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How Much Do Marvin Replacement Windows Cost?

If you’re wondering about Marvin replacement windows and how much they may cost, you’ve come to the right place. This is our complete price guide on Marvin Windows collections.

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The below information is subject to change and varies according to each homeowner’s needs. If you’re interested in purchasing Marvin windows, we highly recommend you get a firm quote from a qualified representative. You can compare quotes from multiple window companies by clicking the buttons below.

Window Type    Material Low Cost   High Cost   Installation Cost
Andersen 100    Fibrex $230 $255 $350
Andersen 200    Wood, Vinyl $245 $266 $350
Andersen 400    Wood, Vinyl $371 $388 $470
Architectural E-series    Aluminum, Wood $925 $1,009 $1,050
Architectural A-series    Fiberglass, Wood, Fibrex $1,010 $1,150 $1,200


Everything is peaceful. Your wonderful children are outside keeping themselves busy in the yard having a catch.

You sit down on the couch to enjoy the quiet and all of a sudden you hear it. CRACK! That ball your wonderful children were playing with just smashed through the kitchen window.

Marvin Windows Logo

The last thing you need is the cost of replacing a window. Not to mention you have no idea where to turn to have it fixed.

Marvin replacement windows are the perfect solution. No need for you to worry about window types, measurements, or fit.

You can put your mind at ease. In this article, we’re going to cover everything about Marvin replacement windows.

When it comes to replacement windows, you can’t go wrong with Marvin. Every window is different. A different size, shape, hung in a different opening, and presents a different set of problems.

That’s why you need an expert with a full line of replacement window products. Here are some of the window solutions Marvin replacement windows can offer you.

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The Signature Collection

This sensible collection from Marvin boasts its widest variety of products. Choose from a broad selection of product shapes, sizes, and colors. Whatever you need to fit your home can be found in this everyday window collection.

All products in the Signature Collection come with impact resistance. This makes them a great fit for homes along the coastline or homes in areas of the country that experience extreme weather.


This window product from Marvin gives you the best of both worlds. The glass can resist high-speed hurricane winds and stray debris. It’s the perfect window if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes.

Marvin window Coastline

Its aluminum frame allows for unique design flexibility. The Coastline can be altered to fit many oversized designs.

So, not only is the coastline engineered for the worst coastline weather, it can be adapted to take advantage of the best coastline views.

The same breathtaking design and functionality are available in Coastline doors as well.

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Modern Windows

This showpiece of the Marvin Windows Signature collection puts architecture at the forefront. This window is the perfect centerpiece for a modern home design.

Marvin window Modern

The Modern is made of a high-density fiberglass material that lends this window its outstanding performance capabilities. The fiberglass material puts this window’s thermal performance second-to-none.

You’ll never have to worry about insulation when choosing Marvin’s Modern windows. These windows also have a modular design system. Multiple windows can combine easily for breathtaking design features in your home.

It also allows you to take advantage of the unique views surrounding your home.

Customers can also see their designs come to life with the Modern Visualizer tool. See how these amazing windows will look before you buy them.

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This is the premier design window for those who don’t want to compromise. If you have a vision for your windows, and won’t have it any other way, these are the windows for you.

Marvin window Ultimate

The Ultimate is a craftsman-quality window that can adapt to any shape, size, or style. They even adapt across varying architectural styles.

The Ultimate window is also fully customizable. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask Marvin. They can make almost any type of window you can imagine.

The Ultimate window also comes equipped with Lift Lock hardware. Open and lock your windows with ease. You’ll also get peace of mind through the Ultimate window’s Lock Status Sensor.

This brilliant home automation solution will tell you if you didn’t lock a window quickly and easily. Who knew your windows could be a form of home security?

The Elevate Collection

Design meets strength with the Elevate collection from Marvin windows. Marvin pulls out all the stops with the fiberglass exterior on this stunning series of windows. The material used to form the exterior outperforms vinyl, roll-off aluminum, and other fiberglass composites.

This allows these beautiful products to stay tough through any conditions.

Awning Windows

The Elevate collection of windows is designed to do exactly that. These products will elevate your home design to the next level. One of the products available for you to do that with is their series of awning windows.

Marvin Awning Windows

These windows are a jaw-dropping alternative to the standard casement window. The top-hinge design makes these windows great for hard-to-reach areas of your home.

Windows behind your counter and over your sink are the perfect candidates for a Marvin awning window.

Although they are beautiful, these windows don’t lack anything when it comes to functionality. Their dual lock system is easily accessible from the sides of the window. No more struggling to get your windows to unlock!

Many customers enjoy the warm look of these windows as well. Marvin accomplishes this warm feel by coupling a fiberglass exterior with wood finishes on the interior. Making Marvin’s awning windows the perfect combination of comfort, coziness, and function.

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Double-Hung Windows

Another staple in the Elevate collection is Marvin’s double-hung windows. These window products offer superior strength and durability. And unlike most double-hung windows, they clean up easily.

Homeowners can simply tilt the sash, or remove it entirely, to easily clean the windows in every room.

These products also boast the warm look and feel that is characteristic of the Elevate collection. Marvin does this once again by combining sturdy fiberglass exteriors with the warm look and feel of wood on the interior.

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Bay Windows

Marvin’s Elevate collection offers amazing bay window products. A bay window is a window containing three panes that angle outward. These windows have a “panoramic” feel that will get enough natural light into any room.

Marvin can design you a bay window out of their casement or double-hung products. You also can choose to include a stationary picture as a central focal point for your bay window.

The design features and customization a Marvin bay window can bring to your room are endless. You can add even more elegance to these windows by adding wood stain to the stainable interior.

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The Essential Collection

Design, quality, and performance come together to create Marvin’s most sleek collection. Customers will love the Essential collection’s stunning visual appeal. But we think they’ll love the low maintenance even more.

Because of Marvin’s state-of-the-art design, the Essential collection windows are essentially maintenance-free. These versatile windows are ready to meet the demands of any project. And the straightforward designs make the ordering process a breeze.

The Essential Collection offers many of the same shapes and sizes as Marvin’s Ultimate collection. Homeowners can choose from casement, double-hung, awning, and bay window products.

One of the bonuses of the Essential collection is its energy efficiency. Customers can expect to experience cost savings and long-term performance. These windows will stand the test of time no matter the climate.

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Marvin Replacement Windows Cost

Marvin doesn’t just offer some of the most premier products on the window market. They also offer products to replace your windows as well.

You’re probably wondering what Marvin replacement windows cost. Well, it all depends on the collection you choose for your window products.

Each Marvin collection has a different price range. The Signature collection of Marvin windows costs an average of $1400 to $1500 with installation. This is the most expensive collection of windows that Marvin has available.

Marvin Window

The Elevate collection is a little bit more economical. This series of windows comes in at $1100 to $1200 with installation.

The Essential collection is Marvin’s most cost-effective option. You can’t go wrong with any of Marvin’s products, so these windows may be the best bang for your buck.

These windows come in at $950 to $1050 with installation.

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Keep in mind that these prices are the “per window” price. These prices are also for the basic style of each window.

installing windows

Naturally, like with anything else, there are design changes and customizations that could increase the price.

If you alter the size of the window it will affect the price. Also, if you choose to change the interior or exterior finish, you can expect to pay more. Marvin windows come with some beautiful finishes and stains, so adding them will naturally increase the price of your project.

Marvin also offers a variety of glass options. You can choose between standard, tempered, frosted, etc. You can also choose to put in a pane with an upgraded energy rating.

All of these can affect pricing, so check with your Marvin windows dealer for final pricing.

A Window With a View

Marvin replacement windows are some of the best products out there. If you need to do a window replacement, you owe it to yourself to check out their selection.

What do you think? Do you see yourself using Marvin Windows in your own home?

Marvin produces a very high-quality product. Learn more by visiting their website or feel free to compare quotes on multiple window solutions by clicking below. Want to see more options before deciding? Check out our guide on choosing the best replacement windows to see videos and compare multiple brands.

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