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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom in 2021?

The average costs to remodel a bathroom in 2021 can range from $6,000-$25,000 if you completely redo the space. Remodeling your bathroom can be a daunting task. Find out how to estimate the costs of new sinks, flooring, showers, etc. before you remodel a bathroom.

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Ah, the bathroom. It’s one of the most used rooms of any home, and a frequent target for renovations. Everybody has to use it, and everybody notices when a home’s bathroom is outdated or poorly maintained.

master-bathroom remodel

If you’ve examined your bathroom lately, and found that it’s not what you want it to be, you’ve probably considered looking into remodeling. However, as with any remodeling project, even the prospect of estimating the cost can seem daunting.

Not to worry! This guide will show you, in detail, how much you can expect to pay when you remodel a bathroom.

Build On the Basics: Bathroom Flooring Prices

One of the most important elements of building your dream bathroom is selecting the right flooring. Of course, the flooring you choose can have drastic effects on the cost of the total remodel. Here are some of the most common types of bathroom flooring and how much they typically cost:


Easily the cheapest option of the bunch, running between $2-8/sq. ft., vinyl offers a cost-friendly flooring choice for the budget-minded renovator. Vinyl is waterproof and durable but can curl or develop gaps as time passes. It also doesn’t hold its value as well as other flooring material options.

Laminate Flooring


The next most budget-friendly option, linoleum costs, on average, between $3-10/sq. ft. Linoleum lasts twice as long as vinyl when well-maintained, though it is not impervious to water, and will require periodic sealing.


The cost of wood flooring in the bathroom depends largely on whether you use actual hardwood or engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is the best choice of the two, as it can withstand the average bathroom’s humidity better than hardwood. Regardless of which material you choose, you can expect to pay between $6-20/sq. ft. for wood flooring in your bathroom.


Tile is the premium tier for bathroom flooring. Many other flooring types mimic tile’s look and texture, but nothing can replace the real deal. As such, it represents a significant investment at $10-20/sq. ft.

Tiler installing ceramic tiles on a floor

However, the investment is well worth it when you consider the impact tile flooring has on a home’s listing when it comes time to sell.

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Bath, Tub, & Shower Costs

Another critical factor in your bathroom remodeling costs is whether you use a shower, bathtub, or a combination of the two. Depending on the size, finish, fixtures, and features of each, you’ll see vastly different price points.

Plumber installing shower

For example, if you use a full shower, or a shower that’s not attached to a bathtub, your average remodeling cost will be between $700-800. However, if you have a shower/bathtub combination unit, expect the costs to rise above $1,500, on average.

If, on the other hand, you have a master bathroom setup, where the tub and shower are separate units, your remodeling costs can range from $5,000-$15,000. The type of bathtub (e.g., freestanding, drop-in, alcove, etc.) and fixtures used will determine how high the cost grows.

It should go without saying, but if you decide to add jets to your bathtub, that’s going to raise the cost significantly. The same applies if your new bathtub or shower has to have special accommodations for those with disabilities.

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The Cost to Replace Bathroom Counters

Bathroom counters deal with a lot of abuse, so they should be a priority when conducting a full bathroom remodel. However, not all countertop materials are created equal, in features or price. Here are some of the common choices and what you can expect to pay for them:

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Despite having a premium feel, tile is one of the cheaper countertop options at $15-25/sq. ft. It’s affordable, looks gorgeous, and easy to customize to your needs and design desires. However, you’ll need to make sure you clean and re-seal the grout on a consistent basis.

Bathroom counter cost


Laminate occupies a similar price tier as tile, with a higher-end price range at $15-50/sq. ft. per installation. The benefits of laminate countertops are similar to the ones mentioned with laminate flooring earlier. However, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies to the feel of the material, as less expensive options might wind up feeling cheap.


Concrete is a recent player in the bathroom countertop field. It’s extremely strong and durable, but one of the most expensive options, ranging from $65-135/sq. ft. It’s also almost impossible to repair, so if it ever cracks, it will need to be replaced.

Bathroom counter Replacement


Quartz is a durable, stain-resistant countertop option that’s trending for this year. It looks and feels like natural stone, without the price point attached to it. On average, you can expect to pay $50-100/sq. ft. for quartz countertops.

Marble, Granite, and Other Natural Stones

Natural stone is the material of choice for bathroom countertops if you want to maximize your resale value. It looks gorgeous without much fuss, and withstands moisture well. However, it’s also the most expensive option, ranging from $50-200/sq. ft., depending on the type of stone used.

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Sink Replacement Costs

Another massive source of your plumbing expenses when you remodel a bathroom is your sink. Most folks just work with the sink that comes by default in their home. However, you might find that a different type of sink will work better for you.

We’ve listed the main types of bathroom sinks and their expected installation costs for you below.

Wall Mount

Wall-mount sinks are, as the name would suggest, sinks mounted on your bathroom wall. They have visible plumbing, which you can either conceal with a vanity, or incorporate as part of your bathroom’s esthetic. These sinks will run you between $300-600 to install.

Bathroom sink Replacement


These sinks get mounted beneath your countertop, then sealed in place. A slightly less expensive option, they can cost between $200-500 per install.


Self-Rimming or Drop-In

The least expensive sink of the lot, running between $200-300 per installation. Contractors install these sinks into the countertop and run a rim around the outside. Since they’re easy to install and inexpensive, these are a common choice of sinks for rental properties or hotels looking to save cash.


Vessel sinks are a fantastic-looking and chic option for those who want to update the look and feel of their space. They offer a wonderful return on investment in terms of resale value and add a touch of class to your bathroom. However, because of this, they can get costly at the high end. Prices range from $400-5000, depending on the size and choice of material.


Older homes were particularly fond of this type of sink before self-rim took over as the primary choice. Pedestal sinks stand alone, without the need for a countertop or vanity, and as such, are sometimes called ‘freestanding’ sinks. Average costs for these classic beauties range from $300-2000.


Console sinks offer a hybrid between freestanding and wall-mounted sinks. They come with a sink mounted into the wall itself, supported by a console with two or four legs. These sinks can get pretty pricey, ranging from $500-5000 for an average installation.

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Calculate the Cost to Replace Bathroom Lighting

What sort of vibe do you want your bathroom to have? Do you want it to feel like a zen, peaceful spa? A fashionable, sleek, and modern space where form marries function? A cozy, intimate place that welcomes you to relax and soak for a while?

Modern lights for bathroom

Every piece of your bathroom contributes to this vibe, but few things more so than your lighting installations. Depending on whether you have a single sconce or a multi-light setup, your costs can run anywhere from $50-$500. If you invest in premium finishes or have multiple fixtures that need installing, those can spike even higher.

Faucet and Fixture Prices

Your faucet and fixtures might seem like a negligible piece of the remodeling puzzle. However, they can offer incredible design mileage towards the look of your bathroom.

Farmhouse lights for bathroom

Depending on how much you’re willing to invest and what part of the bathroom you’re buying for, fixtures can range widely in price. Here’s what you’ll likely pay for fixtures, depending on the location and supply grade used.

  • Basic fixtures for a sink will range between $50-400, while custom or high-end ones will cost between $700-2,000
  • Economy grade toilet fixtures will run you $100-400, but higher-end ones can also cost around $700-2,000
  • Basic vanity or cabinet fixture options will cost around $120-800, but anything high end will cost $1,200-5,000
  • Bathtub fixtures can run anywhere from $150-800 for basic options to as much as $1,500-10,000 for custom ones
  • Your average bathroom lighting fixtures will cost from $150-1,000 for economy options to $1,200-1,400 for high-end ones

Generally speaking, the more premium finishes and features you choose on these fixtures, the higher the cost will grow.

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Demo and Expansion Costs

So, you’ve examined your bathroom thoroughly, and you don’t think it’s salvageable in its current state. Or, in order to make the changes you want, you need to expand the bathroom. What can you expect to pay for each of these complicated processes?

For Gutting and Demolition

If you’ve determined your bathroom has more value or utility once gutted and redone from scratch, you can expect to pay $400-2,000 on average. Where the price tops out depends on whether you’re taking out walls, if there’s damage to the subflooring, and the bathroom’s size, among a host of other factors.

For Expansion

If your bathroom needs to get bigger to accommodate your wants or needs, your costs will grow. On average, you’ll pay between $2,500-12,500 for this process. This includes electrical and plumbing expenses, as well as any other new construction that must take place; your local contractor should let you know what’s included in this cost.

Putting the (Re)Finishing Touches On

Even if you’re not replacing a surface or feature in your bathroom outright, you might still benefit from refinishing the ones you already have. Resurfacing, refinishing, or reglazing will make your bathroom look brand new. Depending on what you’re refinishing, the costs can run anywhere from $120-$1,200.

How Much Will It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

So, how much will it cost to remodel a bathroom? The simple answer: it depends on how in-depth the remodeling project is. The average costs to remodel a bathroom can range from $6,000-$25,000 if you completely redo the space. This cost can depend on your location, the materials you have chosen, and what you need to have done. For a more detailed breakdown, see below.

Bathroom Remodel Cost

Why Location Matters

Your location matters for the cost of your remodel because it can affect the availability of certain materials. Contractors also set their fees in accordance with the area’s real estate prices. So, if you live somewhere with more expensive housing, your cost to remodel a bathroom might be higher.

Condo and Mobile Home Bathrooms

Mobile home bathrooms, due to their small size, are on the cheaper end of the remodeling scale. They usually cost between $2,000-8,000 to renovate, depending on how big they are and what features and fixtures the buyer wants.

Condo bathroom renovations tend to be more expensive and will run you between $8,000-25,000 for an average project. Since these spaces are also on the smaller side, some contractors charge extra, as it can make getting things done difficult.

Half-Baths and Master Baths

A half-bath, or powder room, is a smaller project involving just a toilet and a sink. Because of this, a lower-end remodel can cost between $3,000-5,000. However, if the buyer opts for premium finishes, plumbing, and fixtures, it can easily reach $15,000.

Master baths, being the premium option, will cost the most money. A high-end master bathroom remodels will cost anywhere between $25,000-40,000. This includes top-line fixtures, custom-designed sinks, cabinets, and a variety of other premium features.

Do all these large numbers have your head spinning? No worries! There are plenty of smaller-scale bathroom makeovers you can DIY or have someone do for less money.

Putting it all Together

To recap, how much it costs to remodel a bathroom depends greatly on the features, fixtures, finishes, and other design and practical elements you chose for it. It can also depend on what demolitions or other structural adjustments have to occur.

However, the only way to know what your bathroom remodel will cost is to get a quote. Here at 5 Estimates, we pride ourselves on putting homeowners and home improvers into contact with one another. So, visit our website and see what we can offer you today!

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