How Much Do Walk in Showers Cost in Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, AZ homeowners spend on average $5,880 to have a walk-in shower installed. This bathroom remodeling guide will address all the pricing questions.

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Do you find that you don’t use your bathroom tub with the climate in Phoenix, Arizona? Maybe, you don’t draw baths to save water, or you like to jump in the shower for a refreshing rinse-off in the sweltering summer heat.

Whatever the reason your bathtub is sitting unused, it’s time to look at replacing it with a more versatile and popular option. Walk-in showers are the ideal choice for the main bathroom in a Phoenix, Arizona house.

Read this walk-in shower cost guide for answers to all your questions about this hot bathroom trend.

What are Walk-In Showers?

You may be wondering, what exactly is a walk-in shower, and how does it differ from the regular tub and curtain that we’re all familiar with. Walk-in showers are usually a shower shell that replaces a previously installed built-in tub. Walk-in showers can also be installed into new builds and be used to replace free-standing tubs.

walk in showers

A prefab walk-in shower kit, installed by a reputable tradesperson, is a great way to renovate your bathroom.

These kits generally include a one-piece unit of the shower floor and walls where the unit is attached. They also have a framed doorway and sidewalls. The doors and sides are often made of glass and stainless steel, but other materials are available.

Both prefab and custom walk-in shower systems change the whole look of a bathroom. The open glass sides create an illusion of more space in the room. There are also walk-in showers without doors. These lend a contemporary and luxurious touch to any bathroom decor.

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Many walk-in showers are corner units, while others are fitted along with an alcove or wall. Walk-in showers are recommended for people with mobility issues. They are good for people who like a quick rinse-off rather than a long soak in a tub.

In Phoenix, Arizona, there are options for every budget and bathroom decor, as well as options for smart water consumption—something that’s very important in the desert!

Cost of Walk-In Showers for Small Bathrooms

The estimated cost for a walk-in shower will depend on the size of the bathroom. It will cost more if demolition of a tub or shower needs to take place. Luckily for residents of Phoenix, Arizona, there are many accredited tradespeople who offer free consultations to get your renovation started.

Master bathroom walk in shower

The national average cost of converting your old tub to a new walk-in shower system is $4,200, plus the installation labor. Small bathrooms require smaller shower equipment to make them space-efficient. Corner units are usually recommended for a tiny bathroom.

To convert a half-bathroom into a full bath by adding a walk-in shower unit, the cost will range between $1,100-11,000. If the room requires new plumbing it will be on the higher-end costs.

To add a walk-in shower to a small bathroom, there needs to be at least a 30″ X 30″ space to meet the minimum code demands. Although, the Americans with Disabilities Act recommends at least a 36″ X 36″ inch shower for ease of use.

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Walk-In Shower Options for Large Bathrooms

If your bathroom is on the larger side, between 40 and 120 square feet, you will have more options for your walk-in shower. Many of these large shower units can accommodate benches, multi-head shower nozzles, and no-door models.

Master Bathroom Walk-in Shower

The best walk-in showers for seniors and the elderly, or those who require mobility accommodations, include handheld body spray nozzles, a bench for sitting, and no curb to step over. A larger bathroom is recommended for these details.

Of course, the larger bathroom the more the cost of the walk-in shower will likely be. Larger install and renovation space equates to longer work working hours for skilled, tradespeople. Most plumbing companies in Phoenix, Arizona charge between $55-79 per hour.

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Phoenix, Arizona Luxury Showers

We all know that rain is a luxury in Arizona, so adding a rain showerhead is an extravagance that many looking to update their bathrooms include. Efficient showerheads with rotating nozzles, remote control operation, and waterfall sprays are perfect for a luxurious home spa.

New Walk-in Shower Install

Luxury walk-in showers in Phoenix have eco-conscious elements such as hand sprayers and valve diverts. These direct water to where you want it and reduce waste.

Many luxurious bathrooms want to keep the option for a romantic and relaxing bath. If the bathroom space is large enough, you can put a standalone tub inside the walls of the walk-in shower!

Walk-In Showers Without Doors: Pros and Cons

Many new models of walk-in showers are without the familiar glass doors that run on tracks. The good thing about these beautiful showers is they can disappear into the decor of the room. They add considerable value to every home by providing a luxurious feel.

bathtub to shower conversion

Adding a walk-in shower that is flush with the floor is something many people consider a long-term investment for their bathroom. Although it may cost more upfront to install one of these units, they are good for any potential mobility issues for homeowners as they age or their lifestyles change.

Walk-in shower units without doors are also easiest to keep clean because you can step right into them without going over a tripping hazard.

But, one negative is they also don’t provide the same level of privacy as other shower designs.

This type of walk-in shower also often lets water gather on your main bathroom floor, as well as increases the overall moisture to your bathroom walls. It is greatly recommended to tile from floor to ceiling to protect your bathroom from water damage and install a handrail to prevent a fall.

Another downside to doorless walk-in showers is that they are more expensive to install due to being a custom design. Custom work will always require a reputable contractor to complete the job. Hiring a tradesperson will cost more than DIY, but doing so comes with the benefit of insurance in case something goes wrong.

Find a Reputable Walk-In Shower Installer in Phoenix, Arizona

Now that this guide has given you all the essential information on the cost of walk-in showers, it is time to book a consultation with a skilled tradesperson to fulfill your bathroom needs! helps homeowners connect with reputable contractors in Phoenix, Arizona to get their job done. This free service will provide you with multiple quotes from local companies!

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