean a lot more work for your contractors to do. It also means that the work will take a lot longer to complete.

This is why a window replacement project can range between costing a few hundred dollars all the way up to a few thousand. Glass isn’t cheap and contractors need to be paid for their work. If you’re on a budget, it might be best to try to only replace windows that are causing problems for your home.

Estimated Cost Per Window: $370

Glass Vs. Whole Window Replacement

The next thing to consider is if you just need the windowpane replaced or the entire window. An entire window is going to have a frame with it that will increase the cost of your project.

Window Replacement

Keep in mind that you might not be getting much choice in this matter. If your windows are leaking, then the frames might be part of the problem. In this case, you might have to get new frames along with the glass.

Window glass replacement is only going to add to your material cost. You will have a choice in materials for your window frames but even the lowest cost materials are still going to add quite a bit to your overall price. But the good news is that this shouldn’t add too much to your labor costs.

Number of Window Panes Replaced

Every window has a certain amount of panes in it. This is usually between one to three sheets of glass. The good news is that the more panes your windows have, the more energy-efficient they usually are.

Old Window

The bad news is that when you go to replace your windows, this can increase the overall price of your project. The more panes you want your windows to have, the more they will cost.

Once again, this is because you’ve increased the number of materials needed for your project. That material is where the bulk of your overall price is going to be. For those who are on a budget, you should consider getting single or double-paned windows instead of triple.

If you’re replacing the entire window, then this shouldn’t add to the cost of labor. However, if you’re only replacing the window panes, then it might. Remember, the more glass the contractors need to install, the more work that is for them.

Size of the Replacement Window

You might be noticing a bit of a pattern as to what will increase the overall price of your project. As the materials needed increase, so does the price. This is why the size of your windows is also going to affect the cost.

Contractor Replacing Windows

Unfortunately, you also won’t get too much of a choice in this matter. Unless you intend to have some work done on the wall to change the size of the window, then you’re stuck with the sizes of your current windows.

If you do have intentions of changing the size of your windows, then this is also going to add a lot to the overall price of your project.

In this case, you’re adding a lot of money to your labor costs. Changing the size of the window is a lot of work. It requires either opening the hole in your wall or replacing materials to make it smaller.

And this work needs to be very precise or the windows you’ve chosen won’t fit anymore. A project like this can run you a few thousand dollars, even for just one window!

This is why many people will simply choose to keep the windows the same size rather than pay extra to change them.


Type of Home Window

There are also different types of windows that you might be looking at too. Each of these is going to present different challenges for your contractors.

Stationary Window Panes

These windows are generally the least complicated to install. They simply need to stay in place after installation. This means that there are no moving parts that need to be added to them.

All the manufacturers need to do is create a piece of glass and sometimes a frame. Then the installers slide it into place and seal it. This saves a significant amount of money on labor.

Estimated Cost Per Window: $78 – $398


Single-Hung Windows

These windows can be opened only from the bottom. They are more complicated to make because they have some moving parts to them.

The manufacturers have to do a little more work to make sure that these work right. This adds costs to the materials and labor on the manufacturer’s side.

The contractors also have to be more careful while installing these windows. This is because there are more parts that could break easily during installation.

If you’re only getting the panes replaced in these windows, then the contractors shouldn’t find the installation too difficult. But this also depends on where your windows are located.

Estimated Cost Per Window: $169 – $472


Double-Hung Window Panes

These windows can be opened from both the bottom and the top. This means that they have more moving parts than a single-hung window.

The manufacturers have to make sure that these moving parts work the way that they should. Then they have to verify that these windows won’t leak air at either end of the window. This adds material costs and labor costs to the window itself.

Contractors need to be careful not to damage the mechanisms when they’re installing these in your home. Any damage could lead to the windows not opening the way they should as well as leaks.

That’s why these are going to be among the more expensive windows you can purchase.

Estimated Cost Per Window: $169 – $630


Sliding Window Panes

These are going to be a little simpler than hung windows. These windows open by sliding on a track. This means that they don’t have to fight gravity to stay open, the mechanisms to open the window are much simpler.

This also means that they’re easier to build. The easier it is to build, the less expensive it’s going to be. Manufacturers still need to worry about leaks, however.

Contractors should also still be careful while installing these windows as damaging them could still lead to the windows not opening correctly.

Estimated Cost Per Window: $594 – $1,187


Material Used For Replacing Window Panes

This is referring to the material of the frame for your new windows. Window frames are going to come in wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum.

Best Double Pane Window For The Money

Wood is going to be your most expensive option. You will want these if you’re trying to restore historic architecture. However, those who live in humid areas should try to avoid these as they are susceptible to rot.

Both fiberglass and vinyl are strong options for their energy efficiency and cost. These are synthetic materials that will never rot.

Aluminum is going to be the cheapest option as it’s the easiest material to work with. However, they are harder to insulate and a challenge to paint.

Where You Live

Finally, geographic location is also going to affect the cost of your project. If you live somewhere difficult to get to, then chances are you’re going to be charged more for labor. You may also be charged more in high-population areas that see high demand.

But no matter where you live, you should be expecting to pay at least a few hundred dollars when you go to replace your window panes. This includes materials and labor.

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