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Find an affordable Portland roofer and get connected with a trusted company and a fair price to replace or repair your home’s roof. Here’s a list of the best roofing companies, and tools to compare prices.

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Cascade Roofing Portland
6950 SW Hampton St, Portland, OR 97223
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Portland Roofing Company LLC
16320 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97230
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West Coast Roofing and Painting Inc 
2442 SE 101st Ave Office 201, Portland, OR 97216
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Giron Roofing Inc
5633 SE 111th Ave, Portland, OR 97266
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Tom Leach Roofing
4120 SE International Way A102, Portland, OR 97222
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Dial One Roofing of Oregon Inc.
1515 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 97219
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Pioneer Roofers
818 SW 3rd Ave #417, Portland, OR 97204
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How Much Does New Roof Replacement Cost in Portland?

The cost to replace a roof in Portland ranges between $6,000 to $23,650. Your cost will be determined by square footage, roof pitch, numbers of layers to be removed, and additional components you need to be installed.

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Roofing Contractors Quotes For Homeowners near these Portland zip codes: 97034, 97035, 97080, 97086, 97201, 97202, 97203, 97204, 97205, 97206, 97208, 97209, 97210, 97211, 97212, 97213, 97214, 97215, 97216, 97217, 97218, 97219, 97220, 97221, 97222, 97223, 97225, 97227, 97229, 97230, 97231, 97232, 97233, 97236, 97239, 97266

Counties Served: Multnomah County, Washington County,  Clackamas County

Clow Roofing & Siding Co
434 N Tillamook St, Portland, OR 97227
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Northwest Roof Tech
5360 NE 112th Ave, Portland, OR 97220
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Superior Roofing
7235 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206
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C C & L Roofing Co
3319 SE 92nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266
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Real Estate Roofing Services
5402 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97218
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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Roof in Portland?

The average homeowner in Portland will spend $610 on a roof repair. The actual cost depends on the complexity of the repair, such as leaks, shingle replacement, or a simple patch job. Minor repairs can cost as little as $520. The average labor cost per hour ranges between $67 – $122.

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The most populous city in the state of Oregon and second-most for its region, Portland is a tight-knit community that has grown organically over time. The location on both banks (the Willamette River to one side) makes it an ideal spot where settlers could water their animals before continuing westward across America or southbound if they were emigrating from Europe – which at this point covers virtually every country imaginable! The climate here contrast greatly compared with other areas nearby; while Mt Rainier offers snowfall throughout winter months thanks largely due to extreme altitude whereas nearby Catherine Lake never experiences more than 20″ monthly rainfall total no matter how hot summer gets


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