How Much Does a New Roof Cost in San Diego, CA?

Looking to repair or replace your home’s roof? Want to compare prices on new roof installation? Find out how much it costs to replace a roof in San Diego, CA with our guide. Use our free tool to compare prices in your area.

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Are you a San Diego resident? Do you need a new roof on your home?

If you are in need of a new roof you may have a lot of questions like how much does a new roof cost in San Diego? What material is best to use? And how do you find the best contractor in your area?

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How Much Does A New Roof Cost In San Diego

When starting any big house project, the cost is normally at the top of the list of things to figure out. You want to make sure your budget will cover what needs to be done and that you don’t cut yourself short on quality. When it comes to replacing your roof, many factors go into the overall cost.

Roof Material

The material you choose to use to replace your roof is the main factor in overall cost and there are many different options to choose from.

In California, you aren’t allowed to use wooden shingles so the main materials you have to choose from are asphalt, tile, or fire resistant metal. These materials are typically purchased per ‘square’, which is a 10ft by 10ft area.

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Asphalt shingles are by far the most popular choice in the US. Especially in hot, dry areas like California since they are fire-resistant. This material is lightweight, very durable, and tends to be the most cost-friendly.

Other materials like tile and metal come in a wide range of options and prices. When using a contractor for the job they will be able to get the materials for you at a wholesale price.

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Labor Cost

The cost of labor will vary from contractor to contractor and also depends on the job at hand. Compare contractor prices from the San Diego area here.

Your choice of material and size of your roof will have a large influence on the overall cost of installment. Consider measuring your roof before talking to a contractor so you can have an idea of how much material you will need.

Some material requires more labor to install than others. And if layers of your old roof need to be removed this will also add to your cost.

Another factor that could potentially affect overall labor costs is how easy your roof is to access. If special equipment is needed, such as a crane, you can expect to pay a little extra.

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When speaking with a potential contractor they should give you a price quote that combines material and labor costs on a per square basis.

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Additional Considerations

When answering the question of how much does a new roof cost in San Diego, keep the above factors in mind. Other things to consider are if you need a permit for your new roof installation or dumping.

Make sure to get a contract in writing for your roof replacement that covers overall costs. To get compared rates from contractors in your area, get started below.

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