How Much Does New Garage Door Installation Cost?

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The national average cost to have a garage door opener installed is between $190 -$595. Expect the job to take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours for complete installation.

Are you looking to install a new garage door? Here’s what you need to know about garage door installation cost as well as garage door installers near you.
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When you need a garage door that is great for your house, it’s important to pay attention to every last detail. You need to know which kind of door you need, you need quality professional help — and you definitely need to know how much it costs.

The time that you put into designing and planning for your garage door work will help it pan out in your favor. To learn more about finding the ideal garage door installation cost and other matters, use these tips.

What Goes Into Garage Door Installation Cost?

It’s important for you to always try to find some great prices on a garage door installation. It can be tough at times, but you have plenty of options.

Aside from simply shopping around, a lot of things go into deciding what price you will pay for your door. These are some of the major factors that will explain how much you will pay for a garage door installation:

The Type of Garage Door

There are lots of garage door materials that professionals use for their installations. Some of the garage door materials that you can choose include steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composite.

Steel doors are a bit more costly, while doors made of aluminum are less expensive. When you choose these types of doors, you also need to know what kinds are best for your house, aside from the price.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, wind, and snow, you will need a door made with materials that can withstand it.
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The Size and Number of Garage Doors

The garage door installation price that you will pay also depends on the size of your garage door.

If you have a large garage space, it’ll cost you more in terms of materials and labor. You will also pay more money if you’re installing double garage doors rather than single.

Be sure that you figure out exactly how much you need and have the garage door installation company take precise measurements. This will help you get an estimate and will let you make the right decision for your installation.

The Season and Garage Door Professional That You Hire

As you look into getting a garage door installation, keep in mind that seasons play a big role.

When you are getting your door installed during a difficult season, you will expect to pay more money. This goes from more expensive to least expensive depending on how cold it is.

Winter time is the most costly and most difficult time to try to get a garage door installed. It will take more time than usual, and you will pay more for it as a result.

Fall is a little bit better, but you will also pay more money for it than you would during other warm seasons. Summertime is a great time to install a garage door, but it can also be a bit difficult due to the heat. Without question though, the least expensive and most productive time to get your garage door installed is during the spring.

Parts and Labor For the Garage Door

There are always tiers when it comes to the quality of materials you are getting. You owe it to yourself and your house to make sure you’re only buying garage doors that are made with great parts and materials.

As with any business, there are name brands that stand out from the rest. Be sure you are striking a balance between installing a quality garage door, and still finding a good price.

Be Sure You’re Hiring a Great Garage Door Installation Company

It’s important to only hire garage door professionals that are rock solid. You need to be sure that they have the skill to carry out any work you need.

If you speak to a handful of garage door installation pros, you will also be able to find some good promotions. Many garage door companies offer seasonal discounts that you can take advantage of in order to make the price right for whatever you are looking for.

Also, make sure that the garage door company is licensed and that they have customers that can pass along a recommendation.

Get Repair Work When You Need It

Be sure that you also take time to get your garage door repaired following an installation. This might just be seasonal inspections or full realignments, but either way, give yourself a chance to always find quality repair work that counts.

When you choose a garage door installation company, make sure you ask them if they can also provide you with maintenance. You will get so much more out of your garage door when you get it repaired when you need it and bring someone that can help you with that.

Finding the Best Garage Door For Your House

These tips will help you find the garage door installation cost that you can afford. It’s important to follow these steps so that you are able to get what you need for your house.

Cost is important, but you also need to be sure you’re focusing on craftsmanship. When you use these steps, it will help you to get both.

All you need to do is contact some garage door professionals that can help you with the work you are looking for. If you need more help, check out our content and contact us.
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