How Much Does Central AC Installation Cost In Philadelphia?

On average, the cost for AC installation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ranges from $3,240 to $6,750 (including the unit). Air conditioning is a must-have for all homes, but which is best? Here’s your guide to AC installation in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’.

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Air conditioning is a cool and soothing blessing in the hot Philadelphia summer. Yet traditional AC often only heats one room and older units can be unreliable or less than energy efficient. If you think you need AC that is more cost-effective and efficient, then Central AC could be a viable option for your home or office.

Central AC cools your whole house and purifies the air quality, adding to the health of the building’s occupants. It is also quieter and works quicker than traditional air conditioning.

Why Should I Install Central AC?

Central AC is very different to window-based air conditioning. A standard AC unit will typically only heat the room it is situated in. Central AC pushes the air through ducts in your home and can cool the whole house in minutes.

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It also purifies the air in your home by drawing in stagnant air through a series of filters. These can remove dust, pollen, pet hair, and latent pollutants. This is ideal if you are in a city office or a dry, dusty part of town.

If there is a serious problem with air quality in the area, you can even customize your central system with extra super filters. This adds another layer of protection to your system.

The Final Price of Central AC Installation

The cost of these units is surprisingly affordable and will save on expensive utility bills with their energy efficiency. There are several factors to take into consideration that may affect the cost of your central AC installation cost. In general, your total cost will fall between $3,240 – $6,750


The first cost consideration will be the size of your home or office. For the second, think about what your personal goals are. Will you want every room cooled? If you only choose selected areas a zoning system can be installed that regulates airflow to specified parts of the property.

Finally, look into any restrictions placed by the city. Some areas are not allowed gas-powered AC and units have to be 100% electrically powered. A specialist local to the Philadelphia area will know the rules in relation to this.


Power Required for an AC Unit

The power required for a unit depends on several factors. The sun exposure, structure, and layout of your house can impact the amount of energy required. Rooms with tall ceilings will also require more power to cool.

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Speak to a professional in the Philadelphia area who knows the climate. They will help work out the cost of the initial outlay and how much it could save you in energy bills. Also take into account the air purification health benefits provided to your family and colleagues, on which a price can not be put.

Can they Cool and Heat?

Most central air conditioning units have the ability to both cool and heat, making them ideal for the baking summers and snowy winters of Philadelphia. This makes it much easier to regulate the temperature throughout the house all year long.

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A central AC unit is also located outside the property. Being quieter than traditional AC means that noise is virtually nonexistent once you are inside your home. It also does not impact the internal, aesthetic appeal of your interior.

Controlling Central AC

There are two options when it comes to controlling your AC. The first is to have one controller in a solitary room. This will allow you to turn the AC up and down or set times that will run throughout the whole house.

The second option is to have a control unit in each room. Using a duct system, this will allow you to control the individual AC in each part of your property. However, you will have to visit each room separately to make adjustments.

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For homeowners, particularly those with small properties, one control unit in the main part of the property is often more than enough to suffice.

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Replacing an Old Unit

If you already have a unit and have noticed a drop in efficiency or recurring problems, it could be beneficial to have your unit replaced entirely. It is possible that parts of the new system could be compatible with the functioning parts of the old. Again, a professional can discuss this with you.

A complete replacement may mean having to dispose of the old unit, which could incur an extra cost. If you want to add to existing systems by adding heat pumps or condensers, you will probably want to use the same brand and a professional can help source this for you.

How Much Disruption Will the Installation Make?

The system runs via the ducts in your home and the more access there is to this already, the less disruption will take place. Older properties often have limited access to vents and ducts systems or they are much smaller. In this situation, ductless air-con and heating could be an option.

Where Do I Begin?

There are many professionals in the Philadelphia area who would be willing to discuss the costs and practicalities of central AC installation with you. They will take into account your needs, the needs of the property that will have an installation, and any costs for removal or improvements on an existing system.

We have a selection of professional contractors with reviews and ratings that you can find in the Philadelphia area. Browse our selection of experts today and book an appointment!

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