How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Atlanta, GA?

In general, homeowners in Atlanta, GA will spend between $89 – $221 for junk removal services. This guide explains junk removal costs for furniture, cars, appliances, yard debris, and more.

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Junk Removal Cost by Item – Atlanta, GA

Appliances (Oven, Fridge, Washer, etc)    $74-$187 (per item)
Furniture (Couch, Mattress, Table)    $71-$171
Yard Debris (Limbs, Trees, Scrubber)    $144-$430
Piano    $180-$275
Tires (minimum may apply)    $1.20-$3 Each
Construction Debris    $99-$750
Other (Large Items)    $100-$300

Cost of Junk Removal in Atlanta by Company

Note – these are estimated costs. We highly recommend you request a quote in order to determine the specifics of your junk removal needs.

1 800 Got Junk     $125-$650
Junk King     $125-$510
College Hunks     $125-$505
JDog     $125-$429
Junk Be Gone     $125 -$435
Waste Management     $125-$525


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How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Atlanta, GA?
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Overall Pricing to Remove Junk by Volume

Truck Load Size      Total Cubic Yards  Estimated Cost
Min    0.1 to 0.5 Cubic Yards    $61-$155
1/8    0.5 to 1    $145-$167
1/4    1 to 1.5    $145-$216
1/3    1.5 to 2    $207-$247
1/2    2 to 2.5    $244-$349
2/3    2.5 to 3    $260-$395
3/4    3 to 3.5    $349-$526
Full Load    3.5    $540+



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Find Junk Removal Services Near You

Find a reliable junk removal company near you with this list of top companies in your area. Reach out to them directly or request to compare quotes and save as much as 25% on your next tree service job.

Peachtree Junk Removal
2779 Clairmont Rd STE F – 1A
Atlanta, GA 30329


1-800 Got Junk
3151 Nifda Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30339


ACC Junk Removal
1270 Caroline St NE Suite D120-401
Atlanta, GA 30307


Up & Out Junk Removal
827 Druid Oaks NE
Atlanta, GA 30329


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Mattress with rusty springs or a fridge that doesn’t cool? You’ve got junk. We’ve got answers. How much does junk removal cost in Atlanta?

Over flowing Dumpsters being full with garbage

You might say there’s a fine line between a very cluttered house and one of those horror stories on A&E’s Hoarders. The point of no return comes when too many large pieces of junk become unmanageable.

It’s not as uncommon as you might think. Keep in mind, this is a $10 billion dollar industry, which is part of a larger waste industry worth $75 billion. That’s a lot of trash to take away!

Your instincts are right to get rid of old junk and layers of trash before it becomes an even bigger problem in life. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to discuss junk removal costs in Atlanta, Georgia, and talk price.


Handling Waste in Atlanta, Georgia

First, understand that the city of Atlanta, Georgia helps get rid of some of the waste of its population. However, with an estimated 450,000 residents and many businesses, the city’s waste is larger than what Solid Waste Services can handle.

That’s why commercial services are sometimes needed, especially to get rid of large items that can’t fit in a normal-sized bin.

This might include garage parts, construction debris, old drywall, broken concrete, and yard clippings, broken appliances, old furniture, mattresses, tires, and even hazardous materials.

Junk Removal

The Cost of Junk Removal in Atlanta

While prices can vary in Atlanta, quotes usually come in around the national standard, anywhere from $70 for a simple job, to over $500 for larger projects. Determining what kind of waste to haul away is the deciding factor.

Single-family homeowners may be charged approximately $250 to haul away a few heavy appliances or furniture pieces. Usually, the quote depends on the truckload of junk and not necessarily a flat rate.

The size of a trash removal truck is about four times the size of the average truck. Customers might also be charged per cubic foot of junk if there’s that much to gather and loan.

An entire apartment or small house may cost up to $500 if you’re paying by the volume.

Costs of Removing Junk by Item

If you would rather just pay for the removal of one large item, the price is approximately $70 to $400, similar to removing a roomful of trash. Small mattresses might only cost as little as $100. However, king-sized mattresses and larger couches might cost nearly $400 if a work crew is needed.

Vintage Junk Pile Storage Area Mess

Junk removal pricing for appliances like washers, dryers, and junk refrigerators, might also cost between $100 and $200, assuming they are of average size.

Smaller items like computers or lawnmowers cost less. The average cost of junk removal in Atlanta for a small appliance is less than $100.

Hazardous waste, assuming there are only a few items, will also run generally below $100.

Quotes for Atlanta’s Junk Removal Costs

Keep in mind you can negotiate on price.

Some homeowners or business owners may even request that the company come out and look at the removal job before getting a firm price quote. This might be necessary, especially in cases of large junk vehicles.

Our website can provide you with a quote based on a detailed conversation of what items you need to remove. We can find you the right company at no extra cost.

Junk Removal Cost in Atlanta for Vehicles

Naturally, moving larger items like junk cars or boats that don’t run anymore is a more complex job, requiring a tow truck and perhaps another truck if there are many separate parts.

Usually moving a large unit is not as expensive as you might think. If you have the vehicle title, then parts from the car or boat could be salvaged for some cashback to you.

Some companies we work with may actually pay you to take your junk cars, trucks, or boats. However, towing the vehicle and not selling it for parts may cost an extra towing fee of up to $200.

Get a Quote for Junk Removal Cost in Atlanta

If you have a lot of junk to unload, many companies will give you a discount to haul them away at once.

Our company,, does not charge you a fee for a consultation. We make money with referrals, passing along your needs to another company offering low junk removal costs in Atlanta.

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