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Norfolk, VA Replacement Windows: Find Top Rated Window Companies Near You

Below is a list of the top home replacement window companies in Norfolk, VA. You can reach out to them directly, or request to compare quotes from up vetted companies in your area.

Pella Windows and Doors of Tidewater
5301 Robin Hood Rd #122
Norfolk, VA 23513

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Bay Area Glass
144 S Military Hwy
Norfolk, VA 23502

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Glass Corporation
601 E 20th St
Norfolk, VA 23504

Verified Contractor

Bayview Exteriors
1170 Lance Rd #108
Norfolk, VA 23502

Verified Contractor

Virginia Sash & Door
432 W 25th St
Norfolk, VA 23517


Types of Windows to Choose From

The type of windows you choose also impacts the final cost. Here are the different types of windows, their prices, and their benefits and disadvantages.


Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward and have large glass panes that provide plenty of light.

These windows are also ideal for homeowners who prefer energy-efficient windows. The only downside is the price — casement windows typically cost double, compared to affordable options such as double-hung windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows also open outward and they open with the help of a crank. Awning windows are versatile and can be installed anywhere, even above the doors. These windows are also less expensive than many other window types.


Picture Windows

Picture windows don’t open and consist of large glass panes. They’re commonly installed on the center portion of a wall to provide a grand view. Picture windows are recommended for higher-story homes and rooms.

Keep in mind, these windows don’t offer the best energy efficiency. They’re also one of the priciest window types.

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Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows

These are the most common types of windows.

The only difference between the two is the sash — single-hung windows have one movable sash while double-hung windows have two. These windows look great in all buildings and homes and are easy to clean and maintain.

These are also one of the most affordable window types. The only downside is they don’t offer the best energy efficiency.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are the most inexpensive option. These windows consist of glass slats with metal clips and are easy to open and close.

While these windows are cheap, they’re not ideal for colder climates. They provide maximum airflow even when they’re closed, which will make your home extremely cold. They also offer less security.

What’s the Cost to Replace All Home Windows in Norfolk, VA?

Calculating the exact cost to replace all your home’s windows in Norfolk, VA can be tricky. Luckily, with a cost calculator, you can get a quality estimate of your costs for free.

The total cost will be affected by many variables. These include:

  • The size of your windows
  • The condition of your window panes
  • The material of your window frames (vinyl versus wood)
  • The brand and style of your windows
  • Whether you need a complete window installation requiring a contractor’s work
  • Labor
  • Installation
  • Warranties
  • The energy-efficiency of your windows

Wooden window frames are always more costly. For a wooden window replacement, you may be looking at prices between $800 to $1,000 per installation. This adds up when you compare it to vinyl replacements.

Even with a basic double-pane, double-hung vinyl window, your cost will be more around the $450-$600 range. That price also includes installation, and that’s for a standard size window.


Norfolk, VA Window Replacement Repair Cost

Norfolk is a good place to buy new windows because you can get a quality product that’s slightly cheaper than average. A single glass pane might cost around $55, with a double pane costing about twice as much and a triple pane costing three times as much.

Correctly installed laminated or tempered options can cost you up to $400$900 or more. Double hung windows could be as low as $140 depending on the situation, but can also reach as high as $400 or so.

Picture replacement windows or casement windows can easily cost $500 or much more.

Cost to Repair Windows in Norfolk, VA

Repair costs can vary between $205 and $360, depending on the type of windows you have and the extent of the damage.

Expect the lowest price to be $185 and the average price to be $260.

Do You Need Replacement Windows?

Now that you know the cost to replace windows, do you need replacement windows?

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Zip Codes Served: 23502, 23503, 23504, 23505, 23507, 23508, 23509, 23510, 23511, 23513, 23517, 23518, 23523, 23551

Quality home windows that are well maintained may last you 20 years before you need to replace them. Still, every window eventually has its day and there are some tell-tale signs your windows are ready to retire.

If you’re in need of window replacements in Norfolk, Virginia, here’s a simple breakdown of costs for replacement and whether replacing your windows is actually worth it to you.

What Are “New Construction” Windows?

When looking into window replacement, you may hear your contractor talk about “new construction” windows. This simply means your windows are in poor enough condition that the frame and window need to be removed all the way down to the studs.

It’s important to know whether your windows require this kind of work. Especially, as new construction windows will tack on anywhere from $50 to $100 per window to install.

What’s the Cost to Replace 3 Home Windows?

Depending on your contractor and the factors listed above, you might replace each individual window for anywhere from $750 to $1,250 per window. Some home-owners group replacements by threes. This would put your total around $2,250-$3,750.

Is Replacement Worth It?

It’s no secret that replacing windows in your home, (regardless of the number), is an expensive endeavor. Luckily, if you take good care of your home’s windows, this won’t be necessary for several decades.

The question is, is replacing your windows worth the expense? Look at it this way, if you have quality windows installed and maintain them well, they will be an excellent investment into the comfort and security of your home.

Replacing your windows when the time comes is an investment in your home’s value. Letting the condition of your windows worsen or avoiding replacement once necessary will end up costing you more money in the long run.

When it comes down to dollars and cents, replacing your home’s windows is worth the cost.

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