How Much Does Central AC Replacement Cost In Fort Worth, TX?

Replacing your central air conditioning unit will cost Fort Worth residents between $4,750 – $10,381. Here’s what you need to know about central AC Replacement cost factors.

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Summer is here, and cities all over Texas are heating up. In fact, Fort Worth, the city well known for its stockyards and amazing BBQ, can reach temperatures up to 115 degrees. If you’re not prepared, your house could turn into an oven!

And who wants that? So if your AC unit has recently gone out, or if it’s deteriorating, you’re probably looking at central AC replacement costs in Fort Worth. And you’re in luck!

Down below is a comprehensive guide to how much AC installation costs and more.

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Central AC Replacement Costs in Fort Worth

The cost to replace central air can range from $3,900 to $8,000. However, some factors can decrease or increase your final price.

For example, a ductless split system will be more expensive than a central air conditioning system. If you’re not familiar with the difference between these two, keep reading.

A ductless system has both an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit. This system is more convenient because instead of turning on and off like a regular AC unit, the system keeps your home at a consistent temperature. A ductless system unit can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000.

A central air conditioner works by blasting cold air through the ducts into the central area. The cold air will then disperse and cool the whole house down. This system is more affordable, with unit costs ranging from $1,600 to $3,600.

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Different Prices for Units

The size of your home is also another factor to consider. For example, for homes that are 1,500 square feet, the average cost to replace an air conditioner, is between $2,000 to $4,000, depending on what kind of unit is bought.

For 2,000 square feet, the average price for a unit is between $2,900 to $3,500. Lastly, for homes that are 3,000 square feet, a unit could cost up to $14,000, with the lowest price being around $4,500.

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Another factor to consider is different unit sizes. Most unit sizes are 1.5 tons, 2 tons, or 3 tons.

For units weighing 1.5 tons, the price will be $1,900 to $2,500. For units weighing 2 tons, the price will be between $2,600 to $3,000. And for a 3-ton unit, the price can range from $3,200 to $4,000.

Lastly, the energy efficiency, or as professionals like to call it, the SEER rating, also contributes to the final price. For a SEER rating between 13-14, the total price will be between $3,500 and $6,500. For a SEER rating of 15-16, the cost could be around $3,900 to $9,500.


Installation and Labor Costs

You might be wondering how much AC installation costs. Well, before you can get a final price, a contractor will take a look at your home. As stated previously, different square footage can affect the final price.

And so can the BTU of your home. If you’re not aware, the BTU is the amount of heat that leaves your home every hour. Before installing your air-conditioning system, a professional will determine your BTU.

The BTU will be higher for bigger homes, which means the average cost to replace an air conditioner will be higher. The cost to install central air in an old house will also be higher.

Usually, older homes have a harder time distributing cold and warm air. Therefore, they have a higher BTU.

Once a professional has figured out the BTU, they will determine the labor cost. Usually, labor and installation can range from $3,500 to $8,000, depending on the size of the unit and home.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the central AC replacement costs in Fort Worth are very affordable. So don’t wait until it’s too late, and install a new AC today!

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