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How Much Do Pella Windows Cost? Prices, Pictures, And More

Depending on the type of window, Pella windows cost as little as $95/window to $950, plus installation. Are you considering Pella replacement windows for your home? Learn more about the average Pella window cost today in this comprehensive guide.

Pella-LogoPella makes some of the best windows in the industry and is worth every penny invested.

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If you’re considering replacing the windows of your home, you’re making the right decision. Window replacement is a great way to drastically change a room’s look, protect yourself from burglary or extreme weather events, and save on energy costs.

However, how much does a Pella window cost, and is it worth the investment? Should you pay more for installation?

What are Pella Windows?

Pella is a well-known brand that is known for its quality and versatility. Since 1925, Pella has issued over 150 product and design patents. Their windows include a variety of distinct product lines:

Pella Architect Series Cost

The Architect Series has a timeless design that suits both modern and traditional homes. They include minimalist finishes so that the windows don’t call too much attention to themselves.

These typically cost $850 per window.

  • Double Hung
  • Wood Casement
  • Single-Hung
  • Bay and Bow Windows
  • Awning Windows

Pella Architect Series

Pella Architect windows come in standard or fully custom sizes. They also include a variety of custom exterior colors, grille patterns and glass. Available with cutting-edge innovations in smart home technology.


Pella Lifestyle Series Cost

Pella Lifestyle windows are extremely energy efficient. You’ll also enjoy their noise reduction and style flexibility of awning, casement, and double-hung windows. Pella windows are covered by some of the best warranties in the industry. The price for Pella Lifestyle windows ranges from $170 – $950 per window.

Pella Lifestyle Series

Award & Certifications

  • Best For Kids
  • Energy Star – Most Efficient 2019


Pella Windows – Impervia Series Cost

Pella Impervia windows are the strongest. With their timeless designs and flexible styling, they’re made with a five-layer fiberglass material that helps them withstand extremely harsh conditions. These conditions include drastic heat and cold, strong UV rays, and seacoast conditions.

These typically cost $340 per window.

Pella Impervia Series

Pella Impervia replacement windows deliver long-lasting protection from weather with the look of a painted wood window.


Pella Window 350 Series Cost

Pella 350 windows are the most durable vinyl windows you can purchase. They feature HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass and can cut down outside noise from 29% to 59% based on OITC ratings. The exclusive vinyl formula is also low-maintenance but durable.

  • Awning windows
  • Sliding windows
  • single/double hung
  • Casement windows

These typically cost $310 per window.

Pella 350 Series

Pella 350 Series home windows are wildly strong and can stand up to some of the most extreme weather conditions.


Pella 250 Window Series Cost

The Pella 250 series is also a hardy line of vinyl windows. They’re created through a formula stronger than normal vinyl, making them resistant to fading, warping, and twisting.

These usually cost $270 per window.

Pella 250 Series

Pella 250 Series has and super attractive look, and is a durable vinyl window that’s stronger and more energy efficient than  most other options. The 250 service are multichambered frames and reinforced sashes, and are 52% stronger than ordinary vinyl and resist warping and twisting.


Encompass by Pella Cost

If you want beautiful, durable windows but you’re on a strict budget, then the Encompass by Pella line is for you. The high-grade vinyl is durable and reduces fade and warping. You’ll also enjoy energy savings with windows that meet ENERGY STAR guidelines.

Encompass windows typically cost $225 per window. They’re the most affordable windows that Pella offers.

Encompass by Pella


Pella Window Types

Pella windows also come in all major types that can be made from wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. The window types you can choose from are:

  • Casement
  • Double-Hung
  • Single-Hung
  • Awing
  • Bay & Bow
  • Sliding
  • Picture
  • Custom

How do you choose what type of window you want? It depends on the style of your home and your location. You’ll want to choose windows that blend well with the existing interior and exterior design of your home. However, you’ll also want a window that includes features that suits your environment.

Pella Replacement Window Cost Calculator

For instance, if you want the ability to have more fresh air and light in your kitchen, then Pella casement windows may be the right choice for you. These give you the ability to easily open, close, and lock them, letting in all the light and fresh air you desire.

Double-hung windows, on the other hand, are the kind you typically see in bedrooms. Both the top and bottom can be slid open or closed, but they don’t swing outward like casement windows.

The Pella Window Cost Calculator

Pella Casement Window Cost Low End Top End Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $225 $350 $325 each
250 Vinyl Windows $250 $290 $350 each
350 Vinyl Windows $310 $360 $395 each
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $335 $370 $450 each
450 Proline Wood Windows $380 $410 $460 each
Prices are estimates. See dealer for the exact cost.

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $450 to $1,185 per window. Of course, there are a variety of factors that go into the cost of a window that you’ll need to take into account. If you’re ready to purchase, the best way to get a feel for the pricing is to request multiple quotes from local providers.


You’ll want to choose a window style that suits your home and region. If you choose to have custom windows made, this will, of course, cost more than a standard casement or single-hung window.


You can choose from either wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Each comes with its own pros and cons in terms of durability, style, and maintenance. Fiberglass offers the most protection, but you’ll pay more.

Pell Single / Double Hung Wind0w Cost Low End High End Installation Cost
250 Vinyl Window (single hung) $110 $125 $200
250 Vinyl Windows (double-hung) $175 $200 $250
Encompass Vinyl Windows (single hung) $160 $180 $245
Encompass Vinyl Windows (double-hung) $136 $215 $0.00
850 Architect Wood Windows (double-hung) $800 $900 $950
Prices are estimates. See dealer for the exact cost.


Size of Project

You’ll also want to consider the size of your project. Are you replacing multiple windows in your home, or just one? How large are those windows?


Depending on if you’re repairing or replacing a window, sometimes DIY installation makes more sense. However, you’ll want to consider whether installing a window yourself will take too much time. You’ll also be stretching your budget if you’ve found you installed the window poorly and need a professional to work on it.


Last but not least, your location is going to change the costs of purchasing and installing windows. This has a large part to do with the demand and supply.

Pell Awning Wind0w Cost Low End High End Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $120 $149 $190
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $175 $190 $250
450 Proline Wood Windows $275 $300 $325
750 Designer Wood Windows $650 $725 $750
850 Architect Wood Windows $800 $910 $900
Prices are estimates. See dealer for the exact cost.


Pella Sliding Window Cost Low End High End Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $130 $140 $225
350 Vinyl Windows $220 $250 $290
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $300 $325 $300
Prices are estimates. See dealer for the exact cost.
Beautiful New Pella Windows for Your Home

As you can see, the Pella window cost depends on a large variety of factors, from the type of window you want to the material that’s used to make it. You’ll also need to take into account your location and whether you want your windows to be professionally installed.

Luckily, Pella windows come in a large variety of styles and options. This allows people with all different kinds of budgets to enjoy the durability and timeless style that Pella brings.

Ready to begin your project for beautiful new windows? Find top-rated window contractors near you today!

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  1. What would be the average cost for a Pella double hung mulled 2 window unit of (vinyl) measuring 6′ 6″ X 5′ 4″ ?
    What is the average cost of INSTALL for a unit this size?

    Am looking for cost comparison vs. similar Matthews Bros product?
    Thank you.
    Robert Spindell

  2. pella350 series 2-wide double-hung 66;5 x47.5 white cost average cost

  3. I have 3 windows I need replacements for. All 3 are Fiber double hung with dividers. 2 measure 60″ tall by 45″ wide and have 3 grids(total of 6 “little windows) the last is 52 1/2″ tall and 36” wide and has 3 grids (6 little windows on both the top and bottom. They need to be energy efficient and have double panes (maybe 3 panes?) and coated so that my furniture does not get bleached. Approximately what should this project cost? nThank you for your help.

  4. Just got a quote from Pella (I’m located in Utah) for replacing 17 windows. Half of them were going to be Impervia and the other half 250 series. Total bid came in over $32,000 with the current promotion. Average price for the Impervia windows including installation was around $2200 (large-ish 60×60 windows). For a small sliding bathroom window in the vinyl 250 series, with installation the price came to $1600 (ouch).
    Throwing this out there to point out that estimates you find by browsing the internet may in no way reflect reality.

    • $1600 for a bathroom window? Especially when getting you on all the other windows?!? They should have thrown that sucker in for free!!! I was going to contact them for an estimate, but based on your experience, I’ll skip them!

  5. How much would a 250 bay window cost size 80/60

  6. I got a recent quote from them for the 250 series and it also seemed high to me based on the prices I’ve seen listed online, but I’ve just started window shopping. About $1,500 for a sliding window (79″ wide, 21″ high about; it would be $2,200 for awning version of that size), just over $6,000 for my very large living room window (about 120″ wide, 67″ high; center pane with casement windows on either side), and about $3,700 for a very large kitchen window (similar style with casements, 38″ high and 67″ wide). I was also looking at increasing the size of a couple bedroom windows from that 79″ wide x 21″ high and expanding that to a more typical 44″ high (double-hung) would be $3,400/each. Those costs include removing the old windows, installing the new ones, whatever else they need to do to complete the process. My only other options in my area seem to be Renewal by Anderson (which I’ve heard is more expensive) and Marvin.

  7. I was just quoted about $3,000 for three large windows, all 250 series. There are two sliders, 83wX58h and a 2-wide double hung, 72wX59h. I almost fell over. I was expecting about $1000-1500 each. I’m in a western suburb of Chicago.

  8. i have 30 windows avg size sliding door, front door and garage door any estimate on the 250 series windows a range is fine, anyone who estimates the range will help get the job thanks

  9. I have 2- windows 48-36 and 2- 32-48 that I would appreciate a quote. Looking for Hurricane Series I’m from Texas in which we have our friends visit every once in a while. I understand this type no need to broad up windows? What do you have along this need? Price for window and price for installation. Our home is electric never really open windows advise double hung better. Thank you for your reply in advance.

  10. I’m looking at installing a Pella picture window. The opening measures 47×68. What can I expect to pay for a wood casement picture window.
    Thanks !

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