How Much Does A Walk-In Tub Cost? | Installation & Tub Pricing Guide

The national average cost to have a walk-in tub installed range is between $7468$14,112. In this guide, we will break down the cost by type, features, and more.

Walk In Tub Cost Guide

As people age, they often find it harder to move around. They may even start to experience arthritis pain that can only be somewhat managed by medication.

And these people are going to be the ones who start to struggle the most with everyday tasks. This includes bathing themselves. A tall bathtub can be a fall risk for people with mobility issues. The truth is that the best solution might be a walk-in tub.

Compare Walk-In Tub Costs

But how much does a walk-in tub cost? And how will it help?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the cost and benefits of a walk-in tub.

Type of Walk-in Tub and Cost to Buy

The first thing you should know is that there are many different types of walk-in tubs. This means that the cost is going to be different depending on what kind of tub that you want.

Walk-In Soaker Tubs

The most basic kind of walk-in tub is going to be a soaker tub. This is a simple bathtub that has no air or water jets with it. The user simply sits in still water to bathe in this kind of tub.

Walk In Soaker Tub

That makes this the simplest tub design. There are no engines or electricity needed for this tub to work. It’s a great choice if you’re simply looking for a solution for someone who isn’t very mobile without all the bells and whistles.

Because these are the simplest in terms of design, they’ll also be the cheapest options you can get. You can generally get a walk-in soaker tub for anywhere between two thousand and six thousand dollars before installation.

Cost: $2,200 – $4,500 + Installation


Aerotherapy Walk-In Tubs

An aerotherapy tub has air jets installed in it. When jets are used inside of a bathtub, the massaging effect is good for those who suffer from chronic pain disorders such as arthritis. It can also be good for people who are recovering from an injury.

Aerotherapy Walk-In Tubs

The specific benefit of air jets is that they’re better for sensitive skin than water jets. So people who suffer from arthritis and sensitive skin at the same time can still enjoy the benefits of the jet’s massage.

Before installation, these tubs will cost between three thousand and eight thousand dollars.

Cost: $3,158 – $6,576 + Installation


Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tubs

Hydrotherapy tubs are going to be similar to aerotherapy tubs. They both will have therapeutic jets installed in them. This creates the massaging sensation that helps treat most causes of pain.

The difference is that these will be water jets rather than air. The main difference here is that it isn’t as good for people with sensitive skin. But if this isn’t a concern for you, then these tubs might be a slightly cheaper option.

These tubs will run between $2,500 and $8,500. Remember, this price is before you pay for installation.

Cost: $2,459 – $7,499 + Installation


Bariatric Walk-In Tubs

A bariatric tub is built sturdier than most other kinds of bathtubs. They’re intended to handle users who weigh more than three hundred pounds.

These tubs can come with all of the same benefits as any other bathtub. The only difference is that they can hold a lot more weight than a regular tub.

The trade-off is that they’re more expensive to make. They need to be made stronger and they aren’t in as high of a demand as other bathtubs. This means that they’re also going to be one of the more expensive tubs on the market.

A bariatric tub can cost between four thousand and six thousand dollars before installation.

Cost: $2,588 – $6,711 + Installation


Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs

If you’re trying to accommodate someone who needs a wheelchair, then there are options for you too. And these tubs won’t be much different than any other walk-in tubs.

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs

The main difference will be the shape of the door. It will be designed so that the seat is opened up. This allows wheelchair users to easily move from their wheelchair to the seat inside the tub.

These tubs will also be able to have all of the other bells and whistles of most other walk-in tubs. You will usually need to get a consultation for a quote on these bathtubs. You can get a quote for an American Standard walk-in tub right now for free. Even the Safe Step walk-in tub cost requires a quote first.

Cost: $4,153 – $7,331 + Installation


Two-Seater Walk-In Tubs

A two-seater walk-in tub is going to be just what it sounds like. These tubs are just like any other walk-in tub, except they’re designed for two people to enjoy at once.

These of course will come with a variety of options. You can get a simple soaker two-seater tub or one will all of the bells and whistles. Of course, this also means that there are a wide variety of prices for these tubs.

Before installation, a two-seater tub can cost anywhere between five thousand to twenty thousand dollars.

Cost: $3,500 – $7,512 + Installation


Combination Walk-In Tubs/Showers

A combination tub refers to a tub that also functions as a shower. These tend to be convenient since a shower is generally considered more sanitary than a bath. These generally have higher walls to accommodate a shower as well as a bath.

The nice thing about them is that they allow the user to choose whether they want to soak with some jets or simply wash up and get out. That makes them a great option if multiple people will need to use the tub.

These can cost anywhere between three thousand and five thousand dollars before installation.

Cost: $3,508 – $4,216 + Installation


Other Walk-In Tub Types

There are other types of walk-in bathing options as well. For example, you could get a walk-in shower without a tub.

These can be designed to accommodate people who are less mobile or need wheelchairs. They can have doors, curtains, or neither. They can also come premade or you can custom build your own.

This variety is also going to create a wide range in potential costs. For a premade shower, you might spend somewhere between five hundred or two thousand dollars. Getting a custom shower can cost between three thousand and seven thousand dollars.

Size of the Bathroom

The next thing that will affect the price of your walk-in tub or shower will be labor. The size of your bathroom will be a massive factor in deciding how difficult your new tub will be to install.

Walk-in Tub Cost for Small Bathrooms

The average cost for a walk-in tub in a small bathroom or ranges between $6802$10,121. This price will include installation. To install any new bathtub in your house, you first have to be able to fit it into your bathroom. Dealing with the size of both the tub and the bathroom can often be a double-edged sword.

Walk in tubs for small bathrooms

On one hand, if you have a smaller bathroom, then you’ll need a smaller tub to go inside it. A smaller tub will generally cost less since it doesn’t use as many materials. In theory, it shouldn’t be hard to install either since it won’t be as heavy as a larger tub.

But in truth, a smaller bathroom will be harder to maneuver in to install the tub. Your contractors will need to bring the tub into the bathroom without damaging anything else in the room. The last thing you want is for them to smash your sink or toilet.

In a small bathroom, this means careful planning and execution to install a bathtub. The installation can also take time just to maneuver around obstacles in the room. That could increase your labor bill by quite a bit.


Walk-in Tub Cost for Master Bathrooms

The average cost for a walk-in tub in a Master bathroom or ranges between $6900$14,308. This price will include installation. A master bathroom, on the other hand, is generally going to be larger. This gives your contractors more room to maneuver the tub inside without worrying so much about damaging a sink or toilet.

More room to work generally means an easier and faster installation. That can lower the cost of labor to have your tub installed in the first place.

Walk-In Tubs

However, the other side of the double-edged sword comes in the cost of materials. If you want a larger tub for your bathroom, then the tub itself is going to be more on the expensive side. It also means it will be heavier and harder for your contractors to carry.

In general, a larger tub in a smaller bathroom with little room for movement is probably going to be the most expensive tub installation you’ll see.

Walk-in Tub Cost for Seniors

The national average cost for a walk-in tub for seniors is $4,904. This price does not include installation, which will tack on another $1,600 – $2,500. In most cases, the people these walk-in tubs will benefit are going to be senior citizens. As people age, many people find that they don’t move as well as they used to. It might get harder for them to get in and out of a bathtub on their own.

And arthritis is much more common as you get older. This means that those jetted tubs might be necessary to help you manage pain.

The good news is that these people may benefit from such things as senior discounts. In some cases, medicare may even be able to help you pay for your new tub.


Cost of Walk-in Showers Without Doors

Walk-in showers without doors are increasingly becoming more and more popular, and will run the average homeowner is around $7500. Just like with tubs, there are many different ways to save money when you’re building a walk-in shower. For example, you can get a premade one rather than a custom shower. That alone could save you a few thousand dollars.

But you might not realize that adding a door to your shower can add to the overall cost. This creates more material and labor costs, even if it’s the easiest part of the shower to install.

And the truth is that you don’t really need a door for your shower. Most showers will do just fine with a curtain instead.

A shower door can cost anywhere between one hundred to one thousand dollars. This will depend on the size, design, and style of the door.

Compare Walk-In Tub Costs

How Much Do Luxury Walk-in Tubs Cost?

As the term ‘luxury’ suggests, you’re going to invest upwards of $10,300$14,200 to have a luxury walk-in tub installed.

A luxurious tub is going to have a different meaning for each individual. Maybe to you, it means that you have a built-in place to sit while you wash up. To someone else, it might mean that you have a steam option available to you.

Walk In Soaker Tub

In most cases, any extra features inside your bathtub will be considered luxuries. These are typically going to be the higher-priced items that you could ask for, even in a premade tub. That means that any extra features you want are going to add up significantly to the total cost of your luxury walk-in tub.

If you’re converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower, this will also add to the total cost. A conversion like that will cost between one thousand and four thousand dollars.

This can make a tub install cost up to eleven thousand dollars in the end. Some people may say that it’s worth the cost.

Are Walk-in Tubs Worth it?

The question of if walk-in tubs are worth it is really up to you. If you’re struggling with mobility, having a walk-in tub with a seat can be very useful.

Walk In Tub Buying Guide

If you have arthritis or are recovering from an injury, then you might find that a jetted walk-in tub is a good solution. It would let you get in and out of the tub easily and maybe even help relieve some of your pain. For wheelchair users, it can make getting in and out of the tub much easier.

A walk-in tub can significantly reduce the risk of falling while getting in and out of the tub. Most people find that as they age, they aren’t able to handle such accidents as well as they used to.

If any of this sounds like you, then the answer is probably yes. A walk-in tub probably would be worth it.

How Much Do Walk-in Tubs Cost?

$7468$14,112 is the estimated price range for homeowners to have a new walk-in tub installed. A walk-in tub cost is going to vary greatly depending on why you need one and what features you want. This means you could be paying anywhere from three thousand to twenty thousand dollars total for a walk-in tub install.

It’s going to depend on a lot of factors about your home and the tub you’re purchasing. So it can be hard to put an exact number on this renovation without getting a quote first.

That’s why the experts at 5Estimates will show you the average cost for such projects in your area and put you in touch with contractors that can help you today.

Browse for contractors today and get started installing your walk-in tub.

Compare Walk-In Tub Costs

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