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5 Warning Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Services

The garage door repair market in the US is currently at $372 million, with homeowners looking to make their homes safe. A malfunctioned garage door poses a risk to your family, so you should consider repairing it. You wouldn’t want any of your family members to experience injuries, would you?

The fact that you use your garage door often, it’s obvious that wear and tear occurs. Regular maintenance is therefore essential to keep the garage door functioning. One problem with most homeowners is realizing when the garage doors need repair.

Most homeowners ask, “When should I replace my garage door?” If you find it hard knowing when your garage door needs repairs, this article is for you.

Continue reading to learn the 5 warning signs to look out for before scheduling repairs.

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1. You Have a Noisy Garage Door

Strange noises from your garage door can be annoying, especially after a long day at work. However, it is one of the obvious signs that your garage door needs repair, so pay attention.

Any operation on your garage door should typically be smooth and less noisy. Any unusual sound that’s somewhat aggressive might point to strained operations. Repairing the garage door is the best solution to deal with the nuisance.

Depending on the type of noise your garage door makes, you might be able to narrow down the issue. Here’s a breakdown of the common garage door noises and their related problems.

• Rattling noises indicate loose nuts or bolts along its track

• Granting sounds point out problems with the torsion springs

• Grinding on your garage door is a sign of lubrication problems with the rollers

• Garage door squeaks indicate lubrication issues or loose parts

• Banging noises when shutting garage doors result from broken springs

• Squealing suggests that the garage door is out of balance

All these noises should draw your attention to the specific problem. Once you hear such sounds, it’s wise to think of repairs right away. Delaying professional attention to such issues results in costly repairs in the future.


2. Delayed Response When Opening and Closing

Does your garage door take its time to open after you’ve pressed on the remote? A delayed response is a warning sign that you need your garage door checked.

Slow response time indicates a problem with the garage door system. Some of the issues that cause delayed response include;

• Worn out remote circuitry

• Corroded pulleys

• Bad rollers

• Broken Opener cords

• Old motors

You shouldn’t wait for the garage door to stop working entirely; quickly address the problem. Ignoring the issue can be tragic and might result in extensive repairs in the future.

I’m sure you’re conscious of how you spend your time. A delaying response from your garage door wastes one or two minutes which you can’t afford to. Find reputable garage repair experts to assess the issue since it might be technical for you.

The delayed response time might result from something blocking your garage door sensors. Try clearing any obstacles and try the operation again. If the problem doesn’t go away, it’s time to involve the experts.


3. Worn Out Garage Door Parts

How often do you conduct a thorough inspection of your garage door? If you check behind what you usually see, you might realize some broken or worn-out parts. Since they affect the functionality, it’s wise to repair the damaged parts as soon as you notice them.

Loose screws, bolts, and wires are common with regular garage door use. You should therefore fix them immediately you notice them. Some repairs are easy, so you can go DIY with and use your tools, saving you unnecessary costs.

Other repairs can be pretty complicated, like the broken rollers. You might have to replace the whole roller, which is technical for the ordinary person. It would help to leave these repairs to the experts since they’ll get it right the first time.

The reasons for common worn-out or damaged garage door parts include;

• Wear and tear

• Substandard replacement parts

• Wrongly fitted garage door parts

• Delaying lubrication of parts

• Thermo-expansion in the garage affecting the fitting of components in the summer

The repair costs go up when the garage door problems are repetitive. There’s the need to ensure the issue is handled once and for all to keep the costs down.


4. The Garage Door Is Off Track

The garage door must stick to its tracks on both sides of the opening at all times. If you slide the garage door and it slips off track, it is a sign that the garage door needs repairs.

A garage door that keeps going off track is a danger to the household. The garage panels tend to have sharp edges that are exposed when the door moves off its rail. A garage door that goes off track causes a vulnerability in the security system of your home.

Are you wondering why your garage door keeps going off its track? Here are some reasons;

• Bent or misaligned tracks

• Discontinued tracks at some point on the rail

• Broken lift cables

• Worn out rollers

Once the garage door slips off track, consider repairing it immediately. Failure to do so might result in serious problems that might be expensive to remedy.


5. Sagging Garage Door Panels

Have you noticed that your garage door panels have become saggy? A sagging garage door is a warning sign that you need to think of repairs.

You loved how firm it looked when you first installed the garage door. Garage door panels start sagging with age, and the appeal is lost. Sagging garage door panels are a gateway for pests, so it’s wise to replace them as fast as possible.

The main reasons for saggy garage doors include;
• Dulled rollers

• Worn out tension spring

• Corrupted tracks

• Aging panels

• Flimsy garage door material

• Weakened lintel, caused by corrosion overtime

• Weather-related problems

Saggy doors are always unstable and can lose balance easily. Therefore, you should have them fixed fast before they can cause damage to your household.

You can therefore fix saggy garage doors through;

• Strengthening a sagging beam

• Realigning of any crooked tracks

• Installing a strut

Panel replacement can also work if you’re trying to return the garage door to its previous glory. As one of the more significant repairs that exist, you should find an exact match for the existing option. The replacement panel will cost you between $150 to $1500, depending on the type of panels you install.


How Much Does Garage Door Repairs Cost?

Repairing a garage door is a massive project and can be capital intensive if the damage is extensive. Therefore, it’s advisable to do a quick fix once you note the problem other than ignoring them. You’ll likely save some dollars and still have a functional garage door.

The average garage door repair costs range between $100 to $300. However, some repairs can demand more, so what you pay depends on the project. Here, we look at the differences between the repairs and what you should expect to spend.

Repairs of Different Garage Door Types

The mechanical operation of your garage door determines how much repairs cost. Considering the differences in automatic vs. manual garage doors, the repair costs vary as well.

The differences exist because automated garage doors have more maintenance needs. Therefore, you’ll likely spend more on repairs when you have them. Depending on the selected model, any automatic garage door system restorations cost $150 to $500.

Manual doors, on the other hand, are less costly. They have a more straightforward system meaning their repairs average between $50 to $75. The repair needs are also less frequent than in automated garage doors, which is a plus.

The Garage Door Material Matters

Some garage door repairs are affected by the material used, and as a result, the costs vary as well.

Eliminating a dent on a wooden garage door costs between $200 to $300. The same problem on a metal garage door costs $150 to $200. Fiberglass or composite doors are cheaper to maintain, with the repairs averaging $100 to $150.

The Experts Who Handle Repairs Determine Cost

Price is a useful tool for managing competition among the different available contractors. As a result, the different quotes affect the garage door repair cost. Therefore, it would be best to choose a professional whose services are affordable.

Finding the right contractor can be a hassle, especially if you’ve not done it before. Fortunately, there are platforms where you can browse contractors in your area. You can get each contractor’s estimates and compare them to find the most reasonable.


You Now Know When to Call in Garage Door Repair Services

As a homeowner, you should know when your garage door needs repairs. Consider the above guide to know when you need garage door repair services. Working with the best professionals not only saves you money but ensures the garage door is fixed the first time.

Wondering where to get accurate estimates on the garage door repair project? have your back.

We offer advice to homeowners looking to handle repairs all across the US. We’re dedicated to helping prevent homeowners from overpaying for home improvement services.

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  1. It helped when you said that a warning sign is when your door has a delayed response. For the past couple of weeks, I have noticed how my garage door delays whenever I try to open it, so I was wondering if that was a bad sign. I’ll have to look into hiring a garage door repair service as soon as possible.

  2. I appreciate what you said about realigning crooked tracks. I need to get a new door to replace my wooden one. I would like it to be made of metal this time.

  3. What caught my attention is when you said that your garage door needs repairs if it slips off track whenever you slide it. With this in mind, I will surely hire a garage door repair contractor this afternoon. Our garage door has been off the track since last night, and I am afraid for the issue to put our safety at risk.

  4. Hold on! Are you saying that a garage door with too much weird sounds should be replaced because it may have rusty components already? Wow! That’s exactly what’s been happening at my cousin’s house every time he tires to get his car out of the area. I’ll make sure he considers this option when he hires an expert to install the right device later on.

  5. What caught my attention is when you said that your garage door must need attention when it is making strange noises that can be annoying. With this in mind, I will ask my husband to hire a professional that can repair our overhead door this afternoon. Since the other night, it has been making screeching sounds, and there have been delays with its response to its control.

  6. Thanks for mentioning that garage door material matters. My husband noticed our garage door is squeaking a lot. I have no idea what could be causing that.

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