How Much Does Tree Service Cost in Irvine CA?

In general, homeowners in Irvine California will spend around $672 to have a tree professionally removed. This guide explains tree removal costs according to size, height, and more.

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California is home to some of the oldest sequoias and bristlecone pines. The oldest tree in the world, Methuselah, is 4,800 years old and lives within the state’s beautiful White Mountains!

Tree Removal Services

Trees live as long as they do because they can generate and replace limbs both above and below ground. For trees in residential areas, regular trimming and pruning are crucial for encouraging healthy growth and prolonging their life.

The total tree service cost for homeowners depends on a handful of factors. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the cost of tree services in Irvine, CA.

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Average Tree Removal Costs in Irvine, CA

Average Tree Removal Cost     $845
High Cost of Tree Removal     $1,002
Low Cost of Tree Removal     $290

Below is a chart to calculate the cost of removing trees in Irvine, CA according to the type of tree to be removed.

Irvine, CA Tree Removal Cost by Type

Tree Type     Tree Dimensions    Average Cost
Oak Tree      70’ tall and 25’ wide weighing 3.5 tons    $985
Pine Tree      100’ tall and 2’ wide weighing 8+ tons    $1,201
Palm Tree      40’ to 75’ tall and 10’ wide    $788
Poplar Tree      90’ to 105’ tall    $1,200+
Maple Tree      50 ‘ to 100’ tall    $1,160+


The Average Cost of Tree Removal Service

The average cost of tree removal services in Irvine ranges between $250 and $1,100.

Cost to Cut Tree Down

If the tree is close to power lines, diseased, or in any way difficult to remove, the price is subject to increase depending on the demand of the job. Alternatively, trees in an open space often cost less than the average.

Cost to Remove Trees By Height

Tree Height in Feet   Removal Estimate
25′   $258
30′    $345
45′   $496
50′   $722
51-90′   $1,170
100+’   $1,260 – $2,500


Trees that are shorter than 30 ft. are usually around $250 to remove. Similarly, trees that range between 30 and 60 ft. generally cost $300-700 to remove.

The larger the tree the more difficult it is to take out. Jobs involving extra-large trees, like pines, often require more expertise, equipment, and time to complete.  For trees that are over 60ft. in height, the price range spans from $700-$1,800, sometimes more.

How Much is Tree Stump Removal?

Tree stumps are removed in one of two ways. The arborist either removes the stump wholly or grinds it down into chips.

Tree Stump Removal

The bid for the job and method used to remove the stump is determined by factors like size, species, and accessibility.

Prices for removing the stump in its entirety range between $60-400. Easy pulls are on the lower end. Stumps with long, grounded roots that require a bit more power to pull up are placed on the higher end.


The cheapest option for tree stump removal is to have it ground into woodchips. The cost of this is typically $100-$200. To get a rough estimate of how much stump grinding costs, multiply the diameter of your stump by $2-4.

What’s the Price of Tree Maintenance?

Tree trimming, tree cutting, and tree pruning are essential steps in maintaining tree health, and may help increase the value of your home.

Tree Trimming Service

Keeping loose and overgrown branches away from windows, roofs, and powerlines prevents them from causing unwanted damage to your home and property.

The average cost of tree trimming and pruning services in Irvine ranges from $200 to $1,300.

Most contractors charge per job, but it isn’t uncommon to find those that charge by the hour. Hourly rates range from $170-350 depending on the demands of the job and expertise required to complete it.

How Much Does Tree Service Cost in Irvine?

The average cost of tree services in Irvine, CA depends on the demands of the project and the size of your tree.

Tree Cutting ServiceTree Branch Cutting

Smaller trees are often less costly to remove than mid-size or large trees. Similarly, trees that are close to buildings and powerlines are more expensive to remove than those in an open yard.

For more information about total tree service cost, check us out for an estimate! We help homeowners connect with professional contractors to ensure the best experience possible.

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