How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Austin, TX?

In general, homeowners in Austin, TX will spend between $80 – $205 for junk removal services. This guide explains junk removal costs for furniture, cars, appliances, yard debris, and more.

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Junk Removal Cost by Item – Austin, TX

Appliances (Oven, Fridge, Washer, etc)        $70-$175 (per item)
Furniture (Couch, Mattress, Table)        $70-$170
Yard Debris (Limbs, Trees, Scrubber)        $140-$407
Piano        $182-$265
Tires (minimum may apply)        $1.22-$3 Each
Construction Debris        $339-$700
Other (Large Items)        $100-$256

Cost of Junk Removal in Austin by Company

Note – these are estimated costs. We highly recommend you request a quote in order to determine the specifics of your junk removal needs.

1 800 Got Junk     $125-$652
Junk King     $125-$511
College Hunks     $125-$500
JDog     $125-$420
Junk Be Gone     $125 -$435
Waste Management     $125-$535


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How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Austin, TX?
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Overall Pricing to Remove Junk by Volume

Truck Load Size      Total Cubic Yards  Estimated Cost
Min    0.1 to 0.5 Cubic Yards    $60-$150
1/8    0.5 to 1    $143-$161
1/4    1 to 1.5    $142-$210
1/3    1.5 to 2    $200-$240
1/2    2 to 2.5    $241-$331
2/3    2.5 to 3    $250-$382
3/4    3 to 3.5    $340-$506
Full Load    3.5    $520+



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Find Junk Removal Services Near You

Find a reliable junk removal company near you with this list of top companies in your area. Reach out to them directly or request to compare quotes and save as much as 25% on your next tree service job.

Humpback Junk Removal
8291 Springdale Rd #200
Austin, TX 78724


IREP Austin Junk Removal
8008 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78745


Smiley’s Junk Removal & Recycling, LLC
906 Sahara Ave
Austin, TX 78745


JDog Junk Removal & Hauling
7500 Rialto Blvd building 1 suite 250
Austin, TX 78735


Zip Codes Served: 78610, 78613, 78617, 78641, 78652, 78653, 78660, 78664, 78681, 78701, 78702, 78703, 78704, 78705, 78712, 78717, 78719, 78721, 78722, 78723

Are you curious about the cost of junk removal in Austin, Texas? Here is a quick overview of these services and their typical prices.

Over flowing Dumpsters being full with garbage

Are you an Austin, TX resident trying to get rid of some of your junk? Do you have furniture, mattresses, or even cars lying around that need to be disposed of?

Then you’ve most likely been looking at junk removal costs in Austin, TX. But how much do junk removal services cost in Austin?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out about costs associated with junk removal in Austin, TX, and what affects those prices.


Costs of Junk Removal in Austin, TX

Whether you’re planning on cleaning out your entire home or just a few items from your garage, you can expect to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Where you fall in that range depends on what you’re throwing out.

Let’s first look at the specific type of junk that you’re getting rid of to get a better idea of how much junk removal costs will be:

How Much Does Junk Car Removal Cost in Austin, Texas?

Do you have a car that hasn’t run properly in years just taking up garage or yard space? If so, you might’ve been looking at junk car haulers in your area.

Depending on the state of your car, its model, and a few other factors, you might get a junk car removal for free. Otherwise, you might pay up to a few hundred dollars.

Junk Removal

How Much Does Junk Furniture and Mattress Removal Cost?

Some pieces of furniture can be an eyesore, but getting rid of them might prove too unwieldy. If you get a junk removal company to do it, you can get it out of your home for up to a few hundred dollars.

Things like mattresses might cost up to a hundred dollars, but large entertainment furniture like TV stands or couches might yield a higher price. It all depends on the size of the junk furniture.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Junk Refrigerators, Washers, and Dryers?

Washers, dryers, and fridges are definitely heavier and more dangerous to haul away. This means up to a few hundred dollars for proper, safe removal.

You have to take into account that refrigerators and washers are often hooked up to external systems other than the outlet. Making sure this is all handled properly is a priority for junk removal contractors.

Vintage Junk Pile Storage Area Mess

How Much Does Junk Boat Removal Cost in Austin, TX?

If you’re an Austin, TX resident looking to remove your junk boat, expect to pay a few hundred dollars per foot. This means a 20-foot boat might cost up to $2,000 to remove.

Understand that care and attention are needed by haulers to make sure your boat is transported properly and the weight of the boat itself. While it can be pricey, getting rid of that boat altogether will feel much better in the end.

Austin Junk Removal Services

If you’re removing junk from your home, you’re looking at a few thousand dollars depending on the specific junk items. Use this guide to help you understand how much you can expect to pay for your junk removal.

Are you looking for the best contractors in Austin, TX? Visit our site today and find out how you can get the best junk removal experts!

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