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How Much Does Water Heater Installation Cost?

Eventually, there comes a time where everyone needs to know how much plumbers charge for water heater installation. This guide will help you calculate the cost of what plumbers charge to install water heaters.

Water Heater

One of the most used appliances in homes around the world is a functional water heater. It’s nothing short of being blessed during the winter months with an efficient and reliable way to keep your home warm, as well as providing you peace of mind knowing that it’s not going out on any random days! Installing one can cost anywhere between $500-$1100 (depending upon size).

With installations ranging from 40gallons up 50 gallons/person requirements; we recommend speaking directly into what kind would work best for YOUR needs because there will always be something new coming onto market soon enough. The overall ownership price tag could vary depending on how many people use their respective hot air source—this includes operating expenses like electricity costs to make sure this doesn’t get out of control.

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Cost of Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

While several plumbing contractors believe that tankless heaters are more efficient, many people argue they aren’t as beneficial. A typical 3-4 year old boiler can save you up to $90 in energy costs during this time period while costing around $410 less than installing a new one. Though most homes using these systems report saving about 70% compared with traditional ones – it will take years before your household is actually back at even footing financially after paying for installation and equipment outlay upfront.

A tank water heater will be faster and easier to maintain than a traditional model. They’re also better if you plan on using your heaters for more than one task at once, as it takes up less space in the home.

Tanks vs Tankless Water Heaters: What’s The Difference?

Tankless water heaters are a great choice for those who need hot water. They work by providing it only when you use it, and don’t produce standby energy losses that come with storage tank-type models- saving money! You’ll find basic information about how they operate as well as criteria to consider before buying one of these types in your home or office building here.


Water Heater Installation Labor Cost

You can expect to pay between $290 and $590 for a water heater that is difficult or impossible to install. The average cost per hour of labor ranges from $50 – $70, depending on the skill level and type/complexity of work needed in your installation process.

A plumber typically charges an hourly rate around the range of $65 but you may also have additional costs if they specialize their skill set during this time period; e.g., electricians will need access into wall cavities where plumbing cannot go due to insulation.

Water Heater Type   National Average Cost    Water Heater Installation Cost
Standard Tank Storage   $420 – $1,700   $175 – $601
Tankless   $275 – $2,350   $410 – $1,549
Hybrid/High Efficiency   $703 – $3,100   $160 – $643
Solar   $980 – $6,210   $1,930 – $4,000


Water Heater Installation Cost By Type

When it comes to selecting a water heater type, there are many different options available. Some popular types of systems include electric (around $690), natural gas ($500-$800), and propane tanks which can cost between $450-$550 for installation.

Water Heater Types and Cost

A lot depends on your requirements too – if you live close by the alternative fuel station then that may be an option worth exploring but remember to factor them all into account before committing so as not to miss out due to lack of adequate knowledge.

Installing a propane water heater can cost anywhere from $1,100-$5,250 depending on the complexity of installation and what type you choose to purchase (there are many). Electric units only range from $390-$535 dollars for simple installations but their original prices could go up into five figures if there’s any need or desire whatsoever in making structural changes after installing them originally at an estimated total price tag between $1,880-$5,500.

Homeowners who want to replace their old water heaters can expect an average cost of about $870. That price will go up if there are any issues with pipes or installation, which is why you should always check in advance whether permits might be required for installing new plumbing fixtures at your home.

If you want to get an existing water heater replaced, add $520 on top of the overall cost. If your old pipes are damaged or not compatible with a new system then it is best that they be fixed before installation because this can cause problems down the line in terms of both efficiency and durability which will increase costs by about $7-$11 per linear foot depending upon what type of material needs replacing.


Oil-Fired vs Propane Water Heater Cost

The cost of a propane water heater can be up to $2,800, but they are more environmentally friendly and provide heating for those who live in rural areas that lack electricity.

Power Vent Water Heater Cost

Power venting is expensive and can create a serious health hazard. With an additional expense of $330-$525 for wiring, it’s clear that power ventilation isn’t worth the cost in your home’s energy efficiency alone.

Direct Vent Water Heater Cost

Direct venting can be a great alternative if you’re converting from electric to gas. The system uses the idea that hot air rises over cooler surrounding air, and as your home burns through its fuel source in this new system it will release heat throughout by way of vents located above each unit on top for an easier flow out into homes around us. Direct venting will cost around $700, give or take.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Cost

Heating your home is an important aspect of living in the colder months. There are many different styles and types, but some may be more cost-effective than others depending on what you’re looking for with each option. A heat pump water heater will typically run about $1,100-$3,00o range if purchased new or close to that price used from local vendors such as Home Depot & Lowe’s respectively (not including installation).

They use air exchange technology which exchanges heated indoor air – provided by electricity entering through the unit’s thermostat controlled fan blades inside–with the cooler outdoor ambient temperature outside via exhaust ductwork near windows; then transfers this energy into bigger icier taps underground level where it can cause issues.

Water Heater Cost by Gallon Capicity

Water Tank Size (Gallons)    Cost Range
30 Gallons    $280 – $920
40 Gallons    $333 – $1,710
50 Gallons    $416 – $2,200
75 Gallons    $910 – $3,100
80 Gallons    $975 – $3,360

Water Heater Cost by Brand

Rheem Water Heaters   $450 – $2,400
AO Smith Water Heaters   $434 – $3,640
Bradford White Water Heaters   $425 – $3,120
Kenmore Water Heaters   $351 – $9750
Whirlpool Water Heaters   $362 – $1,480

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