Open Concept Kitchen Renovation by Miracle Contracting in Fort Wayne, IN

open concept kitchen after Miracle Contracting open concept kitchen before Miracle Contracting

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This family finally decided they had had enough…

They had endured their old kitchen long enough and were (more than) ready for a change.

On the list of things that had to go was a dining room collecting dust and cobwebs.
old dining room off kitchen Miracle Contracting
(It wasn’t really collecting cobwebs, but it wasn’t getting used.)
old dining room Miracle Contracting
They wanted to open up the space and give the old nook a new lease on life.

They contacted the team at Miracle Contracting in Fort Wayne, and used the company’s video walk-through feature to show them the layout of their kitchen.
old dining room full length before Miracle Contracting
The team at Miracle Contracting got to work on a plan to bring some much-needed excitement to the client’s home. And boy, did they deliver.

First, they taped off the doorways, windows, and entries to keep the demolition dust contained to the kitchen renovation space.
kitchen renovation prep Miracle Contracting

Then they staged their tools and got ready to tackle the job.
tools staged for remodel Miracle Contracting
tools staged kitchen remodel Miracle Contracting

They took note of all the useless structures and walls clogging up the space and marked anything that needed to be preserved during the demolition so they didn’t destroy anything valuable.
stuctures to remove Miracle Contracting
All this…
old fridge cutout Miracle Contracting
And all of this…
and all this Miracle Contracting
Yes. this wall too!
this wall too Miracle Contracting
wall to remove Miracle Contracting
It all had to go.

Then they got work removing the old dark wood cabinets and outdated fixtures and appliances.
taking out old cabinets Miracle Contracting

Pulling out the old flooring, and taking the drywall off the walls, partitions and soffits that had to be taken out.
old flooring and drywall gone Miracle Contracting

Taking out the walls, and redoing the electrical and piping for the appliances that needed a new home.
removing walls and soffits Miracle Contracting

Then ripping up the old subfloor as the final step in preparing the blank canvas.

With the electrical and plumbing all finished, it was time to put the insulation back in the exterior wall and get ready to start the new buildout.
subfloor removed insulation replaced Miracle Contracting

The team buttoned up the walls and ceiling with new drywall.
installing new drywall Miracle Contracting

And got everything cleaned up and ready for painting.
prepping to paint Miracle Contracting

Starting from the bottom up, they installed the new flooring (it’s mostly covered by paper to protect it during construction, but you can see it peeking out at the ends)…

Put in the base cabinets that would support the counter, and installed the dishwasher, new sink, and stove with a double oven.
new base cabinets and appliances Miracle Contracting

The refrigerator surround cabinets on the opposite wall came next, along with the wall cabinets over the countertop.
refrigerator surround and wall cabinets Miracle Contracting

Finishing the cabinet install and putting in the base of the bench seating against the far end wall (previously the old dining room back wall).
finishing cabinets install Miracle Contracting

Then closing in the space above the upper cabinets with stylish trim, replacing the trim around the window, and prepping to install the hood above the stove range.
installing trim above cabinets Miracle Contracting

The final result was a parallel kitchen design that might make even the snobbiest of foodies jealous.
kitchen to make a foodie jealous Miracle Contracting

The kitchen renovation involved several custom features to make the space flow from the original kitchen footprint into the new design.
coffee bar counter space Miracle Contracting

They removed a wall to create an open-concept kitchen, added a built-in bench (for all the extra guests the family would now be able to invite over)…
breakfast nook bench Miracle Contracting

And installed a tile backsplash and solid surface countertops.
tile backsplash and solid surface counter Miracle Contracting

An updated sink and faucet were, of course, high on the list of changes that had to happen.

Sink window after Miracle Contracting Sink window before Miracle Contracting

And of course, no kitchen renovation is complete without semi-custom cabinets, updated lighting, electrical and fixtures. They finished off the renovation by adding vinyl plank flooring and all new appliances.
semi custom cabinets Miracle Contracting

Check out the tile backsplash that goes all the way to the ceiling behind the range vent.
double oven and vent hood Miracle Contracting

The breakfast nook seating area makes great use of the space beneath the windows, and with the wall removed there is now a lot more natural light in the kitchen from these large windows.
natural light in kitchen Miracle Contracting

The family has a beautiful new kitchen that is highly functional and that they will enjoy for many years.

open concept kitchen after Miracle Contracting

Drag the slider back and forth to see the kitchen transform right in front of your eyes.

kitchen to make a foodie jealous Miracle Contracting old kitchen area Miracle Contracting

If you’re ready to transform your closed-off kitchen into an open concept kitchen, contact the team at Miracle Contracting in Fort Wayne. They can work with you on kitchen design and open kitchen remodeling ideas, and offer a free consultation to get started. Give them a call at (260) 483-8108.

Quick recap the kitchen remodeling solutions implemented:

  • A wall was removed to create an open concept kitchen
  • Built-in bench was added for additional seating options
  • A tile backsplash and solid surface countertops were installed
  • New sink and faucet were added
  • Semi-custom cabinets were installed
  • The lighting, electrical, and fixtures were updated
  • Vinyl plank flooring was added
  • All new appliances were installed

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