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On average a metal roof replacement will cost around $11 per square foot or roughly $7,900 – $12,000. There are many benefits of metal roofing, but how much does metal roofing cost? This guide explains the average prices of metal roofing.

Close to 63.9 percent of Americans own their own homes. Out of these homeowners, around 5 percent incur the hefty cost of roof replacement after every year. Roof replacement is a finance-intensive undertaking.

Roofing Prices

These costs can be over the roof, depending on the extent of damage and the type of roof you intend to install. Metal roofs are among the most common types in most homes. However, some homeowners don’t have a clue regarding the cost of installing a metal roof.


Are you looking for information on metal roofing costs? While metal roofing has a wide range of benefits, most people don’t understand the actual metal roofing cost of installation and buying materials. Here, we break down the cost of metal roof replacement for you.

Metal Roofing Cost

It’s not easy to quantify the cost of metal roofing.  A few factors often come to play when thinking about metal roofing costs. One of the main factors that affect the cost of metal roofs is the actual type of metal in use.

Today, six kinds of metal roofing options exist that have varying price ranges. If you have been stuck looking for various metal roof options and their respective costs, then here we break the costs down.

Types of Metal Roofs

Aluminum Shingles

Aluminum shingles can last a lifetime when well installed. However, this option may be limited to 50 years in the case of a second owner. Most people wonder if aluminum shingles are as expensive. Metal roofing costs when considering the aluminum shingles may be more costly than most average roofs.

Materials for aluminum roofing cost, on average, around $3.75 to $5.50 per square foot. You will pay at least $375 to about $550 per square for the aluminum shingles, including trimming.

The process of installing aluminum shingles may also cost you much. This is considering the need to ensure high levels of care when installing the aluminum shingles.

Despite these high costs of materials and installation, aluminum shingles are durable and environmentally friendly. Compared to other metal roofing options, aluminum has the advantage of a longer lifespan and a unique appearance. Depending on your house’s size, you might end up paying more than $550 per square as the metal roofing cost.

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Copper Shingles

A copper roof costs around $25,051 on the lower side for a single-story home that’s around 1800sq.ft. The price may vary depending on the slope, pitch, and size of the roof. The cost may climb up to close to $48,000, depending on the specific installation criteria requested.

Most people prefer copper materials, given the curb appeal the option introduces to your house. However, compared to other metal roofing options, copper roofing is more expensive, considering that you might have to pay at least $14 per square foot for copper materials. You may have to pay as much as $2200 per 100 square feet on the higher side.

metal roof shingles

Are you wondering how much metal roofing costs when you opt for copper? Well, most homeowners consider copper roofs more expensive compared to other options. Even so, metal roofing lifespan when considering copper is also longer.

When thinking about the cost of metal roofing, it’s also essential to consider the quality and longevity. You don’t want to end up settling for just any type of metal roofing solely based on the cheaper cost only to end up regretting it. Standing seam copper roofs are the most expensive and cost around $22 per square foot.

You may consider copper tiles on the lower side of the spectrum. Copper tiles cost around $15 on the higher side, while copper shingles will cost you approximately $16 per square foot.

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Corrugated Steel

Corrugated panels have been a standard option for roofing in the United States over the years. A corrugated metal roof is energy-efficient, an aspect that helps reduce the overall cost when renovating your home. This type of roofing adds value to your home without incurring as much when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Corrugated steel roofs cost around $19,500 in installation costs for average homes. The price is moderate compared to other types of roofs, such as the standing seam metal. You’ll also pay around $1.80 per square foot when installing corrugated steel roofs. The cost is cheap compared to most other roofing options in the market.

The best thing about corrugated steel roofs is that they can go as low as $10,500 when considering installation costs. However, this depends on other factors, such as the size of your house. Most corrugated metal roofs can last much longer than the traditional asphalt shingle.

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

If you are looking for information on metal roofing costs for high-end designs, you could consider standing seam metal roofing. This roof features vertical trapezoidal legs and a flat space, which makes your roof design unique.

The only problem with standing seam metal roofs is the cost implication. The cost of installing standing seam metals is the highest compared to all other metal roofing options. You need close to $30 000 when installing standing seam metals on a typical house, which is high, considering the national average is $600.

Metal Roof Color Options

You also need to part with $ 6.80 per square of materials for this kind of roof. The high cost of installing standing seam metal is associated with the intricate design. However, once installed, a standing seam metal roof offers a unique design that’s uncommon in most other options.

Why Metal Roofing Is the Best Option for Energy Efficiency 

Before settling for any type of roof, it’s essential to consider the benefits you’ll gain from the option. Metal roofs are the best when it comes to energy efficiency. This is because metal can reflect heat up away from buildings.

When metal roofs redirect such heat away from the buildings, your house achieves a high energy efficiency level. When you install high-quality metal roofs, you can save as much as 40 percent of your energy costs, which is a significant cost saving outcome. Before installing your roof, it would help to consider this vital energy saving aspect.

Consider This Metal Roofing Cost Before Making a Choice

When installing a new roof or replacing a run-down one, many factors come into play. The cost of replacing or installing such a roof is among the most important factors to consider. Metal roofs are a favorite for most people, given their durability and quality.

It would help to understand the metal roofing cost for each metal type before deciding on what best suits you. These types of metal roofing have varying costs when considering the installation and the materials. Before settling for specific metal types, you could start by considering the cost of installation vis-à-vis other factors such as energy-efficient roofing.

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Roofing Prices

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