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How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Plano, TX?

Looking to renovate your bathroom in Plano, Texas? On average, the cost for bathroom remodeling ranges from $5,900 to $33,800. But how much exactly should you budget for your project? Use our guide to get a better estimate and connect with reputable remodeling companies near you.


How Much Does a New Bathtub Cost?

A new bathtub in Plano, Texas can cost between $701 to $2944, depending on the brand and model. Keep in mind that this price does not include installation, which can add an additional cost. To make sure you get the best deal on installation, use our free tool to compare quotes from bath remodel companies in your area.

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How Much Does It Cost to Update a Shower?

Want to update your shower in Plano, Texas? The cost can range from $3503 to $15988, depending on the scope of the project and the materials used. If you’re looking for a shower tub combo, you can expect to pay an additional $2150 to $5388. To get the most accurate estimate for your shower update, consult with a professional remodeling company.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Small Half Bathroom in Plano?

To remodel a small half bathroom in Plano, Texas, homeowners can expect to spend between $5,643 to $9,961, with labor costs making up about 50% of the total investment. In general, when remodeling a small bathroom the items that impact the cost the most are:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • New flooring
  • Tub/Shower type

The overall cost will depend on factors such as the brand of tub and shower you choose, and whether you’re doing a full or partial bathroom remodel. Keep in mind that the items that impact the cost the most are toilets, sinks, new flooring, and the type of tub or shower you select.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Large Bathroom?

If you’re looking to remodel a large bathroom in Plano, Texas, such as a master bathroom, the cost can range from $5,945 to $36,605 or more. There are a wide array of factors that can impact the total cost of remodeling a large bathroom, here are just a few:

  • Square Footage of Bathroom
  • Brand tub and shower
  • Removal of existing tub and shower
  • Tile Removal and Installation
  • New Lighting

The total cost will depend on factors such as the square footage of the bathroom, the brand of tub and shower, and whether you need to remove existing tile or lighting. To get the most accurate estimate for your project, consult with a professional remodeling company.

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Below is a list of the top bathroom remodeling companies in Plano, TX. You can reach out to them directly, or request to compare quotes from up to three vetted companies in your area.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Plano
1400 Preston Rd Suite 472
Plano, TX 75093


DFW Improved
6652 Pinecrest Dr Suite 100
Plano, TX 75024

NOMI – Luxury Bathroom Remodel
820 w spring creek pkwy ste 400 HH
Plano, TX 75023


GP Homes and Repairs
2117 Trellis Ln
Plano, TX 75075


Metroplex Remodeling
4020 Lonesome Trail
Plano, TX 75023


How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

A basic bathroom update can be completed and as little as 1-3 days. A full bathroom remodel takes 15 to 30 days to fully complete. The time will be considerably less if the remodeler works on weekends.

As a general rule, expect the bathroom renovation to take 14-30 days for proper planning, job execution, and tying up loose ends at completion.

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Bathroom remodeling can be a major investment for homeowners in Plano, TX. The cost of bathroom remodeling can vary depending on several factors that need to be taken into consideration before starting the project. Some of the factors that affect the cost of bathroom remodeling in Plano include the size of the bathroom, the materials used, the complexity of the project, and the contractor hired.

The size of the bathroom is a significant factor in determining the cost of remodeling. The larger the bathroom, the more materials and labor will be required to complete the project. The size of the bathroom also affects the types of materials that will be needed for the remodel. For example, a larger bathroom may require more tile, flooring, and lighting, which can increase the overall cost.

The materials used for the remodel are also a major factor in the cost of bathroom remodeling in Plano. High-quality materials such as marble or granite will cost more than lower-quality materials such as ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring. The type of fixtures and appliances chosen for the bathroom can also affect the cost of the remodel. High-end fixtures such as luxury shower systems or spa tubs can significantly increase the overall cost of the project.

The complexity of the project is another important factor in determining the cost of bathroom remodeling. If the remodel involves significant plumbing or electrical work, this can increase the cost of the project. Similarly, if the project requires structural changes such as moving walls or installing new windows, the cost will be higher.

Finally, the contractor hired for the project can also affect the cost of bathroom remodeling in Plano. A reputable and experienced contractor may charge more for their services, but they may also provide better quality work and materials. On the other hand, a less experienced or unlicensed contractor may offer lower rates, but the quality of their work may be inferior, resulting in additional costs for repairs or modifications.

In conclusion, several factors affect the cost of bathroom remodeling in Plano, TX. Homeowners should consider these factors carefully when planning their bathroom remodel to ensure that they stay within their budget and achieve the desired outcome.

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