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Depending on your home project, carpenters will charge between $50 – $75 per hour, plus the cost of supplies. Cost will be determined by skill level, project scope, and total labor time.

Are you looking to hire a carpenter? Here’s what you need to know about carpenter cost and how to find construction carpenters near you.

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You have a huge construction project at your house, and you’ve no idea who to contract out to.
We don’t recommend the Ghostbusters for this job (unless you suspect your cabinets are haunted), but we do know some handy ways to find the carpenters you need.
Are you ready to get that kitchen refurbished or to frame the house of your dreams? We’ll help you find out exactly which carpenter is right for you and give you some idea of carpenter cost along the way.

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What Kinds of Construction Do Carpenters Do?

Carpenters are nothing if not versatile. They handle a variety of workloads in almost every type of setting you can mention:

  • Mines
  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Sewers

Furthermore, carpenters don’t always work only with wood, although that is their specialty. These professionals also work with drywall, insulation, fiberglass, and plastics.
Math and precision are essential for successful carpentry. Therefore, all of the construction tasks a carpenter undertakes involves lots of measuring.

Carpentry Types

The realm of carpenters falls into three categories.

  • Framing
  • Installation
  • Repairs

Rough carpentry deals with structural issues, such as framing a house. Finish carpentry is the second. It involves installation.
The final category involves repairs.
When hiring a carpenter, it’s important to understand that there are different terms that imply what the carpenter does.
General carpenters are perfect for most residential jobs. They have completed an apprenticeship and, therefore, have the knowledge to complete most jobs.
Finish carpenters handle more specific work, such as making custom furniture.

Common Jobs Performed By Carpenters

Examples of some jobs a carpenter fulfills include:

  • Creating scaffolding
  • Repairing structures
  • Replacing or adding doors and windows
  • Installing cabinets
  • Installing molding
  • Installing stairs
  • Remodeling or refurbishing interiors
  • Adding tunnel bracing
  • Laying hardwood flooring

If you have a job that requires precision and involves assembling, installing, repairing or creating a structure that is mostly wood, a carpenter is your person of choice.
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How Much Does a Local Carpenter Cost Per Hour?

Like most services, carpenter cost varies.
There are numerous factors that affect the costs associated with one of these professionals. However, in order to understand what to expect, homeowners and business owners should first comprehend how a carpenter is hired.

Hiring a Professional

Hiring a carpenter isn’t as simple as going to a store and requesting service. Instead, individuals or companies hire almost all carpenters through a bidding process.
Those requesting the service explain the job they would like done and carpenters provide estimates. Estimates include labor and parts.
Customers then decide who they would like to hire.
Rather than getting paid hourly, then, clients pay carpenters by the job.

Factors Affecting Carpenter Pay

There are many notions to consider before asking for estimates. These factors give customers a better idea of pricing.
First is the job itself. More intricate or larger jobs, of course, bump the price up because of associated costs and extended time frames.
But the professional’s expertise also plays into the cost. Seasoned experts charge more than those just entering the field.
The location also impacts wage. In areas where the cost of living is higher, the cost of services also increase.
Finally, consider the state of the sector. If competition around the area is fierce, companies and individuals offer lower bids to draw in customers. If competition is lacking, prices increase.

What Price to Expect

When broken down to an hourly rate, most jobs a general carpenter takes pay anywhere from $20 to $30 an hour.
However, if customers require a finish or repair carpenter, the price jumps significantly. Expect prices over $35 per hour.
For specialized carpentry involving very specific niches, the price may reach up to $100 per hour.
If you’re blanching right now, just remember: these are experts. If you want beautiful work, no one is better equipped to handle it.

Are Licenses Required?

Always take the time to research your state laws concerning the job you’d like done and to understand carpentry licenses.
Laws vary by state.
Some states require carpenters to hold a license. Others require licenses for jobs a carpenter might take, such as roofing, but do not ask for a license for carpentry itself.
Still, others require no licenses at all but may ask for a specific number of hours on the job or successful testing.
To avoid breaking the law, know what regulations are in place and hire with them in mind.

Do Carpenters Need To Be Insured?

Like licensing, the regulations on insurance vary by state.
Alabama, for instance, requires carpenters to have liability insurance.
Ask any contractor you’re interested in hiring to provide proof of insurance if it’s required by your state.
Even if it’s not, keep in mind that contractors who purchase insurance are the best route. If something happens and results in injury or damage to your property, this insurance protects you from unwanted litigations.

Tips for Hiring the Right Carpenter

You’re almost ready to hire the perfect carpenter. But there are a few other tips to keep in mind.
Compare at least three different carpenters or companies to get the best price available. Research reviews and double check credentials before committing.
When talking to companies or experts, don’t be afraid to ask for a list of references. This is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re hiring the best person for the job.
Before hiring a professional, ensure you don’t pay 100% of the cost upfront. Instead, reach an agreement where you pay half at the start of the job and half at the finish.
Do not pay the final half unless you are happy with the finished product.
This agreement ensures the company will complete the job and that it is done satisfactorily.

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