Cost of tub to shower conversion

How Much Does Tub to Shower Conversion Cost?

The national average cost of a tub to shower conversion will be about $4200 plus installation. Pending on your shower tile, installation prices will cost between $100 – $150 per hour. Learn exactly how much a tub to shower conversion costs and everything that goes into taking on this bathroom remodel today.

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If you are looking at converting your tub to a shower, you may have already spooked yourself with the amount of time, effort, and money that it takes. How can you make sure that you don’t waste your money? How much should you budget for your project?

Tub to Shower Conversion

On average, men and women spend over 2 years of their lives in the bathroom. Since we are spending so much time in there, why not make the most of the space and decor?

One of the best ways to remodel any bathroom is a tub to shower conversion. Are you looking for tub to shower conversion ideas? Read on to learn everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling.

Calculate the Cost to Convert Bathtub to Shower

A tub to shower conversion can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $7,400 depending on your needs. This might seem like a wide price bracket, but swapping a tub for a shower is not as simple as it sounds.

Materials and Installation    Total Cost
Remove Bathtub    $400 – $750
Remove Debris    $100 – $300
Final Cleanup    $230 – $400
Shower Seating    $800 – $1,400
Custom Shower    $2,000 – $3,300
Shower Doors    $580 – $1,270
Faucets & Drains    $100 – $1,300
Plumbing Install    $800 – $2,000


DIY Vs. Professional

The cost of your project will be much less if you choose to do a part of the work yourself. Though this may seem like a good idea to save money, there are huge risks involved with taking on such a complex task.

Convert Tub to Shower

Although you may have to pay labor costs, everything will be done to a professional and reliable standard. Get a quote to see how much your bathroom remodel will cost. Certain elements of remodeling a bathroom need to be done with care such as the grouting and sealing of tiles and joints.

Making sure your shower is sealed and waterproof is essential to avoid problems in the future. If you choose to do the job yourself, make sure you understand the importance of sealing your shower.


Shower Types

Replacing a tub for a shower that has similar measurements will be less costly. This is because the surrounding areas will be less affected and require less work. If your bathroom needs new tiles, glass doors, or wall panels then this will add more to your bathroom remodel budget.

bathtub to shower conversion

You can also keep the cost low by installing a shower stall kit which usually comprises three pieces including the floor pan, sides, and hinged glass door. These kits are perfect for fitting into corners and old alcoves if you are looking for an affordable and easy option.

A lower-cost option will involve replacing the tub with a shower and patching up the surrounding areas. Professionals will not advise you to scrimp too much as it is important that the job is done properly to avoid issues later on. If the shower is a similar size to the tub and the plumbing is in good condition, then you can look at spending around $1,500.

Master Bathroom Tub to Shower Conversion

If your budget allows, you may want to add some extra features such as water-saving showerheads. You’ll also need to decide whether you want to install an electric or steam shower. Electric showers are less expensive and cost an average of $1000 to install.

Steam showers are a little more luxurious and can cost at least $3,500 for materials and labor. If you are unsure what type of shower you would like or need, take a look at how to choose a shower before making your decision.

Compare Walk-In Tub Costs

Additional Accessories

If you are remodeling your bathroom to make it more accessible, you may need to consider adding in some additional accessories such as handrails, shelving, and seating. It is also possible to install height-adjustable showerheads or sprayers.

Change tub to shower

Although it may seem costly at first to remodel your bathroom, you will reap the benefits after your tub becomes a shower. More than half of the water usage in your home takes place in the bathroom. Having a shower in your bathroom instead of a tub will reduce your water usage and save money on your utility bills.

Other accessories that can add expense and time to your project are:

  • Shower Niches (a recess that holds your toiletries)
  • Body Jets
  • Special Shower Heads (water saving, rainfall showerheads, etc.)
  • Benches or Seating


How Do I Convert a Tub to a Walk-in Shower?

Replacing your tub with a walk-in shower can provide additional space and provide a stunning focal point in your bathroom. Walk-in showers are also an excellent option for the elderly and people with mobility issues. They can be customized to suit the needs of the user.

Installing a walk-in shower can cost between $500 and $7,000. Prices can vary depending on accessories such as showerheads, doors, and tiles.


First, you will need to remove the tiles and wallboard that surround your tub. Once you have done this, you need to remove the tub. If you are confident with the plumbing side of this then you can do it yourself. Otherwise, call a professional to do your tub to shower conversion.

Just remember to turn off the water supply before you start any work on your plumbing!

Relocating the Plumbing

You might not need to rework your plumbing if you are building a customized base for your shower. If your new shower has a preformed base then you will need to relocate the drain. You may also need to move the water supply to accommodate the controller valve on your new shower.

Choosing the Shower Floor

Make sure you choose a good quality base for your shower that won’t crack. If you don’t want to buy a premade base you can build your own custom base, though these types of complicated jobs are best left to the professionals.

Closeup of staging modern stone grey tiled bathroom

You should also inspect the floor beneath the tub before you start constructing your new shower base. This is so you can repair any water damage before you install your new shower.


Boarding & Tiling

Before you start tiling you need to install a moisture barrier by fitting concrete boards around the shower. Once you have done this you can start tiling the walls and floor of the shower.

Alternatively, you can add an acrylic shower insert instead of tiles. This can be a more affordable option and save lots of time. Tiles are one of the most expensive parts of a bathroom remodel so consider whether you want to combine different sizes and styles or stick with the same type of tile throughout your shower.

Install Your Shower

Once you have reached this step you can install the shower controller and accessories. You may not need to add a door or screen if your walk-in shower has been designed for maximum accessibility.

If you are installing doors you can choose sliding glass or a hinged door depending on the size and shape of your bathroom. For a more budget-friendly option, you can add a spring-loaded curtain rail and hang a curtain.


How Long Does it Take to Convert a Tub to a Shower?

Replacing your tub with a shower is a major and complex task. Are you doing the work yourself or are you calling in a professional to do the work? The time frame that your conversion may take is entirely dependent on the specifics of the job such as the type of shower you are fitting and what your existing bathroom is like.

New Shower Install

If your conversion is a simple tub to shower conversion without any additional plumbing or tiling then it could take as little as 24 hours. It is best to search for a reputable plumber to carry out any plumbing work you may need.

Larger jobs that require lots of demolition and cleanup can take up to two weeks to complete.


Can You Convert a Bathtub to a Shower in a Small Bathroom?

It is possible to replace a tub with a shower in a small bathroom. First, you must consider the layout of the room and whether there will be enough space for a shower door or screen. In some instances, shower doors are not required. You could hang a shower curtain with a plastic liner for a more decorative and affordable solution.

Measure your bathroom space before making any decisions about what type of shower you will be fitting.

Plan Your Tub to Shower Conversion Today

Before you start looking for quotes for your tub to shower conversion it is important to measure your bathroom and know what you want from your bathroom remodel. Are you on a tight budget or can you afford to spend a little extra for the luxuries? You should be very clear and specific on what you want when it finally comes to requesting a quote.

Once you are ready to hire a professional, you can begin requesting quotes. For experienced and accredited contractors contact You can look for contractors in your area and price range and get free quotes for your bathroom remodel.

Compare Walk-In Tub Costs

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