Will You Spend a Lot on Solar Panel Repair?

solar panel repair

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource available to us, with an immense 173,000 terawatts of solar energy continuously striking the earth. As well as being abundant, solar energy is also clean and infinite (at least for the next 4.5 billion years, anyway).


It is, therefore, no surprise that more and more homeowners in the United States are making the switch to solar energy by installing solar panels on their properties.

Record-Breaking Solar Installs

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, a record-breaking number of residential solar panel systems were installed on residential properties in Q3 of 2021 (more than 130,000 systems). This was the first time that residential solar installations exceeded 1 GW in the US within one quarter.

If you are planning to install solar panels on your property, solar panel repair is something that you should keep in mind. The good news is that solar panels are highly durable and have a lifespan of 25-plus years.

switching to solar

Here, we will take a closer look at residential solar panel repair, the issues that may arise with your solar system, and the estimated costs associated with the repair. We will also highlight the benefits of warranties, choosing reputable solar companies, and the overall benefits of installing solar panels.

What Does Solar Panel Repair Involve?

Solar panels, despite the impressive technology and science behind them, are relatively straightforward pieces of equipment. They are composed of a number of parts, including photovoltaic cells, an inverter, a metal frame, wiring, and a glass casing.


When considering the cost of solar panel repairs, materials are something that may need to be factored in. This will be the case if the solar repair contractor needs to install new components.

Depending on the type of damage, they may need to replace a solar panel entirely. Costs here can range from $150 to $350.

Labor Fees

The specific costs here will be determined by the type of repairs required as well as the area in which you live. An estimated cost here is approximately $100 per hour.

Roof Repairs

On some occasions, the damage that your solar panels sustained may have also affected your roof. Your solar panels may have to be temporally removed to allow for roof repairs.

Routine Maintenance

During the repair stage, when the solar panels have been removed, you may wish to have them professionally cleaned. Approximate costs here are $10 to $20 per solar panel.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Repairs?

Every repair job will be different. Certain factors will determine the specific cost of repairs, which we will highlight here.

Slope of Roof

If your property has a steep roof, it may be necessary for certain safety precautions before repairs can start. This may increase the overall cost of repairing your solar panel system.

Similarly, the distance that your solar panels are from the ground may complicate the repair process.

Type of Solar System

Not all solar panel systems are created equally. Depending on the type of solar you install, the cost and complexity of repair work may be different.

Tier 1 systems, while more expensive upfront, are more reliable than Tier 2 or Tier 3 systems. They are also more efficient at producing solar energy.

Size of Solar System

Your property’s size and energy usage will determine the size of the solar system you install. The larger the solar system, the more expensive any repairs will likely be.


Common Solar Panel Repair Issues

Here, we will highlight the average cost of repairing common issues. These include loose connections, cracked or broken panels, inverter replacement, and panel removal/replacement.

Loose Connections

You may notice that your solar panels are not operating as efficiently as normal, or perhaps not at all. This could be due to faulty wiring or loose connections.

Repairing loose connections depends on the cost of labor, typically $100 per hour.

Cracked or Broken Panels

The cost of cracked or broken solar panel repair will depend on the extent of the problem. In some cases, epoxy resin can be applied to repair a panel at a cost of approximately $20 plus labor fees. Larger repairs, such as replacing a solar panel, will cost more.

Inverter Replacement

Your solar panel’s inverter plays an important role. It serves to convert the direct current electricity that is produced into alternating current electricity, which is what powers your home.

Your solar panel’s inverter plays an important role. It serves to convert direct current electricity into alternating current electricity, which is what powers your home.

Removing Solar Panels

As noted above, there are occasions when roof repair or replacement may be required. This will necessitate the removal and reinstallation of your solar panels.

Approximate costs for this work are $100 to $200 multiplied by the number of solar panels you have.

What to Know About Warranties

If you are planning to install solar panels on your property, it is essential that you choose a solar company that offers a good warranty. This can help to cut down on the cost of any repairs during the lifespan of your solar system.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel warranties help to protect your investment. There are two main types of solar warranties: an equipment/product warranty and a performance warranty.

Many equipment/product warranties guarantee 10 to 12 years without failing. Performance warranties, on the other hand, usually guarantee your system’s performance at 90% production at 10 years and 80% production at 25 years.

Always enquire about a solar company’s warranty offering when you are considering installing solar panels. Ask what is and isn’t covered under their warranties and weigh this up against other companies so you can find the best warranty.

How to Choose a Reputable Solar Installer

We’ve mentioned how not all solar panel systems are created equal and the same is true when it comes to solar companies. Let’s look at some tips to ensure you choose a reputable company.

Check Their Experience

Solar panels have become more mainstream in recent years and there has been a corresponding rise in the number of solar companies working in the US. We always advise choosing experienced solar companies with a strong and established reputation.

Check the Equipment

We have mentioned above that there is a difference between Tier 1, 2, and 3 solar panel systems. Check what systems an installer works with before making a final decision.

Type of Warranty

As noted above, always check the type and length of warranty that a solar company provides. This may help to reduce solar repair costs down the line.

Read Their Reviews

Reviews and testimonials about companies are helpful when you are trying to determine their strengths and weaknesses. These days, it is easy to find reviews about companies online.

You can also request a list of references from a solar company to better understand the quality of their service from past and current customers.

Use 5Estimates.com

We are a free service that helps to ensure that the public finds the best and most reputable companies in their local area. Through us, you will be able to get several quotes from vetted solar companies.

Routine At-Home Maintenance Tips

Most US homeowners choose to install solar panels on their roofs. This is good news when it comes to maintenance as rainfall actually helps to keep them clean and free of debris.

Outside of this, we recommend that you manually clean your solar panels two to four times per year. Simply give them a wash with a garden hose or use a leaf blower to ensure that they are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

After storms and periods of bad weather, check your solar panels for any cracks or damage. If you ignore cracks, they could develop into more serious and more expensive problems.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

For many homeowners, the chief reason for installing solar panels is the cost-saving potential. Homeowners stand to save thousands of dollars on their home’s energy bills over the 25-plus year lifespan of their system.

Solar energy is also good for the environment. Installing solar panels helps to:

  • Reduce air pollution
  • Reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources
  • Reduce water usage
  • Combat climate change

Solar panels can also be paired with new technologies such as electric cars for additional cost-savings and environmental benefits.

Will You Spend a Lot on Solar Panel Repair?

The bottom line is here that the amount of money you are likely to spend on solar panel repair depends on various factors. By choosing high-quality solar panels and a reputable solar company that offers a good warranty, you can reduce your likelihood of having to spend a lot on solar panel repair.

We recommend that you use our site to find qualified and experienced solar panel companies in your local area.


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