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Find an affordable Columbus Roofer and get connected with a trusted company and a fair price to replace or repair your homes roof. Here’s a list of the best roofing companies, and tools to compare prices.

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Able Roofing
4777 Westerville Rd, Columbus, OH 43231
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Arrow Roofing and Siding
118 Norton Rd, Columbus, OH 43228
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Ohio Roofing Solutions LTD ®
495 Main St, Groveport, OH 43125
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Roofing Companies

Baker Dick Roofing Inc
4730 Kenny Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
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Roof Revivers
420 Morrison Rd, Columbus, OH 43213
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Acme Roofing & Siding Co
59 E Gay St, Columbus, OH 43215
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Muth & Company Roofing
5951 Westerville Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
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How Much Does New Roof Replacement Cost in Columbus?

The cost to replace a roof in Columbus ranges between $5,9o0.00 and $19,460. Your cost will be determined by square footage, roof pitch, numbers of layers to be removed, and additional components you need to be installed.

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Roofing Contractors Quotes For Homeowners near these Columbus zip codes: 43002, 43004, 43016, 43017, 43026, 43035, 43054, 43065, 43068, 43081, 43082, 43085, 43109, 43110, 43119, 43123, 43125, 43137, 43147, 43201, 43202, 43203, 43204, 43205, 43206, 43207, 43209, 43210, 43211, 43212, 43213, 43214, 43215, 43217, 43219, 43220, 43221, 43222, 43223, 43224, 43227, 43228, 43229, 43230, 43231, 43232, 43235, 43240

Counties Served: Delaware County, Fairfield County, Franklin County, Pickaway County

J.F. Baker’s Sons Roofing
1496 Delashmut Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
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The Durable Slate Company
3933 Groves Rd, Columbus, OH 43232
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Allied Roofing
1960 Integrity Dr. S, Columbus, OH 43209
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Simon Roofing
4654 Kenny Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
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Bradley Builder, Inc
182 W Royal Forest Blvd, Columbus, OH 43214
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Holland Roofing of Columbus
3494 E 7th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219
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Tecta America Columbus Commercial Roofing
1230 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212
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DeMarco Roofing Inc.
1160 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43206
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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Roof in Columbus?

The average homeowner in Columbus will spend $633 on a roof repair. The actual cost depends on the complexity of the repair, such as leaks, shingle replacement, or a simple patch job. Minor repairs can cost as little as $799. The average labor cost per hour ranges between $82 – $157.

Nelson Roofing 
4636 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214
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Columbus Roofing & Sheet Metal
1221 Marion Rd, Columbus, OH 43207
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Cotterman & Company Inc.
1745 Atlas St, Columbus, OH 43228
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Paramount Construction & Remodeling, LLC
1996 Britians Ln, Columbus, Oh 43224, Columbus, OH 43224
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7077 Americana Pkwy, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
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Ramos Roofing & Remodeling
195 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43235
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