How Much Does Central AC Replacement Cost In Austin, TX?

Replacing your central air conditioning unit will cost Austin residents between $4,530 – $10,004. Here’s what you need to know about pricing factors.

Looking for a central AC replacement in Austin? Then we’ve got the scoop on how much it’ll cost you.

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According to the Farmers’ Almanac, summer for 2021 will experience above-normal hot temperatures for two-thirds of the country.

With the heatwave fast approaching, you might be looking at the need to replace your old or broken air conditioner. If so, you are also may be wondering just how much it’ll cost you to replace your central AC. This question is complex and full of differing factors that can affect the cost.

Let’s take an in-depth look at all the different considerations you need to keep in mind for the cost of your central air conditioner in Austin, TX.

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Cost of Labor to Replace A/C

You’ll obviously want to do your research to find the best contractor in Austin, TX. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Just because a contractor is cheap doesn’t mean they’ll do a great job.

While looking for a contractor, there are several different factors you should keep in mind. First, you want to ensure that the contractor has several years of experience. While the more experience a contractor has may mean they’ll charge more, you’re paying for their expertise.

After the experience, you should also look to see if the contractor offers labor warranties with the installation. This helps protect you in case something was done wrong with the initial installation and they can come back and fix it without charging you more.

Beyond that, you should also check for testimonials. A skilled contractor will have good reviews that can vouch for their quality work.

Cost of the Air Conditioner Unit

There are several variables that go into the AC unit. For one, you can go with a split-system central air conditioner. This consists of an outdoor unit where the compressor and condenser are. Then, there is an indoor unit with an evaporator. The other option is the standard packaged central AC, where all parts are located in one cabinet.

After that, there’s also the size of the unit itself. A 1.5 ton AC unit is going to cost a few thousand dollars less than a 3-ton unit. The size of the unit affects how many BTUs it can output per hour. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTUs.


Energy Efficiency of the AC Unit

When trying to guess the price for what your air conditioning replacement will run, you need to also consider the SEER rating. The higher this rating is, the more energy-efficient the unit will be. This also means the unit will cost more.

The minimum SEER rating you can buy in Austin, TX is a 14-SEER. However, you can find ratings that go up to 26-SEER. As mentioned, the higher the rating, the more you should expect to pay. A unit with a high SEER rating can save you about 20% to 40% of energy costs.

Size of Your Home

The size of your home will also affect how much your AC unit costs in Austin, TX.

For example, if your home is about 1500 square feet, then you can maybe expect somewhere between $2,000 to $4,000. For a home that’s 2,000 square feet, then costs can range from around $3,000 to $5,000. As the size of your home increases, so too does the cost of the required AC unit. A 3,000 square foot home could expect to see around $6,000 to $8,000 in costs.

Replace Your Central AC Today

If you need to replace your central AC, then let 5Estimates help. We can help you find an expert contractor for the Austin, TX area. We hope this article helped provide you with some solid information on how to calculate costs.

If you’re curious about what brand of the unit to get, then feel free to check out our article on the best AC unit brands around.

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