How Much Do Landscapers Cost?

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An average landscaping maintenance service runs around $45 a week, while a complete design service can range between, $1,000 to $12,000, depending on the job.

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Landscaping is an effective way to increase property value. In fact, a good landscaping job has the potential to increase the sales price by up to 13 percent.
Not only does it help sell a home for a great price, but it also looks fabulous from the street. It is easy to see the benefits of hiring a landscaper, but many people do not know about the different services they provide.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about finding the top landscaping company. Explore topics such as landscaper cost and other important information.

What Type of Jobs do Landscapers Perform?

Landscapers are a talented group that performs a diverse range of jobs. For starters, they grow and care for lawns. They also plant shrubs, flowers, and trees.

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  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Hardscapes
  • Sod Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Waterfalls, Ponds, Fountains
  • Drainage Control Systems

More complex jobs involve planning and installing hardscapes. These types of jobs include creating paver walkways, driveways, or retaining walls.

Some of the most complex jobs are patios and outdoor fireplaces. Modern landscaping jobs may also involve lighting designed to highlight the home’s features at night. This is a popular trend in the landscaping industry.

All jobs require some land preparation. Landscapers also maintain relationships with suppliers and procure material.

Lastly, landscapers need to be experts on local and state requirements. This is because some cities and states require permits to be submitted for hardscapes.

How Much Do Landscapers Cost?

Landscaper cost varies on the size and complexity of the job. It also depends on how much labor and material is required to execute it.

At the high end, a large and complex job could cost up to $20,000. A smaller, more typical job is likely to cost in the $500 to $1000 range.
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Of course, the cost depends on how big the job is. Square footage is commonly used to estimate the cost of a project. The size is square footage tells the landscaper how much material they need. In addition, based on past experience, they will know how many hours the project takes.

Do Landscaping Companies Charge by the Hour or Job?

The answer to this question depends on the type of job being performed. For example, a landscaper is not going to charge by the hour for a monthly service.

These types of jobs include putting fertilizer down every 4 weeks or cutting the grass. Landscapers are likely to charge a flat job fee for any task involving material. This is because the hourly labor rate is only part of the equation. The landscaper will include the labor estimate in the total job cost.

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On the other hand, some landscaping jobs require an hourly rate. This is true when no material is being procured. This is also the case when it is unclear how long the job will take. Charging a flat job fee places the cost risk on the landscaper.

How Much Is Monthly Lawn Care?

Some homeowners do not want to bother with lawn maintenance. The truth is that caring for a lawn and making it look good is hard work.

DIY lawn care is an expensive endeavor on its own. For starters, you need to invest in a lawn mower to cut the grass. Then, the mower needs to be fueled and maintained in order to last.

You will also need other equipment such as a weed whacker or leaf blower. If you decide to fertilize as well, a spreader is necessary as well as lawn food and weed killer. There are other items to put down like pesticides and soil additives as well.

Not only does DIY lawn care require significant investment, but it is also time-consuming. To keep up with your neighbors, plan to spend at least a few hours each week caring for your lawn.
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How Much Do Landscapers Charge to Cut the Grass?

Because DIY lawn care is expensive and time-consuming, many homeowners opt to use a landscaping service instead. There are so many benefits to doing so.

For starters, your landscaping company will quickly cut your grass using the best and most efficient equipment. While they can operate on a fixed schedule, landscapers also do not need a set appointment time either. Finally, the landscaping company removes all grass clippings and brings them to the nearest recycling center.

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Like all landscaping work, the cost to cut the grass depends on the size of the property. The cost to cut a small lawn is likely around $30, while a larger lawn runs closer to $80.

What Are the Rates for Landscaping Services?

Besides cutting the grass, there are a number of landscaping services with an average rate. For general lawn care, landscapers typically assess a $100 to $200 monthly charge.

Most homeowners prefer to go this route so they can enjoy the full suite of lawn care products. However, it is possible to break them out separately.

For instance, annual fertilizer treatments cost roughly $350. Aerating and overseeding jobs typically run $450 to $1200 respectively. To find the best rates, we suggest obtaining up to 5 competitive price quotes from landscapers in the area.

Does Landscaping Increase My Home Value?

The evidence is overwhelming that professional landscaping increases your home’s resale value. Expert analysis says that landscaping adds anywhere from 5.5 to 12.7 percent to the home’s original value.

This means a significant return on investment. On a $600,000 home, landscaping could add over $76,000 in value.

Of course, this figure depends on the nature of landscaping work. A landscaping effort with several complex hardscapes is likely to net a higher return on investment.

Experts also agree that professional landscaping helps sell a property quicker. A well-manicured lawn is certain to boost curb appeal and lure attracted buyers into your home for a closer look.

Wrapping Up Landscaper Cost

Landscaping is something that millions of homeowners take pride in. It is a certain way to increase your property’s resale value and boost curb appeal.

There are many different landscaping services to choose from. Each service, whether it is lawn care or a hardscape, costs a different amount depending on complexity and size. If you are looking for the most competitive landscaper cost, please contact us today for assistance.
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