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How Much Does Window Installation Cost?

Did you know that the average cost for replacing multiple windows in a home is $16,000? But what exactly factors into those cost estimates?

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For starters, your window installation cost will fluctuate dramatically based on the type of window and glass you want in your home. Larger homes may have 20 or more windows – that quickly adds up in price!

The weather and climate you live in are also a significant component of what windows you will likely need. For more information on your personal window installation cost guide, keep reading on!

Do You Need New Windows?

How can you tell if you need new windows? Before diving into the cost of installing new windows, it helps to know some common signs that your windows need replacing:

  • Difficulty opening and closing
  • Increased energy bills
  • Upgrading from single-pane
  • Noisy
  • Drafts

One of the tell-tale signs that your windows aren’t up to par is that you notice an increase in your energy bills. Windows function in similar ways to your outside doors.

They prevent cold or warm air from leaving your house and vice versa. Additionally, windows can act as a seal and UV ray blocker. If you start seeing faded flooring or furniture around your windows, then it is likely they aren’t blocking out enough harmful UV rays.

Some of these signs can be hard to spot, but if you start feeling drafts or the window becomes difficult to open and close, then consider upgrading. And be mindful of your older homes – most often, these homes have single-pane windows, which double or triple-pane models have primarily replaced.

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Window Installation Tips

The type of new windows you pick up will factor into your overall cost. A few things go into the broad aesthetic appeal and cost factor to your new windows, including:

  • Frames
  • Glass
  • Style

Most people know that they can purchase vinyl window frames. However, there are other sustainable and energy-efficient materials out there, such as:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Composite

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The most critical piece in all of this is knowing the climate or weather you live in. For example, wood is more prone to rotting and is not ideal for humid climates. Aluminum isn’t the most energy-efficient material out of the bunch, but it is sturdy and works well in high-wind areas, especially around the coast.

The design and style of windows you want (including how they hang) play a huge role in cost. Bay or bow windows can increase in pricing to almost $5,000 per window.

In comparison, pricing for single-hung windows is between $125 to $525, on average. The styling and brands also factor into total costs, with Simonton and Pella’s windows priced on the higher end of brands and Milgard windows on the lower end.

While they might cost more, Pella windows are a popular and reliable option, and they usually offer a 20-year warranty on their windows.

Glass Matters

When looking at your budget and a window installation cost calculator, make sure you add some wiggle room to the type of glass you purchase. Adding extra features upfront can save you a lot of money on your energy bills in the long run.

If you have single-pane windows, then you should definitely make the upgrade to a double-pane window. Many experts suggest purchasing windows with argon fill and low-E glass.

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Both of these features add to the insulation of your windows, which results in:

  • Fewer drafts
  • Decreased infiltration of light
  • Reduced loss of hot or cool air

So, what is the difference between double and triple-pane? The most significant difference is that triple-pane windows are thicker and equate to less energy loss. These windows are ideal for colder climates, but they don’t let in as much natural light and are more challenging to install.

You can expect higher costs with this type of glass. When shopping around, look at the U-value and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). Again, you might pay more for low values in both these areas, but you can save hundreds of dollars long-term.

Window Installation Cost

Once you’ve determined the style, frame, and glass you want, you can get started on averaging out the total cost. After calculating the type of windows you want, you’ll need to factor in the labor cost to install windows.

Like most things, this will fluctuate based on where you live and the company you choose. On average, the cost of replacing a window is just under $700.

This projected cost is only for a single window, and expenses can rapidly increase to over $6,000 for multiple installations. Labor costs are much lower than that but increase with the difficulty of installation and the type of window you want to be installed.

Some might charge you hourly, and others might charge you per window. Along with labor, make sure you factor in the costs for cleanup, structural repairs, and any added features you want.

Single and double-hung windows are more common in homes and can be hundreds of dollars less than bay or bow windows. Any other specialty window, such as awning and garden windows, will likely double or triple in costs.

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Find Your Window Installation Expert

Windows can be a huge energy saver and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. It is time to upgrade if you have been dealing with stingy windows that don’t open or let in drafts.

The right contractor should be considered in your window installation cost. Make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity since quality windows and installation can last you for years to come and save on your next energy bill.

Check out our website and browse local and professional contractors near you that can get your house set up with new windows, or see our guide on how to choose the best replacement windows for your home.

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