How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Columbus, OH?

Looking to repair or replace your homes roof? Want to compare prices on new roof installation? Find out how much it costs to replace a roof in Columbus, OH with our guide. Use our free tool to compare prices in your area.

Roofing Prices in Columbus Ohio

Are you wondering how much does a new roof cost in Columbus, OH? Are you trying to budget plans for a new roof or roof replacement? Roofs can get expensive, and finding the right team to get the job done can be even more complicated.

Roofing Prices

How Much Does A New Roof Cost in Columbus, OH

From shingles to labor, we’ll run you through everything to consider when scaling your roofing project.

Remember to keep a ledger for recording all of your transactions. Keeping a record will save you headaches down the road if something doesn’t go according to plan. And it will help you stay on budget!

Completely New Roof Replacement?

Do you need a brand spanking new roof?

Or are you updating a preexisting roof?

For people building a home from the ground up, this is an easy one, but for most people, this question will take some time to come to a conclusion on.

The roof you have right now might be salvageable, meaning you may not need elements like protective padding and may only need new shingles.

But there is the case that your roof has a lot of problems, or it was severely damaged. Trying to redeem your roof could end up costing you more money. Or your insurance may cover it.

When it comes to your roof, the type of look and what you want out of it will also affect the cost.

Cost to Install a Roof

Types of Roof Shingles

In the United States, a roof usually cost between 6-15 thousand dollars.

In Columbus, Ohio, the average price of, with standard asphalt shingles, is around $5 or $6 per square foot. This often includes the labor and any processing fees like disposal and removal of former shingles.

Roofing Prices

The type of shingles you want on your new roof can drastically change this price range though. Below we have a list of the most common roofs from low to high prices based on average home size using a shingles calculator.

  • Rubber – $6K
  • Asphalt – $6.5K
  • Composite – $7k
  • PVC – $7k
  • Architectural shingles $10-15k
  • Slate $15-20k
  • Concrete Tiles $25K +
  • Clay Tiles $30k +

These prices will vary with the pitch and shape of your roof, so make sure you get a quote for your roofing job. If you have a standard roof without too many arches or points, the easier the job will be. But if you have a dynamic roof with many intricacies, the price will rise.

Cost of New Roofs

Remember The Paperwork!

Contracts are huge.

Make sure you have everything written and signed before starting a job. You don’t want to have half your roof done to find out you only paid for half a roof.

Talk with your contractor and make sure your general contractor fees (around $1-$2k) are all paid up.

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We hope this guide has given you a little clarity as to how much does a roof cost in Columbus, OH.

If you have a question that we can answer, feel free to reach out and contact us! We’re here to help make sure you get the best material out there!

Roofing Prices

Let’s Get Started

Now that you know how much does a new roof cost in Columbus, get that new roof within your budget today. Be ready to pay unexpected fees that your estimate might not cover.

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