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How Much Do Walk-In Showers Cost in Philadelphia, PA?

Depending on your needs, a walk-in shower will cost Philadelphia homeowners around $3,988 – $11,405. Walk-in showers offer plenty of luxury in any type of home. Read about the cost of walk-in showers in Philadelphia, PA in this quick overview.

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A nice bathroom is one of the main things a home buyer looks for in a home. Even though many people will settle for just a simple tub and shower, there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself a little.

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The cost of home renovations differs from state to state and even from town to town. Pennsylvania is not known for its high costs of living when compared to other states in the region, but walk-in showers can quickly become expensive.

Calculating the costs of renovating a bathroom means calculating the costs of material and labor against your expectations. This guide is meant to help you determine how much such a big renovation will cost you.


Cost of Walk-in Showers for Small Bathrooms?

One of the first costs you want to consider is the cost of a permit in Philadelphia. Philadelphia requires permits to alter existing structures, which includes altering a bathroom.

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According to the labor website, permits start at $315.14 plus $71.13 for every $1,000.00 spent on the renovations. This is required for any renovations other than repairs (such as repairing a sink or toilet seat).

For walk-in showers, you will likely need to get a permit to renovate and replace any plumbing and pipes. These costs are usually factored into the costs of a renovation when done by a contractor.

For smaller walk-in showers the average overall cost is between $1,700.00-$2,000.00. This depends upon whether there is tile on the walls that need to be stripped or replaced.

To get tile stripped it can cost around $1,000.00. But, if you want to remove and replace the tile it can add another $800.00 to the total.

Overall, the average cost for a low-end walk-in shower is about $2,200.00.

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Cost of Walk-in Showers for Large Bathrooms in Philadelphia, PA?

Large and small walk-in showers both require permits. However, since the overall costs of the renovation are more expensive, you may end up paying more for the cost of permits.

Master Bathroom Walk-in Shower

Large walk-in showers are usually bigger than 32 inches in height and width. Large walk-in showers are usually 45 inches or 60 inches total.

Due to the size, if you purchase a large it may cost more to have doors put in and walls added. Additionally, some people prefer larger shower heads (such as full-body heads) in order to create a”rain” like effect.

These are more expensive though. Overall, a large walk-in shower can cost you near $3,080.00-$6,1100.00.

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Best Walk-in Showers for Seniors and Elderly People?

Senior walk in showers should have several features that aren’t necessarily needed for everyone else. These features are primarily for safety and to prevent falls and accidents.

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Some important factors to consider are safety/balance rails. Safety/balance bars are usually aluminum or light metal bars which are attached to the side of the wall to protect people when entering the tub.

Another important feature is the height of the ledge needs to be shorter than on most walk-in showers. This refers to the ledge which is stepped over when entering the tub. For most standard walk-in tubs this lip is around 15 inches. But, for senior tubs, it’s closer to 7 inches to prevent tripping.


last, you want the seat to be slip-proof and easily accessible for the user. Usually, these are designed to comfortably support the user while they shower without fear of falling.

Walk-in Showers Without Doors: Pros and Cons?

A doorless walk-in shower is sometimes called a Roman shower. These showers usually comprise part of the room and have a fine tiled floor.

bathtub to shower conversion

These showers are often a renovation of the entire bathroom. This means the floor and walls must be modified in order to hold and accommodate water from the shower.

This can be very expensive if you need to have the walls and floor re-tiled. But, the benefits include convenience and no need for ventilation for the steam.

They make for a very relaxing environment and are extremely easy to clean. But, they can cost a lot of money due to the extensive time and modifications they require.

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Cost of Luxury Walk-in Showers?

Luxury showers can cost close to $15,000.00 to complete. This depends on how many repairs and modifications are needed for the project to be complete.

You may need to extensively modify all the plumbing in order to move the overall display of your bathroom. For this, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars when factoring in labor and parts. This can be close to $2,009.00-$3,511.00.

Shower Install cost

A luxury walk-in shower usually utilizes large shower heads in order to create a better experience. These showerheads can cost a couple of hundred dollars and between $50-$85 to install per hour for labor.

To remove your old tub and fixtures can cost $3,506.00-$5,0230.00 depending on how much time it takes to remove them. And, the reinstallation will cost a couple hundred in labor to install.

Last, many luxury walk-in showers should be vamped up with a heated shower head and massaging jets. This makes it similar to a jacuzzi and is helpful for people with achy joints.


Where to Get the Best Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower can be a big investment and may seem like a big step to take in remodeling your home. However, especially with the elderly, these walk-in showers can be safer and beneficial to health.

One of the most important factors in getting your shower renovated is to ensure it is done right the first time. This will actually save you money in the long run.

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