How Much Does Tree Service Cost in Las Vegas, NV?

In general, homeowners in Las Vegas, NV will spend around $583 to have a tree professionally removed. This guide explains tree removal costs according to size, height, and more.

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Are you interested in hiring a tree service in Las Vegas? Here is an overview of the prices you can expect from a typical tree service job.

Tree Removal Services

You have a tree on your property that is dying and needs to be removed, or maybe your trees need a trim to stay healthy. Either way, you’re likely wondering how much it’s going to cost.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the average price to remove a tree is $780, compared to the average cost of tree service in the United States, which is roughly $860. The range in pricing all depends on the service you’re requesting, as well as the tree you’re removing or trimming.

Ready to find out how much tree service costs in Las Vegas? Keep reading for a more detailed overview.

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Average Tree Removal Costs in Las Vegas, NV

Average Tree Removal Cost     $583
High Cost of Tree Removal     $1,723
Low Cost of Tree Removal     $316

Below is a chart to calculate the cost of removing trees in Las Vegas, NV according to the type of tree to be removed.

Las Vegas, NV Tree Removal Cost by Type 

Tree Type        Tree Dimensions    Average Cost
Oak Tree         70’ tall and 25’ wide weighing 3.5 tons    $883
Pine Tree         100’ tall and 2’ wide weighing 8+ tons    $1,002
Palm Tree         40’ to 75’ tall and 10’ wide    $655
Poplar Tree         90’ to 105’ tall    $1,055+
Maple Tree         50 ‘ to 100’ tall    $1,001+


How Much is Tree Cutting Services Cost in Las Vegas, NV?

Cutting down a tree is often necessary to keep your property safe. Dead or dying trees can fall and cause damage wherever they land, making it important to assess your trees’ health regularly.

tree services

While the average cost of Las Vegas tree removal is $780, there’s a wide possible range, including a low of $290 up to more than $1,000.

There are lots of factors that go into the cost of cutting a tree down. Some of the main ones are the tree’s location and height. Taller trees will cost more money to remove, as will trees that are tricky to access or near a power line.

Cost to Cut Tree Down

How long it takes to remove a tree will also affect the cost. At the low end, a 20-foot tree costs between $200 and $360 to remove, while an 80-foot tree could cost up to $1,500 to take down.

How Much Does a Tree Trimming Service Cost?

Trimming your trees seasonally is a great way to keep your trees healthy and strong.

The average cost in Las Vegas to trim a tree is a little over $200 per hour, with a range of roughly $180-$250. This price is for a crew of three.

Most tree trimming jobs only take a couple of hours. The average cost across the nation for tree trimming services is a little over $450.

Similar to removing a tree, the exact cost to trim a tree will depend on factors like the tree’s condition, location, and how many you’d like trimmed. If the tree is difficult to get to and requires a crane or bucket truck, the price will also go up.

Cost to Remove Trees By Height – Las Vegas, NV

Tree Height in Feet   Removal Estimate
25′   $203
30′    $358
45′   $400
50′   $725
51-90′   $1,010
100+’   $1,000 – $2,510


What About Stump Removal and Cleanup?

Some tree removal costs include stump removal, but not all do. If the company doesn’t include it in the overall price, taking out the tree stump will add another $160-$500 for each stump that’s removed.

It’s also a good idea to ask your professional if cleanup is an additional cost (unless you want to haul away the debris yourself!). Getting rid of the tree after it’s taken down or trimmed will likely cost $25-$100 in Las Vegas.

Tree Stump Removal


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