How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

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Do you have junk piling up in your basement, garage, living room, or office? According to, the average cost of full-service junk removal ranges from $100 to $300.

However, the cost will depend on your location and the type of junk that needs hauling.

Since getting rid of old or unused junk can be challenging if you have to do it yourself, you need to hire the right junk removal company in your area to make this process less tedious.


Junk haulers can remove building materials, furniture, old appliances, old cars, and other miscellaneous crap. Here is what you need to know about the cost of junk removal.

Junk Removal Cost by Item – National Average

Appliances (Oven, Fridge, Washer, etc)    $63-$178 (per item)
Furniture (Couch, Mattress, Table)    $78-$179
Yard Debris (Limbs, Trees, Scrubber)    $75-$601
Piano    $203-$278
Tires (minimum may apply)    $1-$3 Each
Construction Debris    $94-$823
Other (Large Items)    $120-$400

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Understanding Junk Removal

When you need any work done in your home, it is always ideal to find a trusted contractor to handle the work. The same goes for when you need to remove junk from your home or office.


The first step towards getting rid of your junk is finding the ideal company in your area. With several junk haulers to choose from, you need to match the services you need and the services the company provides.

Note that, though the main aim of these companies is to haul and dispose of junk, some companies only remove specific kinds of junk. Therefore, to determine the right company for you, know more about the type of junk a company removes.

Cost of Junk Removal by Company

Note – these are estimated costs. We highly recommend you request a quote in order to determine the specifics of your junk removal needs.

1 800 Got Junk     $125-$799
Junk King     $125-$652
College Hunks     $125-$641
JDog     $125-$620
Junk Be Gone     $125 -$524
Waste Management     $125-$688

How Junk Haulers Work

Junk removal companies give commercial and residential clients a convenient way of disposing of junk. They take away the hustle of DIY junk removal solutions and make this process easier.

Junk Removal

When you make an appointment with your preferred junk removal company, they may want to visit your home or office to evaluate the type of junk you have.

This is mainly to determine the best way to haul the junk and to provide you with a price quote.

In some cases, you may not be able to get the exact quote upfront. Several people want junk out of their homes or offices as fast as possible. However, they pay less attention to how the junk is handled or where it goes.

Apart from removing the junk, these companies donate or recycle some of the items they pick up. For example, some companies donate old shoes to the homeless, toys to children in need, couches and working appliances to veterans or homes, and more.


In case the items are completely damaged and not suitable for donation, they dump them in the landfill.

Overall Pricing to Remove Junk by Volume

Truck Load Size      Total Cubic Yards  Estimated Cost
Min    0.1 to 0.5 Cubic Yards    $63-$151
1/8    0.5 to 1    $151-$165
1/4    1 to 1.5    $156-$219
1/3    1.5 to 2    $200-$255
1/2    2 to 2.5    $250-$357
2/3    2.5 to 3    $300-$388
3/4    3 to 3.5    $354-$521
Full Load    3.5    $529+

What Items Do Junk Removal Companies Pick Up?

Several junk haulers take various household and commercial items. Junk haulers take bulky items that normal trash or garbage collect doesn’t accept. Some of these items include:

• Furniture
• Office appliances
• Kitchen appliances
• Monitors
• Television sets
• Construction wastes
• Renovation or remodeling debris
• Mattresses
• Box springs
• Hot tubs
• Cars
• Boats
• Scrap metal
• Air conditioner
• Dryers
• Yard waste
• Heaters
• Carpeting

Depending on the condition of the item, it can either be recycled, donated to charity if it’s in good condition, or safely dumped. While these companies can take different kinds of junk, they do not take toxic or hazardous items.

Your local junk removal company may not take items such as:

• Household cleaners
• Pressurized containers
• Paint
• Fireworks
• Oils
• Medical waste
• Ammunition
• Fuel
• Fluorescent light bulbs
• Pesticides
• Pharmaceuticals
• Asbestos

Since such waste or items pose a huge risk to the environment and human health, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has specific instructions on how much waste should be handled.

Hazardous waste removal requires a special license that many local junk haulers don’t have. Note that some haulers will also not take heavy-to-lift items located in dangerous areas.


Therefore, when looking for the best junk hauler in your area, first consider the items they take. Once you have chosen the right company, the next step is to know the cost.

Here is a detailed look at the cost of removing different types of junk.

How Much Does Junk Car Removal Cost?

Did you know that you can benefit more from getting rid of your old car? Though your local professional junk car removal company may charge to haul the car, you can make some money by selling it to junk car dealers.


Before trashing cars, junk car dealers strip them off any useful parts and reuse or recycle them. Depending on the state of the car, you can make some money from the tires, engine oil, batteries, windshields, and more.

The remaining parts are shredded and disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Some metallic parts can also be used as scrap metal. They are melted down and used to make new products.

On average, you can sell your car for between $100 and $500.

Therefore, if you need to trash an old car, get to know how much you can make from it first. Note that, depending on your state, you may also need to have a title to junk your car.

Some states require scrap yards to give notification before destroying a vehicle. They must report information on the person who brought the vehicle and proof of ownership.

You will need to provide some legal paperwork to prove ownership. Before you call your local junk hauler to tow away the car, ensure you have all the paperwork ready.


How Much Does Home Junk Removal Cost?

The average American disposes of at least seven pounds of trash daily. This is around 2,555 pounds of waste annually. Nearly 30% of the trash is product packaging, while another 20% of it includes nondurable goods such as clothing or newspaper.

If you are planning to move or have remodeled your home and you need to get rid of the junk, it may be ideal to call a professional home junk removal service. But how much will they cost you?

On average, home junk removal costs between $70 and $570. A single-family home can pay at least $210, while a business can spend around $500 on junk removal.

Junk removal prices also depend on the type of junk you need to be removed and your location.

Apart from removing boxes or newspapers for recycling, these companies can also tear down and haul away the barn, shed, and more. Before hiring any junk hauler, always remember to mention the services you need and ask about what you should do to ensure a stress-free experience.


How Much Does Junk Boat Removal Cost?

There is no flat rate for junk boat removal. The price of removing an old boat will depend on the size of the boat, distance, and mode of transportation. Since junk haulers transport, dismantle, recycle, and dispose of the boat, they include all these services in the pricing.

In addition, your location will also determine the cost. For example, if you are in Pennsylvania and want to dispose of a 17′ boat, you can expect to pay around $950 for all the services.

Apart from using professional junk haulers, you can consider cutting up the boat and throwing it in a dumpster. This can cost you around $600. However, you need to rent a dumpster to have the right tools for the job.

Alternatively, you may also consider calling a marina and offering the boat for parts or giving it away on craigslist. Note that the last two options may not offer a fast solution.

Remember, if you want to get rid of the boast fast and in an eco-friendly way, it may be ideal to hire professional junk hauling services.


How Much Does Junk Furniture Removal Cost?

Several factors influence the cost of junk furniture removal. Your location, the dump fees in your area, the type of housing or building, and more will determine how much you will pay.

Most junk furniture haulers in the U.S charge at least $50 to $200 to remove old furniture. This cost increases with the size or number of items.

Note that these companies also charge according to the volume of the track. This means that they will not remove one piece of furniture. Depending on your location, if you want to get rid of an old sofa, expect to pay at least $75.


How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Junk Washer and Dryer?

The average cost of disposing of either a washing machine or a dryer is around $82. However, if you need to get rid of both of them, you should expect to pay at least $117.

Washer and Dryer Removal

Removing a junk stackable washer and dryer unit can cost you around $122. Remember, like any other junk, the cost depends on your zip code or location.

For example, if you live in Beverly Hills, you may pay between $200 to $300 to have your junk washer and dryer removed. The cost of removing the same items in Chicago ranges between $150 to $190.

For accurate price estimates, it may be ideal to hire a junk removal company in your area or zip code.


How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Refrigerator?

Since large appliances such as refrigerators and freezers contain Freon gas, they can pose a threat to the ozone layer if not disposed of correctly. When inhaled, this gas can cut off oxygen to the lungs and cells.

Refrigerator Removal

Therefore, if you need to get rid of your old refrigerator, it is ideal to hire a professional waste removal service. A junk refrigerator removal can cost at least $50 to $150 per unit.


How Much Does It Cost to Have Mattresses Removed?

Though getting a new mattress is always good news, you need a plan to get rid of the old one to make room. Mattresses are bulky and can be tedious to remove if you have to do it yourself.

Mattress Removal

The best way to do this is to hire the right junk mattresses removal services in your area. These companies know how to get the job done and will help you get rid of the old mattress within no time. However, their services come at a fee.

If you hire junk mattress haulers, expect to pay between $40 and $120. On average you can spend at least $75 to get rid of a king-size mattress. On the other hand, a twin-size mattress can cost $20 to remove.

In some locations such as California, it can cost you as much as $175 to dispose of a king-size mattress. Talk to your local junk hauler to know the exact cost of the removal services.


How Much Does It Cost to Remove Construction Materials and Debris?

When compared to household and office junk, commercial debris is more challenging to deal with. Depending on the type of debris, the junk removal company may need to have special equipment to haul it away.

Remove Construction Materials

They also have to factor in the conditions of the job site and the safety equipment needed for the job.

Additionally, this type of junk requires more labor and time. When dealing with construction debris, junk haulers have to carefully plan the job and have the right equipment ready.

Since this service is quite involving, you can expect to pay anywhere between $227 and $275 for basic construction debris removal. This is inclusive of labor and equipment.

Additionally, the cost of loading and hauling away construction materials can be between $319 and $363.

However, if you only need to remove dirt or gravel from the construction site, expect to pay around $100 to $600 per truckload. Removing yard waste can cost between $50 and $550. On the other hand, tree debris removal can cost around $50 to $100.

If you are remodeling your home, you may also ask your contractor if they include remodeling debris removal services in their pricing. As you get your remodeling estimate, ask to know the services included.


How Are Junk Removal Services Calculated?

Junk removal companies consider several factors while determining the price of a removal service. These factors include:

1. Volume

This is one of the most popular ways of calculating the services. Volume is based on how much junk the truck can take. This ranges from a minimum truckload to a full truckload.

Since several junk haulers charge according to the amount of space your items will take up in the truck, they will want to see the items before giving you the exact quote.

The quote they give can be based on one-quarter of a truckload, three-quarters, or a full truckload.

The truck that most companies use can hold 12 to 16 tons of stuff. If the junk only fills half the truck, the quote you get will reflect the same plus any additional cost for labor.

Experienced junk haulers can determine the cost by roughly measuring the volume.

2. Time

Some junk haulers calculate their cost according to the time it takes the crew to complete the job. This is one of the easiest ways of estimating pricing. Though simple, this method is based on experience.

To have an idea of how much a job can cost, junk haulers must learn how to track the time they spend on various jobs. However, there are some downsides to this pricing model.

In some cases, the company can underestimate or overestimate the cost.
To calculate the cost of the service according to time, the haulers will also consider:

• The weight of the junk
• The layout of the property
• The time it takes to disassemble the item

If you live in an apartment building in the city or penthouse, the job might take longer to complete. Consequently, you will pay more.

Additionally, if the haulers need to disassemble or cut down the items for safe or easy transportation, they will also pay more.

Bulky items that require additional labor and time to haul will also cost more. If the company you hire uses the time to calculate their cost, you may not get an estimate upfront.

You will only know how much the services cost you once the job is done.

3. Weight

This is a clear-cut approach to determining cost. Since the weight of junk or items is fixed, you will easily get the total cost of the services. Companies charge per pound of junk and will also include the cost of labor in the final invoice.

Though you may not have an upfront cost, this method is more accurate and reduces the probability of guesswork.

Apart from these, several other factors also influence the price of junk removal. When calculating the cost of the services, junk haulers also consider:

• Distance of pickup
• Difficulty of job
• Location of junk removal pickup
• Additional fuel costs
• Number of flights of stairs
• Taxes
• Disposal fees

The final pricing will include the price it takes to remove the junk, taxes, fuel surcharges, labor, and any other applicable fees. Note that the best junk hauler will give you an all-inclusive price with no hidden fees.

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Who Has the Lowest Price Junk Removal Services?

Cleaning out your home or office is hard enough. However, choosing the best and most affordable service provider may be more challenging, especially if you are on a budget.

Here are some of the companies that offer competitive costs.

Junk King

This is one of the most reputable junk removal companies in the U. S. It is located in 33 states and offers full-junk removal services and dumper rentals to both residential and commercial properties.

Junk Removal Cost

Junk King has a transparent pricing model and this makes it budget-friendly. With them, you will have a straightforward and competitive price. The company also has positive reviews on Yelp and Google.

If you need full-service junk hauling services, the company will charge you according to the volume of the junk or the space your items will take on the truck.

For example, if you are in Austin, TX and your items occupy half the truck, you can expect to pay between $348 and $388.

A full truckload on the same location can cost $528 to $558. The company also claims to have larger trucks than its competitors and also charges less. Visit the Junk King Website to schedule an appointment and get an accurate estimate.

Though this company is budget-friendly, it is not available in all areas.


This is one of the fastest-growing junk removal companies in the U.S. It is located in over 170 cities and 49 states. This company is affordable and also available.

LoadUp offers full-service junk hauling services and dumpster rental to residential and commercial properties.

Junk Removal Prices

Unlike Junk King, you do not need to schedule an appointment to get an estimate of the services you need. LoadUp offers exact price estimates online.

All you have to do is to visit the website, select the items you need to dispose of, enter your zip code, and get the pricing immediately.

If the items you need hauled are not listed, you can upload pictures and simply the process. LoadUp pricing is also transparent, licensed, insured, and works with a rusted crew.

The company has several positive online reviews and claims to charge 20% to 30% lower than its competitors.

If you are in Beverly Hills and you need to dispose of a refrigerator, dishwasher, couch, box spring, and mattress, you can pay up to $2270.50 for all the items.

Some other factors that you should also consider when choosing a company include:

• Customer service delivery
• Associations
• Capabilities
• Recycling policy
• Past jobs
• Equipment
• Industry & social authority
• Pricing
• Insurance protection
• Cleanliness

To avoid hidden costs, damage to your property, and more, choose a transparent and trustworthy company.

Work With the Best Junk Hauler in Your Area

Junk removal is a very convenient way to declutter your home or office. If you need to get rid of old or unused items that are taking up space in the room, talk to a junk hauler in your area to help you free up some space.

Are you looking for the best contractor in your area? At we are your trusted online resource for free from local contractors in your areas.

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