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How Much Does Cost To Pave a Driveway in Philadelphia, PA?

In Philadelphia, the typical cost to resurface or pave your driveway will be between $450 and $2,250.Do you live in Philadelphia? Are you paving your driveway soon? We’re here to answer the question “how much does it cost to pave a driveway”.

If you’re considering installing a newly paved driveway in Philadelphia, it’s helpful to know the related costs.

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Your driveway is a vital part of the exterior of your home. It adds to—or detracts from—your home’s aesthetic appeal. It also offers a safe place for you to park your vehicle. However, you may wonder, “How much does it cost to pave a driveway?”

Contractors make driveways using a range of materials. The least expensive building material for your driveway is gravel.

However, a gravel driveway is also high maintenance. For this reason, many homeowners eventually have their gravel driveways paved. If you want to pave over a gravel driveway, you can have the contractor use the existing gravel or start fresh, depending on your circumstances.

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Driveways come in many shapes and sizes. Accordingly, it’s tough to pin down the exact cost of a new one. However, a few informative tips can help you make a good guess.


Popular Driveway Paving Materials

In the northern United States and Philadelphia, asphalt is a popular material that homeowners use to pave a driveway. Asphalt is very pliable. It weathers the freeze-thaw cycle better compared to pavers or concrete.

Also, the dark color of asphalt retains heat. In the wintertime, this feature helps the snow to melt quicker. However, asphalt driveways require regular maintenance so you should hire a contractor to reseal it every three to five years.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is another popular driveway choice in Philadelphia and Northeast America. It’s low maintenance, cost-effective, and durable.

For these reasons, many homeowners hire contractors to lay concrete driveways. However, concrete is not suitable for every application.

Contractors can create concrete driveways in many styles. For instance, a contractor can provide you with a straightforward, traditional driveway. Alternatively, they can provide you with a concrete driveway that features elaborate colors, textures, and decorative touches.

Figuring Out Materials Cost

You can hire a contractor to build your driveway with a range of materials, each with its pros and cons. However, asphalt and concrete last much longer compared to other materials. They also make snow removal easier.

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As a result, these two driveway materials are the most popular choice for many homeowners. To figure out how much a new one will cost, however, you’ll need to start by calculating the square footage of your driveway.

In most instances, you can simply multiply the length times the width of your existing driveway. However, if you’re hiring a contractor to lay a new driveway, you’ll need to consult local building regulations to find out the size driveway that you can have installed.


For example, varying Philadelphia municipalities have different rules about how far a driveway should set from a street corner. Building codes may also dictate other factors. For instance, local regulations may exist regarding what materials you can use, the slope of the driveway, and how it connects to your street.

It’s important that your contractor follows local building codes. If they don’t, you’ll end up having to hire them to make changes.

In a worst-case scenario, they may have to tear up the entire driveway and start all over. Either way, you’ll have to pay to have them perform the work.

To answer the question, “How much to pave a driveway?” the answer varies. The average cost to pave a driveway is $2 to $5 per-square-foot of asphalt. If you have a 450 square-foot driveway, the installation may cost you around $2,250.

Asphalt is the cheapest way to pave a driveway, especially compared to a cement driveway. The same cement driveway might cost you $5,400.

How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Driveway?

In most instances, homeowners will choose an asphalt driveway. Typically, you’ll need two to three inches of asphalt for a residential property. Contractors lay asphalt over several inches of gravel to form a 3-inch layer. However, you’ll need to have your asphalt driveway resurfaced every three to five years.

During a resurfacing, a contractor will remove any damaged asphalt. They’ll then reapply a new coat of asphalt on the driveway. Asphalt resurfacing may cost anywhere from one to three dollars per square foot.

Concrete Driveway

For a 450 square-foot driveway, you may pay between $450 to $1,350 for resurfacing. On average, you might pay approximately $1.75 for the service.

Philadelphia has a suitable climate for an asphalt driveway. It does get hot in the summertime, but not so hot that you have to worry about your asphalt driveway melting in the summer.

However, winters vary in Philadelphia. Most winters in the area are relatively mild. During harsh winters, however, the freeze-thaw cycle can damage the asphalt.


Things to Consider

You may wonder, “How much is it to pave a driveway? There are three main expenses to consider when having a driveway installed.

The installation, the materials, and maintenance are the biggest expenses that you will incur. Also, the contractor will need to prepare your driveway for the installation.

You must exercise caution if contractors built your home in the 1970s. Zoning regulations may require that you have the entire driveway excavated before a contractor installs a new one. If your driveway has a slope, it can also increase the cost of your installation.

How Much Does It Cost To Pave My Driveway

Furthermore, the cost of your installation can increase if the contractor has to remove tree stumps. They’ll need to perform this service before they can install your new driveway.

Also, if there are drainage issues with the layout of your driveway, the contractor will need to fix them. Grading repair will also increase the cost of installation.

It’s important to choose a reputable contractor. Make sure that you choose a contractor with a history of satisfied customers.

Some unscrupulous actors take advantage of homeowners who want a new driveway. Rather than installing a driveway, they simply collect your money and disappear.

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