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How Much Do Andersen Replacement Windows Cost?

Which Renewal by Andersen Window is the best for the investment? See this replacement window cost guide to find the best Andersen replacement windows for your needs.

Currently, Andersen windows cost between $800 and $2,000 per window, including installation.

Does your house have Andersen windows? This company has been one of America’s leading window manufacturers for years. So if you own a house, chances are good that you also own a set of Andersen windows.

Andersen Window Cost Calculator

Andersen has been making windows since 1903, but most windows need replacement after fifteen to thirty years. So if you’re looking into Andersen replacement windows, you’re hardly alone. And while this company is over a decade old, they have plenty of modern offerings that reflect modern tastes, technologies, and budgets.

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A range of choices is always good for the consumer, but that range can also be a little overwhelming. What style of Andersen replacement window is right for you—and your budget? How much should your Andersen replacement window cost?

Please note, this is for informational purposes only. For exact and current prices you should request a quote from a qualified installer.

Replacement Window Cost Explained

A top-rated window is just a pane of glass stuck in your wall, right? If you’ve spent any time in the world of construction, architecture, or energy efficiency, you know it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Windows profoundly affect how you live in your home. They change how your home looks on the inside and outside, how eco-friendly your daily life is, and how comfortable you are indoors. They can cut down your monthly energy bill and significantly increase the value (and curb appeal) of your house.


But high-end windows can also be expensive. That’s why it’s important to consider every factor when you’re looking at replacement costs. Here are some important features to consider:

Window Style

Windows come in a wide range of styles.

There are casement windows that wind open. There are single and double sash windows that open from the top, bottom, or both. There are simple picture windows that lie flat in the wall, and bay windows that protrude from the house. The more complex your style, the more you’ll wind up paying.

Renewal by Andersen Windows


What are windows made of? The answer varies.

Vinyl, fiberglass, and composite are synthetic options with varying levels of durability, heat resistance, and affordability. Aluminum is versatile and rigid, but also transfers heat and can rust without proper treatment and care.

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Wood is prized for its classic beauty. It can last for generations in interior settings when cared for correctly. In the outdoors, however, it’s prone to rot, swelling, and water damage. That’s why most wooden windows are clad in something else on exterior-facing sides.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that about 55% of the average home’s energy costs go towards heating and cooling? That means energy-inefficient windows can cost homeowners (and the environment) over time. Even if your walls are well-insulated, heat will move straight through an inefficient window.

Renewal By Andersen Window Cost

Many window manufacturers—including Andersen—have innovated new technologies for increasing energy efficiency.

Some options, such as low-E glass, are available in almost any window style. Low-E glass uses a coating to reflect ultraviolet and infrared light.

Other options, such as triple-pane construction, are only available for high-end models. Depending on your climate, some higher-end energy efficiency investments can easily pay for themselves in energy savings over time.

Labor Costs

Should you replace windows by yourself?

It’s definitely possible to do it DIY. But it’s not easy.

Removing the old window and fully installing the new one takes significant time and labor. Installation mistakes can cause expensive issues such as weather damage or heating/cooling leaks. Most homeowners will get the most bang for their buck by going with a professional window replacement service, instead.

Research and compare contractors carefully. Don’t just go with the first quote you get! You could get shoddy workmanship, overcharged, or both.

Andersen Window Models

Andersen divides their main window family into five product lines. Each line offers a distinctive combination of features. Let’s take a closer look:

Andersen 100 Series

Andersen’s 100 series is a great choice for homeowners who want to save money without compromising on quality. This line prioritizes high energy efficiency performance and low maintenance needs.

Andersen 100 Series

All Andersen 100 windows are made out of Fibrex. Fibrex is a unique composite made out of wood fiber (about 40%) and thermoplastic polymer (60%). Fibrex is even stronger than vinyl and mixes the best qualities of many different window materials.

Unlike wood, it’s resilient against rot, swelling, and weather damage. Unlike vinyl, it can come in dark colors and resists fading and distortion in hot, sunny conditions. And it’s far more energy-efficient than aluminum, blocking thermal transfer 700 times more effectively.

Andersen 100 windows usually come standard with low-E glass. You can also opt for SmartSun Glass, Sun Glass, PassiveSun Glass, and Heatlock coating.

There are some limitations to the Andersen 100 line. Some styles, such as bay or bow windows, aren’t available in this range. Material color choices also tend to be basic.

Installation costs are around $300-$350 per window, though this figure can change significantly based on other design factors.

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Andersen 200 Series

Do you love the warm, natural appearance of wood inside your home? Then the 200 series might be for you.

Andersen 200 Series

Windows in the 200 series are mostly made of wood. The exterior-facing part of the window, however, is protected by a vinyl covering. As long as it’s installed and maintained correctly, this vinyl covering protects the wooden window from rot and weather damage.

These windows are popular because they combine the beauty of wood and the protection of vinyl with an affordable price point. Depending on the style, their price range tends to be equivalent or slightly higher than the 100 series. The 200 series offer the same glass options as the 100 series.

Homeowners do face limited customization options with the 200 series. Some popular window styles, such as casement and single-hung, aren’t available. You’ll only get two exterior colors, and your interior can be either unfinished pine or white paint.

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Andersen 400 Series

Do you love the idea of vinyl-clad wood, but wish you had some more customization options? Then look into the 400 series.

Andersen 400 Series

The 400 series offers seven exterior colors, three interior wood species, and three interior paint colors. Homeowners will get a wide range of window styles to choose from, including unique specialty shapes, bay windows, and case windows. The 400 series has the same range of glass choices as the 100 and 200 lines.

Because homeowners have a wider range of choices in the 400 series, they may wind up paying more than they would with 100 or 200 installs. That’s especially true for larger or more elaborate styles, such as bay windows.

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Andersen A-Series

This higher-end series prioritizes customization and quality. If you prize your home’s unique architectural qualities, the A-Series lets you pick replacement windows that don’t stand out as newer add-ons. A-series windows are made of wood, but their exterior parts are wrapped in fiberglass and Fibrex composite.

Andersen A-Series

The A-series offers eleven exterior colors. On the interior, you can pick from three finished wood species and three unfinished wood species. You can also pick from six wood finishes and at least seven interior paint colors.

The A-series offers a wide range of styles, including casements, though bays and bows aren’t available.

The EnergyStar program recognizes many A-series windows as some of the best residential offerings in North America. These windows can come with triple-pane glass, a feature that isn’t available in the 100, 200, or 400 series. Three planes of glass create two insulating air chambers between your house and the outdoors.

The A-series is a more luxurious option than the previous series, with a price range to match. Starting prices will be closer to $1,000, with increases for more elaborate styles.

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Andersen E-Series

Do you want complete creative control over how your windows look? Then the E-series may be for you. E-series windows are made of wood, with exterior portions clad in extruded aluminum.

Andersen E-Series

Aluminum transfers heat, making the E-series less efficient than the A-series. However, Andersen does use extruded aluminum, which tends to transfer heat less than rolled aluminum. E-series windows can also come with triple-pane glass.

Customization options are nearly infinite with the E-series.

On the exterior, you can pick from fifty available colors or customize your own. You can also customize your interior wood species, finish, and paint color. A wide range of styles is available, in addition to custom shapes.

The E-series line is also considered a luxury line. Prices tend to start around $1000 and move upwards.

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Renewal by Andersen Windows

Renewal by Andersen is a unique line of windows targeted at window replacement only—not new construction. Only Renewal by Andersen contractors get access to these windows, which limits the contractor pool you can choose from. These contractors are franchisees, which means their customer service and work quality can vary significantly.

All Renewable by Andersen windows are made of Fibrex and offer the same glass range as the 100, 200, and 400 series.

Because this is a replacement-focused product, contractors install the window in the existing frame rather than removing and totally replacing the frame. The overall project cost can be around $1000 per window, though style and project scope can change that factor significantly.

Some Andersen by Renewal franchises have come under fire for shoddy work or misleading sales practices. Research your local franchise carefully. Don’t just depend on Andersen’s national reputation. However, overall, Andersen Windows are amongst the highest quality, and most of their installers have great reviews.

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Is Andersen Windows the same as Renewal by Andersen?

Andersen offers a large line of replacement windows. Homeowners can find Andersen windows at The Home Depot stores or through a network of independent dealers across the US.

Renewal by Andersen is a full-service replacement window replacement division of Andersen that offers some of the best replacement windows around. A Renewal by Andersen representative will visit you at your home to discuss your needs, take measurements, and order and install your new, custom-made windows. Learn more about Andersen Windows here, or visit the Renewal by Andersen website.

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