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How Much Do Walk in Showers Cost in Houston, TX

In Houston, Texas homeowners spend on average $5408 to have a walk-in shower installed. This bathroom remodeling guide will address all the pricing questions.

Compare Walk-In Tub Costs

Considering converting your old tub to a gorgeous walk-in shower? Did you know that the estimated cost of converting your tub to a walk-in is between $2,600 and $9,590?

This article will walk you through what to look for in a walk-in shower unit and what a walk-in shower costs in Houston, Texas. We will also talk about the size differences.


What Are Walk-in Shower Basics?

You’ve heard of a walk-in shower; you’ve seen them, but what are the basic options? You have your pick from flooring to door to showerheads to surrounds. It would be best if you also considered how big or small you want your walk-in shower.


Flooring is an essential part of any shower. There are many choices: tile, marble, porcelain, or even pebbles. Depending on your decision, the flooring costs anywhere between $2-$32 per sq. inch.

Consider a natural tile, unique tiling, white brick, or marble if you want a more luxurious shower.


Surrounds are any part of a shower or tub that contains water. There are many choices when it comes to surroundings. Matte finishes are the fashion right now, but there are many options.

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Surrounds can be cultured marble, granite, acrylic, or fiberglass. The surrounds can range from $5-$100 per sq. inch. The finishes can be matte, or gloss, or both.

Choosing a gloss finish brightens up a dark room. However, matte finishes are all the rage right now. They do not show water spots, and they have an organic feel to them. The matte finish is more elegant.

Various Shower Heads

Showerheads come in a wide variety; fixed heads, handheld, rainfall, and a body jet spray. Your showerhead won’t be at a significant cost to you; it’s one of the cheaper things you will purchase in this endeavor.

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You have your typical fixed head style that has one to six settings. You could go crazy and get a rainfall shower; those run from $30 to $225 or more, depending on how luxurious you go.

The Differences in Pre-fab Units

Cultured marble and granite surrounds are popular right now in the taller stall units. One reason is because of their soft gel coat, making them easy to clean. They come in a single piece or three to four single pieces.

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Acrylic shower stalls are common right now. Because acrylic is plastic, they are molded into many shapes, colors, and sizes.

Fiberglass is better for small showers, as it is lightweight. They are long-lasting, durable, and they come in many colors. While some surrounds come in multiple pieces, fiberglass comes in one piece.

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What Is the Walk-in Shower Cost Difference in Bathroom Size? 

The minimum size of a walk-in shower is 30 inches x30 inches; there are no maximum sizes.

Master Bathroom Walk-in Shower

A small walk-in shower, as described above, without a pre-fabricated shower unit installed, ranges between $300-$2,000 in Houston, Texas.

Fiberglass is $300-$600, Acrylic is $300-$1,000, and Cultured Marble is $600-$2,000. These are material costs only.

A larger shower costs between $3,500 and $7,000 in Houston, Texas. It all depends on your design and how elaborate your design is.

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What Makes a Walk-in Luxurious?

Custom designs, contemporary features, and gorgeous flooring are all critical features in making your shower luxurious. How grand can you go? There are many ways to spice up your walk-in, from siding to flooring to showerheads.

Best Walk-in Shower for Seniors in Houston, Texas

As a senior, design is critical for your safety. You have to consider things you would have never thought of before.

New Walk-in Shower Install

The edge of your shower is something you have to consider carefully. It’s easier to get in and out of your shower if you don’t have a big ledge. Walk-in showers are perfect for this.

If you use a walker or wheelchair, the edge of your shower can be a big issue. Having no edge is a better option as the highest edge is three inches.

Another thing to consider is your barrier. Having no door to your shower or a shower curtain can make your shower experience safe and convenient.

Modifications Seniors Can Make

As you age, you feel less and less safe in the shower or tub. Falls are the second leading cause of death-related incidents. 20-30% of elderly falls lead to serious injury.

bathtub to shower conversion

There are many ways you can make the shower feel safer. You can add a shower seat, grab bars, or add a grip mat, to name a few.

You can make other minor adjustments, such as; removing clutter from your shower, replacing your round faucets with levers, and using a handheld showerhead instead of a fixed head.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Shower Without Doors? 

A doorless walk-in shower can give you the imitation of being at a spa. They are popular right now; they often go with the modern vibe.

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There are undoubtedly positive elements of having no doors. They can be luxurious; they are often less expensive and easily accessible.

There are drawbacks to a doorless shower, such as; less privacy, more work when installing to make sure your water runs to the drain and not out of your shower, and it can get chilly. If your bathroom isn’t big enough, the design may not work for you.

Choosing Your Design

No matter what design you choose, it would be best if you did your research beforehand. A big question is almost always the cost. Feel free to browse through our other articles for more information on walk-in shower costs.

We are here to give you options, including local contractors in Houston, Texas, a pricing guide, and shower to tub conversion costs.

Compare Walk-In Tub Costs

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