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How Much Does Cost To Pave a Driveway in Phoenix, AZ?

In Phoenix, the typical cost to resurface or pave your driveway will be between $1,350 and $5,400. Have you been wondering “how much is it to pave a driveway”? We’re here with a homeowner’s guide for anyone in Phoenix looking to pave their drive.

In time, the weather can take its toll on your driveway in your area.

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Your driveway is an important part of your home. It makes the outside of your home look nice and gives you a clean, safe place to park.

A contractor may pave a driveway with a range of materials—with gravel being the least expensive. You may often see a gravel driveway in front of a new home. However, over time, most homeowners long for a driveway that’s more durable and requires less maintenance.

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If you’re considering purchasing a new driveway, you may wonder, “How much is it to pave a driveway?” If so, you come to the right place to find out.

Popular Driveway Materials

Across the United States, asphalt is an affordable, low-maintenance choice for driveways. It’s the cheapest way to pave a driveway on the market. The material is malleable and stands up to freezing and thawing better than concrete or pavers.


However, it also retains heat. The black color of asphalt holds on to the radiant heat thrown off by the sun.

Accordingly, you must exercise caution when using your driveway in the hot Phoenix climate. For example, you should never use a jack on your asphalt driveway on a hot sunny day. The malleable nature of asphalt can cause it to give way under the weight of your vehicle.

However, asphalt is better in the wintertime for Phoenix residents. Phoenix doesn’t get much snow, but if it ever does, it’s reassuring to know that it’s easier to remove snow from an asphalt driveway. Regardless of the weather, you’ll need to have your asphalt driveway resealed every three to five years.

Concrete Driveway

Alternatively, concrete is durable and versatile. It’s cost-effective compared to other driveway materials. The only less costly material is asphalt.

For this reason, it’s a popular choice among homeowners. You can have a contractor install a traditional flat driveway. Alternatively, you can request an elaborate concrete driveway with decorative touches, color, and textures.

Estimating the Cost for Your Driveway

All driveway materials have pros and cons. However, concrete and asphalt require the least maintenance among them all.

To figure out how much a new driveway costs, you need to figure out the square footage. If you have a standard rectangular driveway, simply multiply the length of your driveway times the width of it to find how much driveway your contractor will need to cover.

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If you don’t have a driveway, however, you’ll need to begin by learning about zoning regulations. Different municipalities have varying rules about driveways.

For example, your city may have rules about how wide you can make your driveway. They may also have regulations about how far you can place your driveway from the corner. Some cities also have rules about the slope of a driveway and how it connects to the street that runs past your house.

It’s important to follow the local building code. If you don’t, an inspector will make you fix any violations. Ultimately, you’ll end up paying for your driveway twice if this happens.

How Much Is It to Pave a Driveway?

If you’re wondering, “How much to pave a driveway?”—typically, it costs $2 to $5 per square foot for an asphalt driveway. If you have a 450 square foot driveway, for instance, the average cost to pave a driveway will hover around $2,250.

Concrete Driveway

Alternatively, you may want a concrete driveway. In this case, you may pay up to $5,400 for a new driveway that’s the same size.

If you choose an asphalt driveway, you’ll also have to think about resurfacing. As a rule of thumb, you should have your driveway resurfaced every three to five years. During resurfacing, the contractor also removes any damaged areas.


It may cost between $1 and $3 per square foot for asphalt driveway resurfacing. At this price, it will cost you anywhere from $450 to $1,350 to resurface your driveway. The average cost for resurfacing a driveway for most home or business owners is around $1.75 per square foot.

How Much Does It Cost To Pave My Driveway

In Phoenix, it’s important to think about how you use your driveway. In the summertime, asphalt can get sticky and melt. As such, you need to weigh whether the low cost of asphalt is worth bypassing the expense of concrete driveway installation.

Other Factors That Can Affect Driveway Cost

When answering the question, “How much does it cost to pave a driveway?”—there are three parts of the job that contribute the most to cost. Those parts are the installation, materials, and maintenance.

Your contractor must also prepare the work area before they start the job. If contractors built your home in the 1970s, for instance, they might have to remove your entire driveway before installing a new one. Zoning codes have changed significantly since then.

Also, a reputable contractor will make sure that your driveway will drain properly. If your driveway has drainage issues, they’ll have to fix the problem before laying any new material.

Most importantly, make sure that you hire a reputable contractor. Unfortunately, there are many scam artists who will take your money for the job without ever laying a square foot of your driveway.

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