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TX Platinum Construction
3400 Coit Rd, #261-830
Plano Tx 75075

Verified Contractor

TX Platinum Construction is a green choice, and are a trusted name in Texas for insurance claim specialists, working in roofing and complete building restoration. As a result of storm damage, water damage, and fire.

They employ highly experienced roofers who are equipped to handle any job in the The DFW Metroplex area. Regardless of the type of repair you need completed, they are known to use premium products so that the results will protect your home for a long time.

Business Started: 6/9/2015
Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Roofing Repair & Replacement
  • Fire Damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Home Restoration

Customer Review:

Awesome work crew, responsiveness, listen to your concerns and bend over back wards making sure you are satisfied. Professionalism with integrity is what I liked most. The workman ship was outstanding. I am recommending everyone I know to Tx Platinum Construction, superior construction company. Thanks Tx Platinum.

Eugene Thomas

Customer Review:

Very professional management. Goes beyond to service the customer. Efficient and excellent quality work to replace the roof, gutters and restore the fence. Responded quickly to late night call when the ac didn’t go on. Owner came to my house and called his ac contractor. Luckily it was only that the power switch in the attic was accidentally turned off. But the response was impressive. Highly recommend.
P. Spoerri

Customer Review:

We had a leak after having our roof recently replaced, but that other company “went out of business,” or more likely, “scammed” us and our insurance agency so that their 20 year warranty wouldn’t have to be utilized. After that terrible experience, I was very hesitate to trust another company, so I went to yelp to find a company with high reviews and came upon Texas Platinum Construction. I requested a quote late at night, and within minutes I received a call. Right then I decided that these guys cared enough that they answered the request at 10 pm on a weekend. I’m so glad we did! Our roof turned out beautifully, and he was always looking for deals from his suppliers. One of the shingle colors happened to be getting discontinued, so he called us and said that we could upgrade our roof for no extra cost if we decided to change the color of the lesser roof we’d settled on and go with the color of the shingles being discontinued. Our roof is now one of the most beautiful on the block with gorgeous 3-D shingles and 3-D ridge caps. He even offered to mow our lawn as we were a few days behind and with all the rain, well, it was pretty tall when he came to visit and he recognized that we work long days and hadn’t had a moment to get to it. Such a genuinely caring man who runs a fantastic company. We won’t hesitate to utilize them in the future for our repairs and upgrades!

Jennie O