How Much Does Tree Service Cost in Cedar Rapids, IA?

In general, homeowners in Cedar Rapids, IA will spend between $288 – $1430 to have a tree professionally removed. This guide explains tree removal costs according to size, height, and more.

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Average Tree Removal Costs in Cedar Rapids, IA

Average Tree Removal Cost     $488
High Cost of Tree Removal     $1,458
Low Cost of Tree Removal     $260

Below is a chart to calculate the cost of removing trees in Cedar Rapids, IA according to the type of tree to be removed.

Cedar Rapids, IA Tree Removal Cost by Type 

Tree Type        Tree Dimensions    Average Cost
Oak Tree         70’ tall and 25’ wide weighing 3.5 tons    $702
Pine Tree         100’ tall and 2’ wide weighing 8+ tons    $833
Palm Tree         40’ to 75’ tall and 10’ wide    $5501
Poplar Tree         90’ to 105’ tall    $1,000+
Maple Tree         50 ‘ to 100’ tall    $1,114+


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Cost to Remove Trees By Height – Cedar Rapids, IA

Tree Height in Feet   Removal Estimate
25′   $226
30′    $350
45′   $383
50′   $710
51-90′   $940
100+’   $1,000 – $2,050


Tree Stump Removal

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Find a reliable tree service company near you with this list of top companies in your area. Reach out to them directly or request to compare quotes and save as much as 25% on your next tree service job.

Erlacher’s Tree Service
1100 8th St NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405


Arbor Tech Tree Service
1802 E Ave NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403


Allens Tree Service
1872 Ellis Blvd NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405


Dick’s Tree Service
4394 Mt Vernon Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403


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Are you looking for tree service in Cedar Rapids and wondering about costs? With the Derecho land hurricane that affected Cedar Rapids in 2020, there has been a massive demand for tree services. A lot of out-of-state tree services have joined the demand, which has made pricing very competitive.

If you want to know what the standard tree service cost is in the corridor, keep scrolling because, in this article, we are letting you in on what average prices are.

Tree Trimming Services

Trimming is a service where you get your trees shaped to the desired appearance. This service is purely aesthetic and is intended to create harmony and balance between your trees and the rest of your property.

Cracked Tree

Doing this also helps the tree thrive and prevents trees from growing unwieldy, which can be a hazard if growing near power lines.

The rate for a two-person crew is priced hourly. In Cedar Rapids, tree trimming prices average right around $115-$150 per hour.


Tree Cutting Services

Tree cutting service usually involves cutting away limbs of a tree so they don’t interfere with power lines or other structures and cutting the tree entirely down.

Tree Removal

The average cost to cut down a single tree in Cedar Rapids averages around $250-$1200. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate because there are several variables when cutting trees down. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Height of the tree
  • Limited or difficult access to the tree
  • The condition of the tree
  • Hazards such as powerlines nearby
  • Requesting of emergency service
  • If a crane needs to be used for the project
  • Weather conditions

These variables can drive the cost of cutting down a single tree beyond the $1200 price point.

Tree Service Removal

Now that you have your tree down, you’ll need to get it removed. Depending on the contractor you can have the cost of tree removal bundled in with cutting it down.

Tree Cutting Service

Sometimes you may already have your tree down, or it may have fallen due to storm damage. In this case, you want to pay to get it removed from your property. This service’s average price is around $50 per tree removed and $75 for labor.

Like tree cutting prices, some variables can affect the price, such as the size of the tree and access to the tree.

Tree Stump Removal

Most of the time, there is a separate charge for the removal of tree stumps because more sophisticated machinery is used. The average cost to remove a tree stump in Cedar Rapids is between $3 to $5 per linear inch of the tree stump.

This rate can vary depending on the average age, project time, and accessibility of the tree stump.


Tree Service Cost

As you read above, the tree service cost in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, can vary depending on what service you want to be done. If you are currently searching for a contractor in your area, we can help you with that.

Tell us about your project needs, and we can find five quotes for you to decide.


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