How Much Do Walk in Showers Cost in Los Angeles, CA?

Depending on your needs, a walk-in shower will cost Los Angeles homeowners around $3,683 – $12,232.

When you live in a big, bustling city like Los Angeles, you want a shower that fills your needs. Exactly how much do walk-in showers cost? Here is a guide to address that question.

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Installing a new shower sounds like a fun way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom, but the cost of walk-in showers can be a bit overwhelming.

Walk-in shower systems are equipped with every amenity you could imagine – even signature bath products or include an enclosed shower if you’d rather use it to hang out.

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What Is a Walk-in Shower?

A walk-in shower is not just a stand-alone shower like you would find in the average home, but rather a more stylish option where there are no doors or curtains and no curb or tub to step over. The whole idea is that you can literally just walk in and turn on the water.

Typically these showers are streamlined and sleek and made of glass with little to no frame. Additionally, this shower style fits a contemporary or modern bathroom, so this might be the design route to take if you’re thinking of bathroom remodeling.


How Much Do Walk-in Showers Cost in LA?

There are several components that go into the creation of a shower. This includes the shower pan, accessories, plumbing, and the walls or water barriers that keep the rest of the bathroom from getting wet.

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You have two main options when it comes to fitting a walk-in shower: custom or prefab, and there are benefits to each, which we will discuss below.

Prefab Walk-In Shower Kit

This will be your most cost-effective option, even though the final cost will depend on size and quality. If you’re handy at DIY, it is also possible for you to install the pan yourself once the shower is set up.

A prefab walk-in shower kit can cost between $800 and $2500, depending on size and quality. If you’re hiring professionals to install the pan and other accessories, you could be looking at adding another $750 to $2500 depending on your plumbing requirements.

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Custom Luxury Walk-In Shower

You’re going to want to get in the professionals for this job. It will come in substantially more expensive than the prefab option; however, you’ll have more control over how the end result will look, which is definitely worth the money.

Master Bathroom Walk-in Shower

With a custom walk-in shower, the floor, or shower pan, is handcrafted from concrete and then covered with a waterproof membrane, and then finally, the chosen tile is added.

If you’re having extra directional nozzles installed, additional plumbing will be required. The wall construction includes the installation of concrete-backer boards that hold the tile. If you are adding glass walls (these are thicker than the standard glass), this will increase the cost further.

For a professionally installed custom walk-in shower, you could be looking at anywhere between $6500 to upwards of $15,000.


Pros and Cons of Walk-In Showers

There are a few benefits to having a custom walk-in shower installed, and of course, there are a few drawbacks. Let’s discuss.


  • Spacious, open look and feel to your bathroom
  • Greater accessibility with no curb or tub to step over
  • Better suited to the elderly or those with joint or mobility issues than a standard shower
  • More customizable with extra directional shower nozzles


  • Less privacy as there are no doors or curtains
  • Bathing small kids is easier in a tub
  • It can get draughty as there are no doors or curtains
  • With no bath, the room is considered a ‘three-quarter bath’ to real estate agents

How Much for a Small Bathroom Remodel?

If you have a modest Los Angeles bathroom and want to give it a new, fresh look, you might be looking at between $12,000 and $15,000 on average.

New Walk-in Shower Install

There are ways to keep costs down, and one of these is to select prefab options (shower and cabinets) or even re-purposed units. Bathroom fixtures, like taps and showerheads, come in a range of prices, so you can select the more cost-effective ones to stay within your budget.

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How Much for a Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel?

If you’re looking at a bathroom renovation for a mid-range bathroom, you could be looking at between $22,000 to $30,000, depending on the trimmings and fixtures you select.

At this price range, you are more likely to have more upstyle wood cabinet options, up-leveled shower fixtures, and the option to select from a wider variety of tiles and stones for showers, floors, and counters.

bathtub to shower conversion

The extra tile selection available for a higher-budget remodel can really set your bathroom apart from the rest. Opt for porcelain slabs or stone tiles for a classy, elegant feel.

How Much for a Luxury Bathroom Remodel in LA?

If you’ve just bought the house of your dreams and you’re looking to get a bathroom that matches, you most likely will find yourself in the higher-end budget when it comes to this bathroom renovation. Your pricing will sit anywhere between $14,000 and $32,000.

Shower Install cost

When dealing with a luxury bathroom renovation, you will usually have more square footage to play with, allowing you to install a spa bath separately to a spacious walk-in shower.


You will have the choice of the best quality fittings, tiles, flooring, and finishing touches bringing your dream bathroom to life. Explore all the options available to you at this price point, like adding light, sound, and temperature settings (which can even be voice-controlled).

Consider adding a steam function to your walk-in shower, and add the best mood lighting you can to create a luxurious home spa feel. Other added extras can include heated towel racks and use eco-friendly building materials – it’s all up to you and your budget.

Are You Looking to Remodel?

Even if you don’t have a luxury master bathroom budget, you can still achieve a unique and inviting bathroom by upgrading nothing but your shower. Adding a walk-in shower can really open up a small bathroom and make it look more spacious with glass shower walls.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking at what walk-in showers cost, contact us for a quote, and we will assist you in creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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