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How Much Does It Cost to Install Sod?

There are several benefits of sod when it comes to home landscaping. In this guide, we will help you calculate the cost to install sod according to the square footage of your land.

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Summer is a wonderful time to get some yard work done. One of the biggest yard projects is installing new sod. Sod is live grass sold in squares to lay down in your yard.

This is what creates your front lawn and grassy backyard spaces. It’s an easy way to create curb appeal for your house. In a backyard, it can create a comfortable area for kids to play in.

If your house is on a hill, then installing sod is a quick way to stop or slow soil erosion. But how much does it cost to install sod in your yard?

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Many factors can affect the cost to put sod down at your home. What kind of sod will grow best at your home? How many square feet will you need to finish your project?

There’s a lot to consider when starting a project like this. That’s why this guide will walk you through all of the elements that will affect the cost to install sod in your yard.

The Cost to Install Sod

The national average cost for installing sod is going to be between $1,000 and $3,000. However, the cost can be significantly higher than that depending on your yard. The following are all of the things to consider when budgeting to sod your yard this Summer.


Size of Your Yard

The size of your yard is one of the biggest contributors to the price of sod installation. Distributors sell sod per square foot, so the more you need the more you’ll pay for it. The bigger your yard, the more sod you need to cover it.


When hiring professionals, a larger yard also means more labor. Both materials and labor cost money. That’s why a large yard can cost all the way up to $17,000 to sod.

A smaller yard is going to take much less sod to cover. This means the cost of materials is less. In general, this also means that labor is going to cost a lot less too. This is why a small yard can cost less than a thousand dollars to sod.

The Shape of Your Yard

If your yard is oddly shaped this can increase the labor cost of sodding your yard. Landscapers will have to maneuver your sod to the right shape for your yard. This means more time and work for your landscapers to get your job done.

On the other end of this are yards that are the normal square shape. This makes the job for your landscaper much easier. This means that the cost to sod your yard will be less.

This rule also applies to yards that have a lot of obstacles or previous landscaping to work around. If your yard has a lot of trees, flower beds, or even decorative boulders, then your landscapers will have to do extra work to fit your new sod around it. The more work your yard is for your landscapers, the higher the price of sodding it.

Yard Accessibility

Yard accessibility in this case refers to the distance a landscaper will have to carry your sod to install it. If sod has to be carried long distances, then your landscaper is having to do more work to get your sod installed. The more work your landscaper has to do, the more it costs to sod your yard.

On the other hand, if your yard is fairly small and more accessible, then your landscaper doesn’t have to do so much work. They can get your yard sodded faster and with less effort. This means that the cost of sod for your yard is going to be lower.

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Type of Sod

The type of sod you use is also going to contribute to the cost. There are many different types of sod and each thrives in different environments. So when you go to select sod for your yard, you may not actually have a choice in which sod you get.

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Does your yard have a lot of shade? What is the soil like around your home? Many things can affect what kind of grass will or won’t grow in your yard.

Most sods will cost about one or two dollars per square foot. Then you add on top of the labor costs. This is why smaller yards may cost less than a thousand dollars and a large yard can cost almost twenty thousand dollars.

Sod Removal

If you already have grass or sod in your yard, then you will need to have it removed before new sod can be put down. If this is the case then this creates more work for your landscaper.

On top of this, the more sod you need to have removed from your yard, the more labor this creates. This means that price of labor goes up when you need more sod removed.

If you’re putting sod down in new construction space, there’s probably not sod there already. This means that all the landscapers have to do is lay the sod down. This will lower the cost of the sod installation.


Sprinkler Systems

If you’ve been thinking about putting a sprinkler system into your yard, then it’s a good idea to do it while you’re installing new sod. This is the easiest time to put one in, but it also affects the cost of your landscaping.

Sprinkler System

If you want to put in a new sprinkler system, then this adds more work for your landscaper. Once again, the more labor your landscaper has to do, the more you’ll have to pay for your sod installation.

Install Sod in Your Yard Today

You should plan carefully when you go to sod your yard. Make sure you have a good idea of exactly what type of grass will grow best in your yard. You should also know how much sod you’re going to need.

Doing these things will keep you from being blindsided by the cost to install sod at your home.

And when you’re ready to begin your project, 5Estimates will give you access to professional landscapers that are ready to help you sod your yard. So don’t wait! Go ahead and see what the landscapers on 5Estimates can do for you today.

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