How Much Does New Garage Door Repair Cost?

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The costs to fix a garage door range between $115 and $350 depending on the type of springs, door size, and problem being resolved. Garage door springs can range in cost between $56 and $90 each. Some garage doors require one spring, while others will need two springs.

If you prefer to replace the garage door, the door itself will cost $300 (single doors) to $2,800 (two doors). Typically, a repair is all you need, and it will save you money.
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Are you in need of a garage door repair? Here’s what you need to know about garage door repair cost and how to find top garage door repair companies.

You come home day after day and your garage door opens every single time. One day, you press the button and you hear screeching and it stops going up. Your garage door is broke and depending on what’s wrong it can cost hundreds of dollars to fix it.

Your garage door repair cost doesn’t have to be an unknown. If you know what the problem is, then there’s a better chance of estimating the cost.

Don’t let the garage door repair company take advantage of you. Go into the repair with an idea of how much it should cost.

Basic Garage Door Repair Costs

The most basic cost of repairing a garage door is the cost of the company to visit your home. Even if the repair only takes a few minutes, they’ll charge a minimum fee.

Many times, people call a garage door repairman if their door refuses to open after pressing the remote. The first thing the technician checks will be the battery on the remote. It’s easy to forget that the remote needs power to work and a couple of AA batteries fix the problem.

The technician likely has a minimum cost for his time. The repair was simple, but you’re still paying for his time. It could be nothing if you have a nice and forgiving or it could be as much as one hour of service. You can try and negotiate a lower price, but don’t get angry if he doesn’t budge.
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Garage Door Torsion Springs

One each side of the garage door there are springs that coil up when the door closes. These springs ease up the force required to open the door by the garage door opener. The garage door is heavy, and the opener can only handle so much force before the motor gives out.

The torsion springs extend the life of the garage door opener motor. Each spring lasts about 10,000 uses before needing to be replaced. It could be one or both springs that are causing problems.

Even if the springs aren’t broke, they could stretch out. They’re not providing enough force to open the door completely. You’ll know if they don’t raise the door as fast or is one side opens slower than the other.

Even if one spring breaks and the other seems fine, it’s best to replace both. It’s only a matter of time before the other breaks and no sense paying for two repairs.

The cost depends on the type of springs you need, but it’s likely to be more than $100 due to repair time and parts. The technician uses a special tool to remove the old springs and adds the new ones.

If your garage opens more than three times per day, then you’ll want high-performance torsion springs designed for high use. They’re more expensive but should last at least twice as long as the standard springs.

Garage Door Opener Motor

When you press the garage door remote, it sends a signal to the garage door opener. It starts the motor and pulls the chain that opens the door. Even with the torsion springs helping ease some of the work, time wears out the motor.

When the motor begins to fail, it has trouble lifting the door. It might sound louder than normal. Eventually, it gives out and the door won’t open or close.

Getting and installing a new garage door opener costs a few hundred dollars and higher depending on the make and model. You could also choose to repair the motor, but if your opener is older, then it’s worth getting a new one.

Older models may not have the safety equipment that modern openers do. Older models are also noisier and will nickel and dime you with minor repairs.

Garage Door Track and Cables

Your garage door runs on a track that has cables connected to it. Sometimes the chain and cables become corroded or the door goes off the track.

You can keep this from happening by lubricating the cables, track, and chain to keep a smooth opening. The cost of putting a door back on the track is nominal but replacing a track and cables can be expensive.

There are many small parts such as rollers and hinges along with the primary components. The small items cost little. The garage door company charges more compared to getting them from a manufacturer.

The problem could be a single roller, or it could be several. If you want to minimize the cost of repairs to your garage door track, then keep a supply of rollers and hinges on hand. This way the technician doesn’t have to charge you for them or you can do it yourself.

Finding the Right Garage Door Company

There are many businesses that help with garage door repairs, but not all are reputable. There are two main types. There are the businesses that specialize in garage door repair, and there’s also handymen and general repair businesses that do many things including garage door repair.

If you want the best possible service, then a garage door repair company is best. They have specialized knowledge and experience. They might cost more, but you won’t have to worry about the work. The work will also get done faster.

Many websites such as Yelp and Facebook allow customers to provide reviews for companies. You can also see if they’re listed with the Better Business Bureau. Check the reviews and see what kind of experiences other customers had.

Expect the occasional negative review. If there are many, then that can be a red flag that you should use a different company.

Garage Door Repairs Run the Gambit on Price

Your garage door system is made up of several parts. When of them breaks, it can keep your garage door from opening. The garage door repair costs depend on the cost of the parts and how long it takes the technician to fix it.

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